Do you understand the Implications of the new BR?, This is what you have asked for

It’s my own suggestion also, to salvage things a bit…


its not hard to just leave the match

the current system is okish
the map based system didnt take into account that people are complete cunts
and this new revised system is gonna make playing the game shit outside tier 3

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which requires much more and would be harder to tweak instead of brs.

sure, brs take a toll of their own.

but consider that it wasn’t going to be fun for alot of people where it was mostly rng ( despite some claims previously made )

the campaign system worked very differently from the brs.

because it wasn’t just " weapons go to moscow, stalingrad, mid goes to sg / normandy and late tier to berlin and normandy "

that, wasn’t the case at all.

especially with mid tiers sending you anywhere.

the br instead, finds a middle ground between various values of items in brs, that can range from uptiers to down tiers.

but not out right both sides of the end.

especially as there was more diversity as now there will be somewhere to 5 matchmakers.

except, as they stated, this new queues separates low gear soldiers ( 1 & 2 ) from 4 to 5.
it’s just tier III that might either go up, or down. ( which personally i find that it should be one of it’s own, but that’s just my pre-opinion )

i’m starting to realize that many people are getting this whole br thing wrong.

idk how you come up wit hthe BR 3 that somehow faces T1s and T5s, it will only face Tier 2s and 4s.

and your suggestion isn’t really an improvement.

as the br is more for a safe enivorement place.

having things at the beggining that could land you at the bottom for newer players could be one of the worst experience one can ever experience.

" i just grinded weeks for this gun, and i can’t use it because it makes my matches alot worse "
( volkssturm weapons are a clear example )

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Thats a yes for you. and that’s fine.


you’re not making the distinction between equipment based on balancement efficiency, and equipment based on campaigns.

which the br is on equipment.

not maps.

to be fair though, maps should be accessible based on the soft rule even at lower ranks.

otherwise we’d still have the issue of gatekeeping content.

it’s not like war thunder where latter tanks are faster and needs wider maps.

enlisted maps can be both played from low to top tiers ( as long they somewhat were there )

like, the more you have X equipment that were used in a campaign, the matchmaker will try to put you there.

which it’s very different from the test yet somewhat trying to achieve the same result.

lol. ppl saw it clearly written, in the dev blog:

2 queues, Erika. 2.
queue1: tier 1-2-3
queue2: tier 3-4-5



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using… common sense?

i mean, many people already expressed that they’d like a tier 3 and not just that 123 345.

i… kinda already took that as granted.

which it is somewhat foolish of me now that i think about it.

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I hate “ifs”

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Guess who’s the one who proposed this, in this convo?? come on, guess, Erika, guess! :smiley:

It was my PROPOSAL to add a THIRD queue, which would be, 2-3-4.


you seem offly pessimistic about it all.

gaved me the wrong impressions.

but, upon reading:

we’re on agreement.

apologies for my confusion and misinterpretation .

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I’m pessimistic about having only 2 queues as presented. 1-2-3 and 3-4-5.

Because tier 3 will either:
-seal club tier 1-2
-auto desert at maps from tier 3-4-5. (you know ppl…)

I’ll be fine, if they add a third queue, for mid br. would solve things… a bit.



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more power to you.

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I think the first idea, with some refining, would’ve worked fine personally

I HATE the second idea. If I wanted to get buttraped by lolpenning Tigers every match I’d play WT

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I agree the first idea was on a good track, just missing a few key changes like hardlock, which was easy as making undesired a hard rule, not a soft rule.

Second Idea rides on Tier 3. simply must become ± 1 (as damage control) or its really nasty for everyone!


Most Tiger players in Warthunder are brain dead morons who don’t even know how to drive a tank. It can be scary if it’s driven by someone who knows what they’re doing though.


Makes you wonder where KV 1 (using as example) is going to be situated. BR 3 where it can club newbs or get clubbed by king tigers? BR 2 where it will club everything below it and newbs? or BR 4 where it can get clubbed by King Tigers

Tier 3 will define if new players get stomped and by what (unless -+ 1 change is made)


I like randomness. I like how right now, as things stand, I can fight Kar98k’s, Puma’s, MG42’s, FG 42’s, MP40’s, Tiger’s, and everything in between in any match. And if things line up, ALL of them in a single match! The BR system goes through? Nothing but MG42’s, Tiger’s, and FG 42’s. And only those, unless I change my set up to go and fight only Kar98k’s. Only Carcano’s. Only Pz II’s. Only X weapon or tank or plane or whatever. No variety. No unpredictability on how a match will turn out. Nothing but bland, same gameplay match after match after match

Yeah if I wanted that, I’d play War Thunder. And I don’t play WT nearly as much as I do Enlisted


Its a must and most people don’t even realise it.
Getting uptiered with 2 tiers is like fighting max level guys with the first 6 levels of the campaign.

This is only acceptable in campaigns because the first 10 or so levels are easy to get, but the grind will get at least twice as long according to Robihr.


Definitely not what I want. The entire system lacks balance and totally abandons historicity. After the merge, we can see Moscow Vg1-5 vs. Mosin m1944, but the balance has not improved. In fact, it’s the same as pre merge. The problems of t3476 vs pz2 still exists and we may even see kt vs t3476.In fact, the equipment of br3 players is not as good as that of the beginners in the pre merge Berlin campaign, but they will face fully armed br5 veterans in the future.
Someone may say, we can match the players of br2-4 together to solve the problem.But I think this further exacerbates the suffering of low br players, as there may be situations where heavy tanks(like jumbo,panthers) vs light tanks in br2-4, and br4’s light weapons are even more crushing on br2. A rough and general BR matchmaking system is completely irresponsible, and there should be a more detailed matchmaking system. I elaborated on a wonderful idea on my post yesterday, which is to determine the matchmaking result by calculating the total value of your infantry weapon’s br value. The br value of each weapon is determined by their battle performance. Therefore, limiting the total performance of your weapons is the optimal solution for balance, Instead of roughly placing br1-3, 3-5 weapons directly in one basket. I personally suggest to replace the current br matchmaking system by matchmaking system based on the total value of the player’s infantry equipment (calculated using the three infantry squads with the highest br in your queue). The game will be more balanced. Tank/Aircraft are calculated separately, and the final matching result is determined by the highest br of light weapons, tanks, and aircrafts.

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