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Hello ! Check out the spreadsheet with all the useful game information you could ever need!:slight_smile: And guess what’s cooler than the sheet itself? The fact that we’ll constantly update it!



New profile cat.

Chalkboard Cat: the Return.

Why is this picture so funny.

That’s very nice, thanks a lot for this.

Helps understand much more easily :slight_smile:

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Cat with cheese bread is also pretty funny, but chalkboard cat is just too much for my poor gut.

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Cat pictures/memes are always good

10/10 work from the cat itself.

Always a pleasure to check stats using cat sheet.

Thank you.


cheers :slight_smile:

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This is great, thank you so much :heart:

Btw any stats of the explosive damage on the 40mm of the Hurricane Mk IV and the 45mm of the Yak-9K.
Both premiums but curious to see if there’d be any use strafing infantry with it because they cause damage on indirect hits? Can’t really try that out in test flight and no one posts videos of them on YouTube. Also don’t wanna risk dropping the money and finding out they are useless.

Hurricane is listed as AP ball so prob not good but the Yak-9K has some kinda HE shell so that might actually rip through squads if hit nearby.

NS-45 (45 mm) - War Thunder Wiki

Cannon of Yak-9K uses only AP ammo (no explosive mass).


From the spreadsheet.
High explosive fragmentation incidiary tracer x2 followed by 1x armour piercing tracer.
Why look at WT wiki when this is the thread for the Enlisted spreadsheet? Is it wrong?

Because models of vehicles are copy / pasted from War Thunder and a fact that Yak-9K can damage engine of the tank indicates that it is rather an AP ammo.

So the Enlisted spreadsheet is wrong? Doubt it. It’s datamined.
Assets are copied but they’ll make changes as they see fit so for Enlisted look at the spreadsheet listed at the top of this thread, for WT look the WT Wikia.
The Enlisted spreadsheet also lists 1 in 3 rounds to be AP. The other two are a type of HE.

It was changed with the last major but I forgot to update it, now it’s done🙂


Ah thx, then it’s indeed useless with infantry.

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Btw saw a 250lb bomb labeled as 250kg in the bomb segment where you see the radius etc.

Otherwise absolutely perfect sheet!!! Great work, many thanks for making this available to people.
Also perhaps possible to get blast radius on aircraft fired rockets?

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