Important changes after the second test

The second test is over! After looking at the results and reading your feedback and suggestions, we think it’s worth telling you about the planned changes to the new Enlisted.


Based on your feedback, we realized that the balance of matchmaking proved to be much more important to players than which maps they get to play. That’s why we’ve decided to abandon the idea of preferred and undesired maps - instead we’ll use the more familiar battle rating system. Which will be determined by the maximum battle rating value of each weapon and vehicle in the player’s active squads.

How it will work

Each of the four countries will be split into two queues: the matchmaker will try to ensure that players with battle rating 1 and 2 play separately from 4 and 5 and do not meet in the same battle.

Players using equipment with battle rating 3 will have an equal chance to get into battles with players rated both lower and higher. As a result, the list of maps for players with battle rating 3 should also become very diverse.

USSR with battle rating 1 and 2 will play mainly on the maps of Moscow and Stalingrad, while with 4 and 5 on the maps of Stalingrad and Berlin.

USA with battle rating 1 and 2 will play mainly on Tunisia and Pacific maps, with 4 on Normandy and Pacific and with 5 only on Normandy maps. Please note: taking at least one weapon or tank with battle rating 5 will stop you from getting Pacific maps until Japan has weapons and vehicles with battle rating 5.

Germany with battle ratings 1 and 2 will play on Moscow, Stalingrad and Tunisia maps, with 4 and 5 on Stalingrad, Berlin and Normandy maps.

Japan with all four battle ratings will play on Pacific War maps. Players with battle rating of 1, 2 and 3 in one queue, while 3 and 4 in another.

It should be noted as well that new players, as before, will play their first battles in separate queues.

The system allows us to flexibly change the number of queues at any given time, so perhaps in the future the number of queues will increase and each queue will include fewer battle ratings. This could happen if we see that wait times and number of players per battle allow this to be done without causing issues.


In most cases the battle rating of weapons and vehicles will match their position in the research tree, but not always.

You have noted that the effectiveness or historical background of certain weapons and vehicles do not match their position in the tree. Because of this, it will be possible to fine-tune their battle rating, and now we are already working on changes too - we will also take into account your feedback.


The news that engineers from Stalingrad will lose their ability to use automatic weapons was received with mixed feelings by you, and the issue was brought up again when discussing the second test.

It is worth starting with the fact that engineers from Stalingrad are ordinary engineers, so there were only two options: to give all engineers the ability to use automatic weapons or to take this away from the Stalingrad engineers.

We propose a compromise: after the release of the major update, in one or more events, we will provide the opportunity to obtain four promotional engineer squads, one for each country, with the unique feature of being able to use upgradable assault rifles.

The squads for the USSR and Germany will be among the most valuable prizes - you’ll have to try and play Enlisted regularly to get them. But the owners of the Stalingrad Full Access will get these two squads immediately, which will allow them to continue playing the event in great comfort and without hurry with the honored engineers “on board”.


We are always looking forward to your feedback and suggestions to provide a more comfortable gaming experience for each of you, so we would like to thank all participants of the test and its discussion! Just like last time, please note that all of the changes above are not final.

The “Honor” portrait for the participants of the second test will be issued to their main account in about a week. Thank you again!


good that you abandoned the desired maps thing. It would have never worked


good choice, thank you!


A good compromise for those who want assault engineers.

Very good, but I am not looking foward to constant BR changes.


Now im curios to see what kid of AR allies and japanese get :thinking:

This is a good changes, the issue with the tested system was to less scenario for disperse the equipment and ensure fair battle, because most of the gun was ensured to play in the same scenario it created a situation which just normandy was used for a german vs usa matchmaking forgetting tunisia for example

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Finally, the BR system is much more simple and appreciated than the convoluted equipment map preference.


Judgment of Solomon, wise and fair.


but the BR is linked to map preference haha. Its the same thing different name.

