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What is not too easy to understand

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⭐ "Battle of Stalingrad" update
Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
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Making Enlisted a Better Place №8
"Lewis Gun" Pan magazine No rotation animation!


  • Historically accurate models for guns
  • New tutorial
  • Range dependent aggro for AI

Don’t like:

  • New premium squads after yesterday
  • New premium squads are very unbalanced against each other
  • New german premium squad is P2W

Not easy to understand:

Why introduce premium squads after what happened yesterday?


Might want to do a pass on the tank UI element. Looks a bit bugged.
I like the new labeling though, so that’s good work!

Updated models
AI not giga thwacking in Normandy anymore (from what little I’ve played)
Firerate on MP34o increased

Don’t like
The genuinely P2W premiums
The fact that EVERY new squad is apparently going to be $30. I’d buy them at $15 each and be more likely to do so if they were all priced reasonably. So would a lot more people and your income would most likely see a nice bump.


What I like

  1. Gun models
  2. tutorial

What I… HATE

  1. Premiums? again???
  2. German squad is AGAIN better than the Russian one. I want answers, why are Germans getting better premium squads the second time? Devs you have to answer to me, might as well make this game singleplayer where you can only play axis
  3. You absolutely did this on purpose after we had that fight yesterday, just to make us even more angry

What is not too easy to understand

  1. Soviet premium squads are more realistic than the Soviet regular squads. Almost all soviet soldiers had red stars on their helmets and hats but in Enlisted you pay to be historically accurate???

2.Gib us all historical camo so the game will look more appealing


Do you think that is a reasonable assumption?


I don’t care anymore

I’m just disappointed


They only care about money

Who knows if OBT is even going to be introduced before April


To be fair the argument ended at 3AM their time and the update was already planned, so there was no time in between to cancel it.


Can we stop sticking to one mistake I wrote and discuss other issues please?

what i like:

  • Tutorial:
    really usefull and easy to understand. i kinda wished that it was a bit more complex ( in terms of showing and explaining others classes ) but generally, very good.

  • halftrack
    can’t wait to see it in action on the multiplayer.
    i have been looking forward to this. now i’m an happy grown child :3 .

    there’s still alot of work to do with the halftruck as the view ports are missing, camouflage/color doesn’t really match with enviroement, animations are bit buggy, and rear machine gun seems not having a spot yet. but, as i said, i’m more than happy, and can’t wait to see more.

  • AI Perception
    still lacks in close quarter sometimes, but i’m happy that people don’t get killed from miles away.

  • Movement System And Animation back to the loved previous fast phase action.
    ( and my soldiers do not run out of stamina after 3 meters :smiley: )
    while for the animation they look abit better. keep it up.

  • SturomPistole Fixed
    now the gun finallt fires where you are aiming at. ( insthead of being a grenade launcher, which techinically it is, but it was a lot worse before )

  • Newer Gun Models
    love the wood material, the rusty/dirty metal , and the newer sounds.
    unfortunally i couldn’t obtain the PM38 mortar, but it’s good to know that has been changed as well.

  • Armor and planes value fixed

  • Ai keeping their distance avoid crowd situations and/or loss of aim because of them

  • visual blood on wounded soldiers
    it’s less noticable, but it’s a great detail

What I Don’t Like:

  • Older Uniform not matching and Hat issue are now present again:

  • Ai Keep Shooting At Players/AI through foliage, bushes and light cover

  • another new unbalanced premium squad
    overpriced for what it offers and once again we add more nightmares to the battlefields destroying the balance once again. because everyone knew that the second world war was full of smg and light machineguns eating bullets and killing houndreds of people.

What it’s not easy to understand:

there are two things that i don’t understand:

the first one being: " now soldiers in the accademy are grouped by types, not classes "

like, what does that mean?

and second,
i don’t understand what those icons should mean or stands for to me ( below the class icon ).
i do know and understand that those icons are rank tabs.
but how does change?
why do i need them?

don’t get me wrong, i kinda like them, but i don’t understand the meaning behind.


As far as I found out, those show what “type” is your soldier. If you look at those alternative squads later in campaign (Engineer II, Assault II, Tankers II) you can see that they will have 2 dots on their icon.


What you like:
New gun model, smarter AI teammate
What you don’t like:
New machine gunner squad is a big step to P2W


yep, i figured that out when i swapped to the other campaign… but… is that all? is it there just to tell me that those guys are class rank 2. and others class rank 1?

i don’t know, i was expecting something else.

well, cheers anyway.

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It seems so.
They wrote that soldiers in academy are segregated by types now, so I think this is supposed to show which one is which instead of checking it mannualy.

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ahh, now i understand. both complete togheters.

i just wished to find out differently.

What I like

  1. Gun models
  2. tutorial
  3. A bit better AI

What I dislike, nope, anger at

  1. Premiums squads/accounts/slots? WTF?
  2. Microtransactions??? Even before this game is out of CBT?? Are you go nuts at making money so quick?
  3. Premium squads’ balance??? German is AGAIN better than the Russian one.
    Yeah, just DO NOT PLAY SOVIET. The developers are so determined at pro germans.
  4. Is that hard to use the proper LMGs for the premium squads? WTF is Chauchat?
  5. WTF is class/rank1/2 soldiers? WIthout any “conversion” to upgrade the old ones??? Just a new things to grind???

If premium squads have proper LMG, it will only make the game more P2W. The premium machine gunner squad shouldn’t exist at all. Or at least change it to three troopers with one gunner.


They can have a correct model, but with a greatly nerfed one for balance. (Now the german’s one is extremely OP, soviet one is “ok” too low firerate)

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Funny enough, I believe German force actually used Chauchat during WWII since they seized some of them from Poland then renamed them LeMG 147(j)

Its all Epic :sunglasses:

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