Post merge: starter packs for silver (a taste of iconic guns for newbies)

This idea came up in the Dev server testing discussion. Since apparently it got some support, I’m opening a proper suggestion for better consideration by the staff.

-DISCLAIMER- this suggestion is based on the assumption that the matchmaking will be working as we saw it in the second iteration of the Dev Server, with each gun having its own set of favourite and undesired campaigns.
=EDIT= after this announcement, Map preferences are no longer relevant, and BR is what matters instead.

THE PROBLEM: from what we know so far, after the merge most famous WWII guns such as Garand, Thompson, MP40, PPSH and such will be relatively far ahead in their respective progression tree. This may discourage and drive away some new players, who could decide to quit the game if they feel they will be stuck too long with early weapons before getting their hands on the iconic guns they expect to play in a WWII themed game.

THE GOAL: finding a way to let new players get easyly a taste of iconic weapons, while leaving normal progression relevant AND without dragging them immediately up into high level matches.

THE IDEA: “Starter guns packs” for each nation, available for silver.

Each pack would be limited to a one-time purchase and it would provide a sample of guns that are otherwise going to be unlocked later.

In example, a new player buying the US starter guns pack would immediately get ONE Garand, ONE Thompson M1A1 and ONE BAR M1918. Only one of each, and with their basic stars level: in order to be able to buy more and upgrade them, the player would still need to unlock the respective gun in the tech tree and upgrade the respective squad.

Similarly, the German pack may include one G41, one MP40 and one MG34, and so on.

(I think the general principle should be to include a semiauto rifle, an SMG and an MG for each nation. A sniper rifle is possible but not really necessary IMO.)

NECESSARY CAUTIONS: while the idea is to give new players a limited early access to better and well known guns, those should be chosen among the “weaker” versions that still allow the player to be sorted mainly in low level matches. In practical terms, anything that favours Normandy and Berlin over Moscow, Stalingrad, Pacific and Tunisia is a no-go.

=EDIT= Since there will be BR based matchmaking instead of map preferences, this suggestion may become problematic if the iconic guns end up being BR 3.
If so, starter packs should either include BR 2 guns maximum, or show a HUGE WARNING that equipping BR 3 guns may and will throw the player straight into endgame matches.


good idea

Good Idea but this weapon should be special versions in the scence of having the right map preverences it would be unhelpfull, when new players will be matched into high level games because of this starter packs.

Another idea could be an event squad that is equiped with this weapons (maybe it is easieer to code this way).

But i am in complet agreement with this idea to give new players a sample of iconic guns.

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this sounds quite too ambitious to be fair.

and… i’m not sure to what exent will work.

i can already imagine " w H y A m i Fa c I n g M g 34S AlrEady "

and from the pattern i’m seeing, there’s alot of: " i leave if i don’t find an explanation or i can’t get access to it’s counterpart " type of mentalities.

but beside that.

why not.
sure i guess?.

( would like to express more, but i’m currently on House arrest in this forum )
and if i dare to argue in a civil manner i’ll be booted out :joy:
not without looking the thread first :eyes: .

As far I tested low level match cant currently exist with the actual number of map, therefore withaut map made only for low-end equipment new player are forced to play mixed with veteran and other newbee as currently is now, so your idea of sell just some sample of iconic gun with a pack purchasable with Silver can give some help at who start the game the first time

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Eh, that’s another valid point.

In absence of a reliable “protection” from uptiers, this starter pack could be a way to mitigate the initial disadvantage.

this could work well with:

basically limited access to 1 or 2 higher tier gun without increasing the BR.


new players shouldnt get uptiered, that would make people leave too quickly.

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I didn’t mention auxiliary equipment like ammo pouches or such because we don’t know for sure yet if that will indeed affect matchmaking.

But anyway, low level players supposedly won’t have access to large pouches, so this automatically puts another limit to the effectiveness of the guns in the packs.

I think your idea is sensible, but I am not sure if it’s feasible.

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we can try, the rest is up to the devs.

Devs screwed any nuance with their one ppsh in a sea of mosins gets you end tiered policy

OP edited in light of today’s news.