Enlisted stats- postmerge edition

here is deeper dive into post and pre merge stats.

info about data and disclaimers:
  • data is datamined from json file from replay site. https://www.enlisted.net/en/replays/load/page/1/
  • there is only limited amount of information i can pull out of it.
  • date range of merge data is ~7 days from time merge hit 04.12.2023 at 13:00 CET (GMT +1) to 11.12.2023 at ~13:00 CET
  • date range for period 1 data is ~8 days between 24.05.2023 18:20 CET- 01.06.2023 21:45 CET. there should be 2 one hour gaps in data from this range.
  • date range for period 2 data is 7 days from 22.10.2023 to 28.10.2023
  • i am not automatically collecting all data from their servers, so data i get is from when i manually set to collect data. there might be few minor gaps in data (like few minutes of battles not caught in merge and period 2 data), but number of matches missed is negligible
  • besides general stats for crossplay off i will not go into deeper analysis of it.
  • min prematch deserters shows shows only minimum number of prematch deserters that i could catch based on game rules (10v10). so if there are more than 10 people per team i assume that those extras are prematch deserters. i cant differentiate prematch deserter from normal deserter if he wasnt replaced by human player and match wasnt full.
  • there is MM bug where games with teamed up players could go up to 13vs10 in premerge (in period 1 only, it was fixed in period 2) and at least 15vs10 in post merge. extra players in those matches will count as prematch and total deserters.

unique players number:


period 1

period 2


daily (sunday)

number of unique players 28.05.2023

number of unique players 22.10.2023

number of unique players 10.12.2023:

crossplay on+off


by campaign

crossplay on


by campaign

crossplay off


by campaign

link to google sheets

enlisted stats - Google Spreadsheets

  • number of weekly unique users are almost identical to month and a half ago, they are slightly down compared to ~6 months ago, but that was data for 8 days compared to 7 day data for period 2 and merge
  • number of daily unique users is slightly higher (idk where are all those people who quit the game?)
  • DF has hosted same amount of people in ~25% less battles (aka server instances)
  • bots entering % for crossplay on+off is basically halved. if we look at absolute data before we had ~2 mil bots in 7-8 days, now we only have ~800k bots
  • allies desert more than axis
  • globally playerbase is relatively balanced between sides
  • on crossplay on there is 15% bots entering, which is good number. i doubt it will ever go to 0 cause servers in different regions cant be full during the night

spent too much time waiting on queries on unoptimized database. will optimize it tomorrow and release more data.


here is some map stats for crossplay on only.

maps by number of battles

maps by desertion%

maps by average match time

maps by min, max and average time played

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here are some player activity stats. it is for whole playerbase for those 3 time periods.

  • this is not accurate analysis. it is more of a preview on movement of playerbase. i dont have data on when those players started playing, how many battles in total they have played and when their last battle was played on. those periods of time that i have captured could be periods where otherwise active players just didnt play cause of various reasons.
  • there are many more players that i have sporadically captured outside of those periods that arent included in this. in those periods number of unique players is ~700k, while i have another ~175k unique players outside of those periods. number of unique players that have played enlisted in last 6 months could easily go upwards of 2 millions considering that there are lots of players with low number of battles.
  • as such i will only focus on those 700k players that i captured in those 3 time periods.
unique players by period

number of unique players total for those 3 periods

number of active players in period 1

number of active players in period 2

number of active players merge

players that have been in multiple periods

players that have been in period 1 and period 2

players that have been in period 2 and merge

players that have been in period 1 and merge

number of active players through all 3 periods

transient players?

players that have played in period 1, but not in period 2 and 3

players that have played in period 2, but not in period 1 and merge

players that have played in merge, but not in period 1 and 2

player number by matches played

over all 3 periods

period 1

period 2


  • core of the playerbase is around ~33k players (played through all 3 periods over 6 months).
  • there are lot of players with low match count and they make majority of playerbase.
  • only 30-40% of playerbase for every period actually plays average 1 or more battles per day.
  • i spotted what seems to be either few bots or heavily addicted players. there is a player with >1000 battles in 7 days of merge.
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Do you mind making a quick summary of your observations in the OP? (like how its tracking in general compared to pre merge. I figure you know the data and have already made some conclusions)

i put preliminary observations up there. will post more tomorrow.

i still need to double check data and couldnt do it before cause of long ass queries you get when database becomes too big and you run unoptimized queries on weak hardware (overall i spent waiting 5-15 minutes for a query that should have been over in few seconds).