Replace battle rating 1 and 2 with M and S, and its the same. lol


I have to say, I really wasn’t expecting this response. It’s so rare for a game developer to change a fundamental game mechanic such as this one based solely on feedback from test servers that I almost forgot it’s an option. This single post almost restored my hope that Enlisted will thrive in the near future.

I also wasn’t expecting the Stalingrad engineer changes, as a Stalingrad pack owner it wasn’t a huge deal for me to loose the AR option, but I won’t say no to 2 extra event squads for free, so thanks for that :heart:


Oh well back to War Thunderdization of the game again with the uptier and downtiers. They just replaced the desired map and undesired map in another form with numbers like certain historical guns and vehicles will still never see Moscow despite being used historically.


Not at all, with the previous system you could meet tier 1 germany as T5 USA, now this will never happen:)


Who even thought that was a good idea in the first place? Pure nonsense.


same thing could have been acheived by putting “undesired” on the T5 gear for M and S but sure. (and making undesired hardlock)

Just FYI im not complaining. It looks mostly like what I suggested any how. Just worded differently. (at least I think…need time to completely understand the implications)

What remains to be seen is the gear BR numbers


That’s good and all but maybe you should give the people who bought this stalingrad pass something special like a gold gun or something to stick out from the event squad or something.

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nice picture btw.


They should make johnson into an assault rifle and bar into automatic rifle

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So basically the same thing under a new name.
If it makes ppl calm down, then sure.

You literaly changed “maps” to BRs and reconsidered weapon assignments (now BRs).

(They called me a madman Change campaigns to numbers (BR))


While BR is fine i don’t like that i will be forced to play mostly Berlin maps (i hate them), in current version of a game i could still play Moscow with my PPSh-41 but with the change i won’t be able to, i like Stalingrad maps they are one of the best in a game but there are not enough of them, we could add some new Stalingrad maps and Leningrad maps for higher BR players that way i won’t need to play Berlin 75% of the time. I think you should let us to play Moscow way more often but with same BR changes so we will only fight against BR players of 3 and 4. I’m fine with AS-44 being forced to mostly Berlin and Stalingrad but Fedorov also would be weird without Moscow maps. It’s even worse for the Axis with MG42 Early that should be playable in Moscow (but couldn’t) or Breda CR which couldn’t be played in Tunisia

Thanks for listening to us and our propositions which was exactly that. It’s way more fair for both us who purchased Stalingrad FA and f2p players.


Is the battle rating 1~5 =Technology tree development level I to V. (at dev test servers)
①is so:
If the two correspond to each other.Then the DF staff of the relevant design will do nothing for at least 5 months.And it’s necessary to question the previous “map preference mechanism”, which DF believes in: players don’t agree with these preferences.The “map preference mechanism” was used as a knockout, as a shoe to throw at intersections, as a stone to throw at rivers to measure the depth of the riverbed, to pretend to compromise when players protested, and then to come up with a development level framework that had already been laid out back in June.
②If not:
Please show specifically what is part of the current technology tree and its battle rating, and development level !!!!
Show to us!!! now! or immediately!
I hope ② this is the right answer, a great mechanic developed by a professional mathematical statistician and a professional game design guru, and that the “tech tree development levels” are mutually reinforcing, complementary, symbiotic, and independent of each other.
PS:I don’t want only change М,S,Т,N,B, after splitting and cropping to 1,2,3,4,5.

For engineers? I can live with that. Though I am interested in the American and Japanese corps of assault rifle equipped engineers.
But I’d rather see a concrete answer to the first question immediately.


nice work
It seems like a good compromise.
Buyers of Stalingrad can get it by default, but even if they don’t, there is a chance to get it through an event.
I have a small question, the Engineer Squad gives 4, but those who purchase the Stalingrad pack can get 2 first. So are those two squads German and Soviet? I’m looking forward to it.

Also, it is fortunate that the MMR system, which is the core of integration, was not abandoned. This would be a very good change.