New Event Engineer “Assault” Squads

To come to a compromise with the Stalingrad Engineer Mkb controversy, the devs have stated they are going to have 4 Event Engineer squads all equipped with “assault rifles”. Now first I will say I did agree with removing the Mkb from Engineers because it is an assault rifle and weapon classes should stay distinct. Engineers are glorified Riflemen after all.

Onto the event engineers, I hope that this was a miscommunication. I do not want any of these Engineers having assault rifles. I hope that what they meant to say was AUTOMATIC WEAPON. Regular Engineers, like all Rifleman offshoots, can use Automatic Rifles and carbines, which are a distinct weapon class not related to assault rifles. If we look at Premium Engineer squads, like their regular counterparts, they use a RIFLE weapon.

I would like weapon classes to stay distinct. So I will propose some Automatic rifles and carbines that could be for these Event Engineer squads. The devs may have better access for research to find suitable automatic weapons and may end up choosing whatever they find for these squads, but like I said they MUST be automatic rifles or carbines. These are just some ideas


M1944 Hyde Carbine, .30 carbine, used 20 or 30 round magazines

Soviet Union:

Korovin M1933, used the .351 WSL round used in the Winchester M1907 because the previous Russian Empire had large stores of the round, magazine size unknown but it was likely 15-25


Gustloff MKb-42(G) Model 208, Gustloff’s entry to the MKb project, it was designed to use 25 round MG 13 mags but the prototype model was cut down to 10


A captured M1 carbine that was chopped down and modified for fully automatic fire that was encountered on Peleliu, used standard 15 round M1 carbine mags


For Japan, the Type Hei ULMG would probably be best. It would be somewhat similar to the Federov



While there is some blur between automatic rifle and LMG, I’d say this weapon was more closer to an LMG. I mean just look at it’s barrel. It looks more machine gun than rifle

I’m sure we’ll get this weapon either as a different special squad (Premium or event) or a gold order

I’d argue that in reality it is closer to a Battle Rifle or Automatic Rifle than a Machine Gun. That’s why I compared it to the Federov. It shot the same cartridge, weighed roughly the same (actually a little less) and had a magazine with five less rounds in it (20 in the Type Hei Automatic vs 25 in the Federov).

The fluting on the barrel is just there to help keep it cool and reduce weight. It’s not something unique to Machine Guns. It can be found on some SMGs too. It was a common thing to see on various automatic weapons.

that hyde looks little bit like mg42

It has a quick change barrel, similar to the MG42. Mechanically it’s basically just a big Thompson though.

tbh they try so hard and fail afterward. In the past, I also request that make Stalingrad Engineer to be premium squad with them own weapon even just slap mkb42 with bayonet or make AVT40 use bipod or something. But i still on Oppose side, now they make it event squad not exclusive, meaning everyone will get it anyway. I prefer make Stalingrad Squad for owner pass, unobtainable like current stalingrad pass, and make Japan/US engineer obtainable for everyone (through event and premium)

Again just opinion, i dont want this end up like D*stiny 2, when they delete dlc that we pay for.


Got me hoping for Kursk, ngl

It’s not. They said assault rifles, which is what the Stalingrad Engineers were able to use in the first test server. I don’t know why you would think they meant automatic rifles when regular engineers can already use automatic rifles. You don’t need to suggest automatic rifles either as they already said the squads will be able to equip progression assault rifles i.e. the ones already in the game. If you want to suggest something, start brainstorming on what “assault rifles” they can come up with for the US and Japan which currently don’t have any.


I know this goes without saying but you know that any special (Premium or event) squad has whatever weapon (obviously) belongs to the same family as their regular variants. That’s like saying they should make a special Machine Gun squad but make them use SMGs.

I believe that must’ve been a miscommunication because I don’t see them making an event squad but just have them use base game weapons. Who would want to grind an event if you get a squad that can use stuff you can already unlock normally. You could literally accomplish the same exact thing just by picking up an assault rifle off of a teammate. Clearly they are going to give us 4 shiny new weapons

Either way I don’t see why people are obsessed with Engineers having assault rifles

The closest thing the Americans had to an assault rifle was the M2 carbine, but that is a Riflemen weapon. The only two countries that had assault rifles was Germany first, with the Soviets catching up behind.

If we look at Japan’s options, they have either that carbine I suggested or say that automatic Type Hei. But ahh the Type Hei is classified as either an automatic rifle or an LMG. Likely whatever weapon the Japanese get would be some sort of automatic rifle (or carbine). We have now come full circle to my post point

Imo they shouldn’t step back and should remove “assault engineers”. The same applies to medics.
Assaulters assault, engineers build, medics heal.

This is not an answer to balance issues:


You mean like the Moscow AT event squads?

If this is what you think to be the case, then what do you have to complain of?

You can’t usually unequip unique weapons, and we already know their unique feature is using assault rifles.

Sturmpioneers are cool.

You fundamentally misunderstood most of what they said, so not really.

Their unique weapon was the AT rifle. Their primary could be any regular rifle because the AT was the shiny toy

I don’t see any misunderstanding on my part. I am looking at the dev’s usual “modus operandi” after all this time. This isn’t like the Moscow AT squads because their unique weapon was the AT rifle. If the Engineers have the wrench as their secondary slot, than that just leaves a new weapon.

Maybe they’ll end up surprising me that they do just make them regular Engineers but with assault rifles, but I say most chances point to new weapons.

They explicitly said that they will be able to use progression assault rifles, so either they are changing their modus operandi and giving them no unique weapon, or they are changing their modus operandi and letting them swap their unique weapon off. It doesn’t really matter which, in either case it means my Sturmpionieres are getting StG-44s.

Well, medic replace assaulter 1 after merge

In My opción they can keep smg

I dont really like medic getting assault rifle. Even more just another assaulter, and getting further away from being a medic

Not fussed about the stalingrad engineers, the game was fine without them

But My mate will be happy, getting his favourite squad back

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Delete all smgs and auto rifles

everyone should go with bolties. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think Medics should replace Assaulter Is,

But I will say I’m probably one of the few people who actually uses Medics for their job and running around healing teammates instead of discount Assaulters.

I think Medics should either have just Rifles or if we have to compromise Rifles and SMGs. But I don’t think they should have Assault rifles. If anything giving them Assault rifles basically makes them discount Assaulters

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medics dont work well in this game.
this game is all about smgs and cap points.

It is true the gameplay meta does clash with its original philosophy. But I’m the kind of player who just “gets into the battle”.

It’s like enemy planes, some people would say why even bother shooting them down if they’re just one less enemy squad to deal with on the ground. Well I say it’s a WW2 combined arms shooter and if it’s my job to shoot down enemy planes than I’m go shoot it down

And there have been times where Medics are pivotal, such as defending points. One of my famous Medic stories is hiding in a bathroom in that Stalingrad house obj and healing and reviving a Soviet marine over and over again. It was a tough defense but we managed to win the match

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