I think the matchmaking may not be functioning properly

My understanding is that there are supposed to be two matchmaking queues post-merge; one for Teirs 1-3 and another for Tiers 3-5. Issue is, in my first post-merge game I ran into some people who were clearly using Tier 5 equipment versus me, with nothing equipped in my squads over Tier 2.

Specifically, I ended up fighting in moscow and facing off against a Tiger II in my piddly little T-70. Hardly a fair match up. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon.


you are not the only one feel that

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I’ve said many times that enlisted is a game based on squads and multiple weapon combinations.

Unfortunately, some naughty trolls have ignored this.

And it is clear that the current BR will hardly work for many players.

This is because the game’s regular combat is based on multiple weapons instead of just one single weapon or vehicle

I don’t know if official developers are aware of this


do you mean BR??? Tier not equal to BR


Yeah BR, whatever it is. Point is I’m facing Rank 5 with nothing over Rank 3

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Its possible. They sold it to us as hard lock, impossible

but if you look at the wording in the announcement post

“try”…Leaves room for it not being so hard.

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Okay, so I played 3 games total tonight. All Rank 2 Russia. 1st was garbage for reasons previously discussed. 2nd was more balanced, although I think my team had a slight upper hand in terms of equipment. 3rd was an up-tier for me and I ended up losing, but I still had a lot of fun. Overall, aside from the first game, it was fairly balanced.

I don’t know if the first game was a fluke or what, but seeing a tiger 2 nearly gave me a heart attack, lol

there aren’t many of combination before the merger. Just take 422/stg44/flamethrower/mg42