At least test matchmaking with BRs and reasonable historical restrictions

Darkflow, you literally didn’t even test this.

Nobody ever said just history without BRs (rank 1 vs rank 5 on historical map like now) would be fun.

But we need (at least to test) a way to not see Panthers/Tigers in Stalingrad streets.

With the current “way forward” you propose this will be the case:

You can be sure that fake stuff that was never used in WW2 such as AS-44 and RPD, as well as super late war stuff like IS-2 will be on BR 4/5.

This liteally means Tiger 2, Jagdpanther, STG-44 in Stalingrad.

Darkflow, see reason.

Don’t go full War Thunder.

even though I’m pretty sure going full WT was the goal in the first place:


Dude they very often just reductio ad absurdum the whole HA intead of arguing and keep going, many players follow suit sadly.

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Fact is it is only a very small minority of players that cares that much. Most just want a straight up BR system. I’ve seen some upset that there are any map restrictions at all.


I shit on historical accuracy and this is a fantasy game already (AS-44 in Berlin).

Please focus on balance.


then there are the bf5 fantasy enjoyers who cant buy the game for some reason


My vision for this game is historical+ or semi historical. I don’t mind there being prototypes and such but I want integrity wherever it can get

I don’t care about balance in the this kills better than that sense, because I think in the chaotic dynamics of this game nothing is necessarily OP. Sometimes you kill, sometimes you get killed. Sometimes I’ve taken out PPSH, sometimes they take out me. Que sera sera

It’s like I don’t care if the Soviets have the PPSH in every single battle, because that’s how it was. Or if the KV is in Moscow, do people just forget plane bombs, AT guns, mines, and TNT. Or just disable his tracks and kill the crew when they pop out. Tank taken care of one way or the other

If anything this game has a dynamic and chaotic balance and for me it just works.

It’s like I don’t care about fighting M2 carbines and I have a Kar, sometimes I win the scrap or he does. (But personally I’d prefer the M2 only in 1945 Germany maps)


the trouble is watching you’re tank bounce off the glacier o a tigers armor while it wipes out entire squads from range inside the grey zone, and in some matches planes taking out tanks is rare because infatnry slaughter is far more rewarding points wise

How do you get this as “fact”?

Just because some kids on the forum are shouting that they “shit on history” with pride and don’t care if it’s Fortnite or Animefield, that doesn’t make actual WW2 theme enjoyers a “small minority”.

It’s a WW2 game after all. About WW2.

Balance on acceptable maps.

How is that bad?

Why not at least TEST BRs + maps MM?


balance means things like bolt actions not facing of semi autos, and tanks with similar guns that is balance is a fair chance if both people are of equal skill both can with the “same squad” the can both have an equal chance.

if you want to say simulate the wester front early no, i don’t feel like seeing Germany roll over the USSR, and you can’t do it for the late Western front because there is no mechanic for the USSSR to roll over Germany with a numbers advantage, so no no no

Or balance can be with each side having some advantages but both sides need to be about equal.

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Whatever DF thinks balance will be with this “new MM”, let them have that, but without Panthers and Tigers in Stalingrad.

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would have been just fine having them all in the same match 24/7 if they werent over abundant.

If you couldnt equip entire loadouts with the high tech stuff BR wouldnt be necessary.

if your squad makeups looked more like this for example, It wouldnt be so crazy lol


instead, your typical standard infantry looks like this :stuck_out_tongue:



They would need to add large belts to the mgs for this to be useful also 2nd mg gunner should be the loader it would turn enlisted into different game which wouldn’t really work with so many explosions and broken bipods, there are also no suppression effect on enemies they can peek and instantly shoot you in the head.

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I bet you the only bots that would be left alive to swap to would be them :stuck_out_tongue:


Very likely :upside_down_face:
But before going down, his walter will sing the last song.

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Seriously though, enlisted is the only game I know that can actually make assistant gunners work.
But sadly we can’t have nice things because SMGs need to go brrrr :cry:


Why do people want to make Enlisted into War Thunder: Infantry Edition? Are they genuinely brain damaged?


seeing this game cut the rope loose and start plummeting to being another boring modern WW2 FPS, is like watching when Gaijin remove historical matchmaking from WT back in 2018, Darkflow doing this gives me a bad taste and I can only think of the uninstall button when the update drops, considering how it went for WT, to this community I ask and beg you do not let it happen to your game, to the game you spend time on and actually enjoy, them not testing BR with restriction just shows that they do not care


What for ? Does it change something if they rename “Univermag South” to the “Kiev South 1943” on the loading screen ?

In other games there ARE Panthers and Tigers in Stalingrad and these games are considered “highly realistic”.

It is just a game after all :anchor: :anchor: :anchor:


I don’t know why people are so touchy about this. This is a WW2 combined arms sandbox shooter. Every weapon has its place. Bolt actions were quite literally the backbone of every single country (except America).

I personally don’t care if I have a bolt action vs semi autos. Why should I. It’s a war, it happened

It’s like I get killed by a bomb, and move on. Squad got wiped? Ok onto the next one

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