First changes to battle ratings

Stuka and panzerfaust yes, explosion packs are pretty much useless against them, and tnt charges don’t work unless you get it in the exact spot on the exhaust port, something most T1-T3 players aren’t going to know how to do.

The issue for me is that the KV1 feels too strong in the context of the position that it’s in. Either it’s just how it is or the damage model is bugged, but it’s definitely going to be the go-to tank for low tier seal clubbing.


I’ve tried it recently, I’d say it’s about the same tier as the 43, only difference is reload speed so in comparison, it would pit up well against the Garand.

Except it has triple the reload time than the G43

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i am not familiar with full on released FPS games in the era but there are many RTS games about it and game mods i know COD 2 and BF 2 had spanish civil war mods and there are many other mods probably.

Wait, wasn’t Stalingrad supposed to become a low tier map, with only Normandy and Berlin hosting tiers 4 and 5?

Stalingrad seems to be one for all. (Except BR3. :wink: )

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No, that’s not literally how it’s going to be.
The current plan (unless it has changed this week) is for there to be TWO matchmaking queues: 123 and 345.

If you add the third matchmaking queue in the middle, it will allow for broader matching conditions (reducing wait times) but keeping Tier 1s from facing Tier 5s. That’s apparently what this is all about. A war game holding kids’ hands because “:sob::sob::sob:it’s too hard to play against people. They outthink me and I have to be the hero!!! :sob::sob::sob:

That’s why I said it’s gonna be like this anyway:

Maybe they should just divide the queues in 3 time periods. Early war, mid war and later war. And then you can still do the countries however no need for BR and tiers it’s just organized in time periods.


You know that’s not a bad idea. It would kinda be like just having 3 BRs but could work.

Yeah and then we wouldn’t have to have a brain aneurysm over fg42’s and rd44 and as44’s in Stalingrad and volksturmgewehr and all other last ditch weapons in the early wars.


Mp38 used to have less rng dispersion, not sure have they “fixed” it.

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PPD 1929 should be BR 3.

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Fedorov should be a gold order weapon anyway. There were some 3000 pieces built (less than a half of the number of FG-42) and could not be used for long due to the non-standard and very limited in Russia 6.5 mm japanese ammo.


please move mp-38 to tier II


i just want to avoid sweats. I dont care if they got tiger 2 or puma

Sweats are going to be everywhere. There’s no way any game can permanently separate sweats from noobs/casuals.


Atleast most of the sweats will be in t5

And you know they can requip and change tiers right?

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I dont think they will. The sweats like to use full auto guns