Important BR system addition!

call me crazy.

but… that quite isn’t the case.

considering the newest changes and how pourly the second test somewhat performed ( more for the negative feedbacks ).

with that being said, as i wasn’t really planning to interact with this post:

i couldn’t glance over.


as a “”“”“”“proud”“”“”" ( jokingly. to be clear ) biggest volkssturm larper around here, i have mixed feelings.

volkssturm aren’t widely known. those are just units that people are somewhat forced to play due to being tier 1 units and having them from the get go.

as you see in berlin, majority of players do not have volkssturms anymore.

another " thing " is, HA volkssturm is mostly a goal that someone puts them selves in when they feel confident and somewhat experienced. because almost no right minded would " shoot theirselves in the foot " by such equipment against full ppshes, avses, and the whole kaboozle.

and right now, volkssturm ( outside the kriegsmodel rifle and mp3008 ) are mostly in tier III.

which might go on berlin already.
and you can somewhat work around with another teammate much higer than the player.

but, i get that this doesn’t only apply to volkssturm.

with that being said, not sure.

i wouldn’t say no.

but wouldn’t that be the case for custom games?
perhaps i’ll let devs decide.

and as long it’s a button option for those few who wants, sure why not.

Just make some weapons high BR but low tier.
And add some warnings (most pll will ignore them anyway). I’d even give an achievement for playing some games with only such gear.

No need for any extra buttons.

and… how precisely would that work?

Yes, because:

  • it would be optional
  • It would allow players to have a taste of how it was before the war thunder conversion (and suffer accordingly, but with thrill)
  • Would help the MM a bit, because those ppl, would effectively befome “filler”.

In short. More options, which aren’t game breaking, are good.


Isn’t it obvious?
Sigh, fine. I’ll explain.

We want new players to have an optional acces to high BR. So make some weapons early to unlock and with high BR.
For example most (if not all) volksturm weapons. They are weaker so they should be at the beggining of the tech tree but they belong to berlin so they should have BR5.
Voila, BR5 accesable to new players.

well, newer players unlocking stuff that will massively take them to end tier is a big no.

as… it defeats the whole purpose of the br.

That’s the whole point of this post.
At least from what I understand.

you’re getting it wrong.

because, op is asking for a button similar to " join any team " that allows you to go at higer brs BASED ON PREFERENCES ( the player preference ).

not by default by the game.
like you’re implying.

consent matters :relieved:

I guess choosing a weapon with higher BR is not a player prefference because of reasons.

there’s a clear distinction from being able to chose,

and being forcefully carried over without even knowing it to latter tiers.

isn’t that obvious ?

I don’t recall any mechanics that force me to take a higher BR weapon without any choise. I can always use low BR weapons.
But I guess I live in a pararel universe.

because lower efficency weapons are at lower brs.

especially for example, volkssturm stuff.

mostly because despite those being in reality, latter weapons used in 1944 1945, wouldn’t really compare or be on equal to others that the germans and soviets uses for latter tiers.

and since you unlock those weapons earlier, it’s just a suicide and liability for new players to sunk time in to grind them and gets thrown out in those latter brs.

if you want that, op suggestions allows you to do that.
but that shouldn’t be the norm or a thing that is being forced upon like you’re implying(/Wanting).

Nobody is forcing you to equipp those weapons nor to even research them. It’s all your choise.

So efectively you get the same result.

which once again, going in circle, that’s not how the br works.

because upgrading your weapon, doesn’t imply nor really means you’re gonna effectively gonna end up in berlin just because of the weapons.

the test ended with that system.
it’s a thing of the past.

Are tech tree tiers equivalent to BR?
I thought not but now I have doubts.

I wrote nothing about upgrades.

I haven’t mentioned the old system.

to an extent, yes.

similar to war thunder, except war thunder is much larger. hence has more queues.

but… given that there are literally 3 queues. and 5 tiers, you can do the math.

upgrading your weapons as in researching new ones, and replacing older ones.

that type of upgrading.

not upgrading and improving current weapons.

except, it all comes down because you wanted something like the old system.
which that was roughly the case.
( when you asked to those early/midish brs weapons to be hard locked to berlin with a “warning” )

hence, i’ll admit, it’s rare, but para does have genually a simple yet effective solution about it.
if you want, you click that option. if not, don’t.

I just checked the post and I found this.

From my understanding it means that volksturm weapons will be high BR (probably 5) due to the “historical background”.
So all it takes is to place those weapons early in the tech tree and I believe it’s already the case.

So I don’t know what is your point.

just a theory.

for the moment.

as… we’re not seeing really many suggestions about making those said weapons to go at full tiers.

but, of course, could change at any time.

( let’s hope not. as. once again, would defeat the whole purpose of the br system. )

I’m just making one.

I fail to see how having a choise defeats the purpose of BR but whatever.

Why you always making everything unneccesary complicated ?
Br 1 and 2 should be able to cycle around all maps and all timelines against other same br players. Nearly all those weapons are pre war designs anyway.
Br 3 and br3 + low tier mixed bag gear should be able to fight in 1942-45 maps against equal opponents
Br 4-5 sent them to normandy and berlin.
Whit this way;
Newbies would be able to see all maps
And sweatlord wpuldnt abuse them.
Seeing kar 98 vs springfield in normandy is not immersion breaking or mosin vs kar 98 in berlin.
But time traveler tiger 2 in stalingard will be a facepalm.
All sides used crap light tanks during the entire war not maybe necceserily for fight at least for recon misssions anyway.