Is it possible to gamble matchmaking with T3?

It’s impossible for T4 to see T2


Pretty sure is

The middle number is the dominant one that decided if they get uptier or lower

So yes you can’t meet T2 with T4, or T3 with T5

I meant in conscript joe proposition on 3rd queue, which would be middle tiers

I know how system is planned to work

Oh I see, if another queue is added, which is possible as stated in the blog, T3 would logically only meet T2/T4


I mean mostly that a tier 3 could only face tier 2 and 4 (and their own),

But as tier 2, you could only face tier 1 and 3,

Being a tier 4, could only face tier 3 and 5…

Something like BR +/-1.



It’s what I’m trying to (poorly) suggest!!! :sweat_smile:


Imo It should already happen naturally, is never said in the news that BR3 fight BR1 and BR5 but only that BR3 can fight aganaist the previus and the next BR

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Tell them to change this line then.

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Japan have different rule is already knowed from 8 months ago

It’s not just for Japan.

What they said was only that Japan, will only play in Pacific maps.

The br 1 2 3 and br 3 4 5 is for all factions.

I proposed to add a br 2 3 4 queue to this, for BR 3


Yeah that would probably be the best idea in general, I really love the idea of being able to simply play what ever map you like, but this can create problems.

It already looks like this is going to happen, they just said they wanted to see what queue times are like with their proposed system first.

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i’m hoping so too.

The way they wrote it, they seemed very open to some other changes.

My goal here is only to make others realize, because all they said was “woaaaa, numerical values replacing letters! good change!”

As long as ppl are correctly reading and understanding what devs shared, I’ll go with the flow. But it’s difficult for me when the mass overlook important stuff…

As far as I was able to tell, on the test server everyone basically just ended up playing together in a more limited roster of maps. At least now we have assurances of a hard separation between gear.

I suggested a hard cap for the first iteration, too. It’s all it needed, really.

There was a minimum hard cap that prevented stg44 in Moscow, but no maximum hard cap preventing pz2 from Berlin… Previous system would’ve been better with that simple hard lock. But ppl all went and screamed bloody murder and calling for entire scrape instead of suggesting a solution to improve it.

When those same ppl will whine against the war thunder br patch, I’ll be the first to diss them, be sure of that!

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Im able to rack up 100 + kills in stalingrad just using good old kar98 and engineers against constant kv 1 and ppd spam.
I love to play underdog if my teammates are not idiots.
Im in lol

Playing with Lebel 1886 against AS-44/Fedorov spammers is pretty fun every time i peek one of their assaulter dies in a painful death. Can’t wait for French campaign i will finally be able to kill those frogs with their own guns.

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when you put your proposal like that it is like you want t2 to face t4 which is bad.

on default BR MM should be like this queue for 1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, 4 and 5. only in worst circumstances should t3 be in 1-2-3 matches or 3-4-5 matches.

he means -+1 for “BR 3” match making. 2 cant see 4. only 3 can. either it gets up tiered, or it gets down tiered.

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i know, but it is poorly worded.

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