Merge is DOA without proper BR brackets

My man You don’t even know how much i missed You.

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there is a LIMITED amount of shit that was used

as i have said many times before they should be focusing on adding more “features” and game modes rather then weapons that have no place in a ww2 game that claims to be historically accurate

and the biggist issue with the game is that it dosnt offer any chance for clans or milsim community’s to play in the game, and the amount of ‘team work’ that you can do in the game is next to nil


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All I want is a bracket system with several hard exclusions (+ and - 1 tier at most) which is disconnected from maps and doesn’t dictate what “campaign” you end up in.


A shitty end game is not going to end well especially for those who invested time and money grinding iconic stuff. Getting all the players with end game equipment together is clearly going to be toxic instead of getting separated by each other in different matches


It’s literally going to be miserable playing with all the good equipment now. It is supposed to be fun, this isn’t a serious major league game. Locking all the players together who want to use the equipment they poured countless hours in to getting is going to be such a bad gaming experience. As for the historical accuracy, no battlefield in real life has every person using the same gear. It’s mixed and should be so here as it is now. They just need to balance the lobbies a bit better, making sure each time has an equal amount of high ranked players


I dont even see a point in trying to grind for the end game with how they are doing this.

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most of the players were using high level gear in the test server making most of the games in berlin/normandy. I hope this is not the case in the real server

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then you have to accept limitations to how much of the really good gear you can take into a game…

you don’t want to fight against all the good gear with your good gear cos its a shitty experience? so why should all the lesser gear have to be matched against good gear so the end game players can have a good experience?

Limitations are required before both can be put in the same playfield in a fun way, otherwise its one getting shafted or the other

It will be the same as WT BR of 9.0-11.7 where everyone tryhards like esport players and camp behind the hills/buildings abusing most rat tactics they can use (they will always wait you at the corner and listen your engine sound just to 1hk kill you across the map) and others are playing as quick and efficient as the F1 racing cars drivers no mistakes only domination, want to take a breather? nope not this decade.

I will welcome American newbies with my fully grinded Japan nation i hope they will have fun getting blasted with my Ho-I, Type100 late, T97 at rifle, FN1930 and flamethrowers.

Ivan is dreaming about game pre-merge, it was a simple time where you just press start and play while having a lot of fun, now it’s building lineups, not being able to play his favorite Moscow because he dared to take PPSh-41, and getting killed by some super active murder machines that are corner peeking soldiers he thinks they are on panzer chocolate. Ivan wants to go back.

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let’s see what they come up with today about our feedbacks.

worst case scenario, pve it is then. right? ( part of me hopes that )

Hilarious that they decided to keep a WWII game fresh with endless paper guns instead of locations. I’d rather have a bolt action in Italy than what we’re stuck with now

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that is true, but how do separate them? spread them across multiple matches so they can farm weaker players? no that is objectively worse than letting meta slaves destroy each other.

I Have been toying around with the idea that “one” of your squad slots is a Veteran squad slot. It’s the only squad you can bring whatever you want to other BRS (within reason, no King tigers to low tier)

3 spawn lockout on loss might be enough

Im afriad that would further the gap between f2p players and whales.
Dont get me wrong, people should spend some money cause servers arent free, but scaring them away is no good.

as in the slot would be for everyone. F2p will get the slot as an additional.

this slot could be used to bring “one” squad of Fedorov’s or PPSHs to Moscow for example, or perhaps a Tiger to Tunisia. Makes the equipment rarer but still present.

there would have to be certain limitations of course

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See the latest news: Important changes after the second test


I think this new change to match making is better. Not perfect, but with all the different voices, I’m not sure i could of come up with a better solution.

I really only play u.s. allies, my main concern is that we will be so far out-classed if we are locked to top teir stuff. We don’t really have anything comparable to king tigers, we have a couple good guns, but for the most part germany has much better equipment when you compare sides. I think it would be a super toxic experience to begin with, but add in the factor of not having comparable gear in some aspects it will just be miserable to go up against king tigers non stop etc etc

Im also quite a new player, just started played few months back. I quite enjoyed the progression system and working hard at the start. But a constant challenge is not good for the long term player. Which is most important in my view to a game’s health. It’s the people that stick around who really should be catered to more then the newbie.