Making Enlisted a Better Place №7

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a particular aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, where we fix bugs or add interesting features.

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.


Any shooter first looks for the enemy and then shoots them - that’s the rule of the genre. But the better these basic mechanics work, the more enjoyable the game is. This new episode in our series is dedicated to the improvement of the free camera and the long-awaited shotgun upgrade!


There are few of them, but they are all made to make navigating in a battle situation much more comfortable!

Now while respawning, the camera will smoothly move down from a flying position over the location right into your soldier’s eyes. This effect will allow for the time between pressing the ready button and the actual respawn to have a better picture of what position your soldier will appear at, what the situation is on the point and “the direction in which we are fighting”.

Another improvement is the free view camera, which is convenient to use both on the move and just to look around without losing the main direction. Your view will now quickly but smoothly return to “zero point” after you release the free camera button. This will solve the disorientation problem that many players have complained about before.


You’ve been asking for an upgrade to this fearsome weapon for a long time. We have noticed it and brought you a significant upgrade of one of the most deadly weapons for close-range battle.

We have worked on the characteristics of all types of shotguns and brought them to a more convenient and balanced performance. Now the shot recoil is halved, and the buckshot dispersion is reduced by a quarter that will allow the hitting of targets farther away from you.

In addition, the number of buckshots in a single cartridge has been increased and the damage from the shot will also increase.

The final “bonus” is the doubling of the ammunition carried with the double-barreled gun. You will need it - you are not hunting ducks after all.


  • Reduced shotgun recoil by 50%.
  • Reduced shotgun buckshot angle by 25%.
  • Increased the amount of buckshot and, as a result, the shotgun damage from 12x2.4 (28.8) to 18x2.25 (40.5).
  • Significantly increased double-barreled gun ammo (from 14 to 24 shots).
  • Now after turning off the free view, the camera smoothly returns to its original state.
  • Added smooth camera movement to the soldier after respawning.
  • Fixed the disappearance of building elements after an explosion by aerial bombs.


Our team regularly checks the most important forum topics for your feedback, and reports back to devteam when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you’ll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!


Finally! Good work.

For me these are the problems that should be adressed soon.

SF rifles (AVS/FG42……) restriction to gunner or radio operator classes

Bunnyhopping, weapon accuracy while in the air

Suicide bombing (It should be if you die before your bombs explode you get no kills)

Gray zone tank camping

Explosion pack nerf against infantry.

Is the Flamethrower II flame sticks around for too long? Its around 4 seconds, while the I FmW is 0.5 seconds.

The Flamethrower II flame stick around for 4 seconds even if you shoot 1 fuel and it obstructs vision really badly, making it difficult to find new targets


Its hunting season!

Thank you devs! Good work!
Are tank hull mgs and explosion pack rework WIP?

I have a proposal that I would like to discuss with you. Imagine or pick up some heavy object (2.5-3 kg) right now. Pull it forward and jump up.

Most likely, you will not be able to keep it stable - you will unconsciously use it as a counterweight in an effort to maintain balance. It will go up and down and after landing it will take you a second to stabilize this thing.

I think it’s smart not to disable shooting while jumping, but shake the weapon so that you’re more likely to shoot yourself in the jaw than hit the enemy, and having to take a second to aim after landing will discourage any desire to cosplay a rabbit at all.

It is reasonable? Is it realistic? Will it be accepted by the community?


Thanks for the update.

And a very big thank you to the developers for listining to the community.

What’s wrong with them?

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Its a good idea in my eyes,I think it should be comparable to the system when you are burning, you could hit something, but it is not easy.

More than reasonable. Reducibg accuracy while jumping would be great.

You could go a step forward and make it so after landing you are still not 100% accurate for a seconds or so.


Wonderful and long awaited news Keofox. Thanks for that.
Now it’s time to finally bring more shotguns to the battlefield.

Yeah, something like that would work.

Also overall slowing down some animations would be great for the game pace: going from standing position directly to prone is way too fast and happens almost instantly, there is almost no weight to the running soldiers (they turn, change directions etc in miliseconds), weapon reloads often look too fast and too perfect - slow them down a bit, we’re playing as normal WW2 soldiers, not some commandos

Also @Keofox - is there a chance to introduce jamming mechanic back? It would work perfectly as balancing factor between realiable weapons like bolt action rifles and some experimental/prototype weapons that devs like to introduce (MKb-42 in Moscow, M2 in Normandy, FG-42, most semi autos)


Yes, finaly! Is this some sort of late Christmas gift? Because playerbase for sure wished for this for a veeery long time.

I can´t wait to try their new performance when I get a chance.

This idea is very interesting, but I don´t think I can say for sure whether or not it would work, unless the effect is strong enough. But it is definitely something I would love to see and test (if we had public test server, or “beta” settings in the main client)

but you can already look around by holding c as an infantry even when running. Guess you can snap in to that pos asw that youre looking at ?

Any chances of the M30 Drilling receiving the functionality of its third barrel?

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The first are currently not working (at least on most vehicles) and the second ones are thought to be over powered by a lot of players

Sounds good. Will hunt some ducks tonight. It’s bn months since I equiped a shotgun in any of my soldiers.

Ps @Keofox can we finnaly have m30 shotgun on our pilots? Since, it was made for them?
If I recall correctly the plane fighters couldn’t equip them


Good joke, weak boy. MG42 is over 10kg… :face_with_monocle:

Does that mean that while jumping only hip fire is possible?


That is more than “reasonable”, that’s plain common sense.

Add t-29 and 100 drum Thompson to balance Normandy when? America sufferinggggggggggggggg

A lot of players ≠ the majority of players.

Personally, the explosive packs are a bit OP at the moment. They make grenades redundant as they are the exact same as explosive packs but cannot damage vehicles. My suggestion is as follows: Nades are thrown far and quick, explosive packs are thrown short and slow. Number wise I would say the explosive pack can max only be thrown 10 metres, and there is no ability to cock/hold back the grenade ready for the throw; instead the explosive will be held in both hands and when the player clicks/releases the click the animation to start the throw will happen taking 1 second to throw, in this time the explosive pack is live. So basically the explosive pack will begin a guaranteed throwing animation only when the click is released (you can hold down the trigger but only when its released will the entire throw begin). No changes to the grenade maybe expect the throwing distance be reduced to 25 metres. The idea being that you can no longer run and dash, lobbing the explosive pack. You would have to make a daring run and throw to use it, making it more anti-armour and allowing grenades to be more free and anti-infantry. This is obviously just a suggestion. I love the game so Dark Flow or Gaijin keep doing you.