Of supposed crime, and proper prevention of incentive to commit them

So anyways, an issue that was brought up in a post somewhere about the proposed 1-5 BR system was that people would have a lv 3 loadout and would leave matches early to try and get a down tier match.

It dawned on me that yes, this will be a very horrible thing to deal with, new player and old alike. The most simple solution I and others seem to have come up with, is just prematurely add more mm tiers so that level 3 loadouts see level 2 and 4 loadouts rather than 1&2 or 4&5.

I would also like to suggest a simple but reasonable preventative “feature” to disincentivize such awful behavior. If a player leaves a match early, restrict their mm to only up tiers until they complete a match !AFTER! they have left 2 games prematurely in a day. This measure will also prevent a lot of future headaches to.

As for why the game needs such a measures, allow me to highlight a few consequences that will arise without preventative measures:

  1. Tier 3 will just be the new endgame.
  2. New players will near constantly leave after getting nothing but unfair matches.
  3. Tier 4 and 5 will likely be unplayable with the amount of people leaving early and the number of veteran players will be at its max.

Thanks for reading.


Yes, I can see that happening because it ALREADY happens with players who have endgame gear. They always quit the match to find a lower game with newer players.

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If battle ratings = tiers in technology tree then… this new system will not change anything.

In fact - it might be even worse. Because a new player will not have the ability to play Normandy or Berlin (a campaigns without the bias), he will receive PzB 38/39 and with some luck - he will damage tracks of T-34.

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panzerfaust 60 is in tier 3 and t34 is in tier 3 so it counters t34 in the new system if its based around tiers


Exept a helper did say that the MM will try to match BR 1 with other BR 1 and BR 2 first before BR 3 will fill the slot.

I am just woundering why after you tracked the tank you didnt jump on the T34 and throw the explosives on the engine deck and cook it then throw it down? I do that the jumbos and Tigers and it always works for me

Second explosive had land on the engine deck.

Not really it got bugged on the side of the tank