Are they actually playing the game though? You don’t have to play a match to log in and collect a reward. From your statistics, I counted 180,594 total games post merge, which is 64,626 battles less than the 245,220 total battles in that period 1 category. Keep in note that the deserter percentage is higher in the post merge category except in the Normandy campaign.

Overall, we are a little over a week in and it is still considered new. Due to that, the statistics aren’t going to show anything drastic until that newness fades. So it’s still too early for any side to have any sort of “I told you so” moments.

It’s called addiction lmao


Lol, can’t you read his info? He got the data from the replay site. So they must played a match.

It is normal, since there are more real players per match so there will be less total battles.

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period 1 category has ~8 days, while merge and period 2 have 7 days. also number of battles is compressed cause of the merge. there is more human players per battle than before (thing that merge sought to achieve).
also look at total human players alongside with total battles. post merge you have 180.6k battles with 2.95 mil non unique players in 7 days, while premerge you had 245k battles with 3.03 mil non unique players in ~8 days, or 231.4k battles and 2.74 mil non unique players in 7 days.

well there have been numerous posts about quitting during the week, with people talking how their numerous friends quit and uninstalled the game. i am just wondering where are those people with their friends who quit the game?

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Sure, however, I’m sure they still tested the update so that would pop up with the replays. Regardless, some people are probably just saying stuff to get a reaction too since they’re displeased with the update, since most people who leave wouldn’t say anything.

In the end, people have put a lot into the game, that being time, money, or both (of which I have 3 years and hundreds of dollars in it), so there’s a sunk cost fallacy going on to where it’s like an abusive relationship (look at World of Warcraft). So some players won’t leave, out of that sunk cost fallacy or out of optimism that we’d get a mode catered to us and everything will be ok, and some probably will leave.

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Can you track respawn number per player per match? Plot the distribution against scores?
I’m just curious if it’s me being salty or ever since the merge half the games are full of absolute deadweights never ever pushing the cap zone. You open the damn scoreboard and 20 minutes into the match like up to 5 people per team have basically no respawns. Makes matches feel like pulling teeth to me

nope. i cant even track who won, not to mention details inside the match.
you only get basic stuff from replay info like battles, maps, players and their distribution, bots, player platform, match time etc.
cant even track server that match is played on (would be super useful for analysis).

i even tried to see if i could read anything from replay files easily (like end game score table), but that data is unreadable.

the clearest variable to see the success and eliminate background noise from the data is:
overall time played by real players before the merge and overall time played by real players after the merge.

the other variables people discussed here are not helpful or depend on comparison with other variables.

what are those numbers?


not possible with replay site info. i can only get you players in a match and how long that match lasted, not how long player played in certain battle which would be requirement for what you want.

i would disagree. number of unique players is important, as well as number of non unique players. data that tells that people play more battles per day post merge then before merge, but there is also more desertion.

i will provide more data, but now i am optimizing database so i can actually get queries in decent times.

we may be addicted

but we’re less likely to pay anything as long as we’re unsatisfied/unsure about further game development

which is more important I guess

Idk about you, but I already pre ordered apc bundle.



Lol…its needs alot of refining…refining that was predictable 6 months ago…

…but halftracks :smiley:


I think the biggest problem is general unwillingness of devmans to simply punish egregious stacking. The matchmaker sometimes seems unhinged too. It does not even TRY to balance matches skill or gear wise. As a player you dont really even get feedback on how to unstack really. And sometimes play all will put you on the hyperstacked side anyway lmao. There are real problems in the game, but a LOT of them become infuriatingly game breaking when one team is just dramatically weaker
There is no way to even tell which side needs help, let alone any enticement. No, you are getting punished by half newbie, half actively-worse-than-bots teams (anytime i open a scoreboard and see like FIVE sniper icons with 10 kills and 0 respawns 20 minutes in i die inside), fighting against the most infuriating german spammers, you don’t even get a crumb of transferrable XP, since whatever you get past finishing your nations research is locked to the nation. You should be getting at least like 500 silver per match-unstacking-service. I’d even settle for uncapped queues for overplayed sides, so that you know you should switch

added few maps stats and updated google sheets with new data. dont have much time with christmas coming, so i will put more data through couple of days.
btw all data for crossplay on only.

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updated with few other stats.

added min time, max time and average time for maps post merge
added stats for players activity through 3 periods.
added some observations for player activity (maybe will add more later).
updated google sheets.

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