Making Enlisted a Better Place №9

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a particular aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, where we fix bugs or add interesting features.

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.


Every action you take in battle should bring your long-awaited victory closer, even if it’s not directly related to kills. We completely agree with that, so in the current episode we focus on rewarding you for your tactical actions and show you the mine upgrades that you were able to vote for recently.


Since engineers are rewarded for building forts and other strategic structures, you can expect to be rewarded for destroying these enemy buildings for the good of your team.

Sandbags, barbed wire, stationary cannons and machine guns and, of course, respawn points — now you can also earn points in battle for destroying these objects. The method of destruction does not matter at all — take it apart by hand, destroy it with a grenade, explode it from a tank’s gun or smash an engineering rally point in hatred with a buttstock. The bottom line is the same — 5 to 45 points per destroyed object, depending on its tactical value.

We’ve also doubled the reward for capturing zones, and for destroying strategic objects in Destruction Mode. Now it will be more profitable to complete core mission tasks.

Another increase in points for Engineers themselves. Increased reward for respawning an ally at your rally point from 15 to 30 points!

We will continue to track your game tactics and think of worthy rewards for them.


You voted, we delivered. Take a look at how mines will behave in battle from now on, and fill your soldiers’ pouches with them.

Increased range of anti-personnel mines

Now you it isn’t only about blocking a narrow doorway, but also about making a small room very dangerous.

Added a short delay when triggering an anti-personnel mine

Busted yourself? Now you have a little less than a second to leave the kill zone or go prone - both of which increase your chances of staying alive. Also after setting a mine you’ll see a marker above it, just like a dropped enemy grenade.

Other Mine Upgrades

Both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines can now be set much faster. Another upgrade you asked for is that mines will be less likely to detonate from explosions nearby.

You can purchase mines for your soldiers in the “Logistics” tab. Each soldier has a separate inventory slot specifically for mines that does not take up space for other useful items.


  • Added points per destroyed object (5 for forts, 45 for strategic buildings and 45 for weaponry).
  • Doubled points for capturing strategic points and destroying strategic objects (now 100 for capturing and 50 for assisting).
  • Significantly increased the range of anti-personnel mines.
  • Increased the resistance of mines to explosions, now they are more difficult to destroy with grenades.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Soviet and British anti-personnel mines to not do damage when detonated.
  • Added a slight delay for detonation of anti-personnel mines.
  • Once enemy anti-personnel mines are detonated, an icon is now displayed, similar to a grenade warning that it’s about to explode.
  • Reduced the time for setting anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.
  • Changed the direction of the default rally point view when building it, now the view faces forward — in the direction of the engineer’s eyes.
  • Reduced the punishment for partial damage of allied vehicles in the Lone Fighters mode in Custom Games.
  • Increased Engineers’ number of points for every use of their mobile rally point from 15 to 30 points.


Our team regularly checks the most important forum topics for your feedback, and reports back to devteam when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you’ll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!


Sorry, I don’t really understand your question.

when can we see the latest devblog?I’ve been waiting too long

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The increase of engineering point you earn with rally is very nice.
I remember a game where a guy built lots of rally points, he was last of the team because he didn’t have a lot of kill. I think it wasn’t fair because he helped the team a lot and it didn’t reflect on the scoreboard.

I hope it will make player build more rally as much as the weekly quest of this week did.

Nice improvment.


Overall great improvement!!

It’s nice that you increase amount of score you get.
not that we actually know how XP is calculated from score. it’s trade secret, i guess :v



No garbage like Kar98k with GGP40 this time plssss

  • Changed the direction of the default rally point view when building it, now the view faces forward — in the direction of the engineer’s eyes.

Thank you. This is a nice tweak.

Will repairing friendly vehicles grant xp? If not, can you foward it and have a icon above the friendly tank if it needs repairs and player does own a toolbox?


this week or next week?

Sorry for Bad English

it looks like matchmaking has been active since yesterday. Playstation5.
Had lobbies full of people all day.

This day)

i see it(^-^)

Excellent news.

I hope there can be quick updates on fixing the power of ggp40 and Garand anti tank launcher. Also the current method of mounting guns should be improved.

This is brilliant news, rewarding engineers is a great step forward, maybe more rally points now, also deconstruct XP is good news, Thank You :+1:

I suggested something like this not long time ago, it’s nice to see that you actually listen to us.

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Every change the devs made I do appreciate!

Well chosen! Even the points rebalancing feels pretty fair. I might enjoy playing as an engineer even more now.


Do people dislike them? I find them pretty useful, it’s nice to have another GL option and while the penetration is low, hits against side-armor and thinner plates get crew kills and can disable parts. I’ve gotten a few kills with the Garand launcher and GGP40, especially on the SdKfz 234 and Stuart because their armor is so thin. They don’t pen the Jumbo or Panther easily but in my experience it’s enough to hit them and make them reposition.

People dislikes them cause darkflow keep recycling the same gun for almost like third times, and the AT grenade on rifle is so shit at damaging tank compartment to the point it is better to toss TNT pack instead.

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Thanks for listening to me about changing the direction of the rally points. ALL the changes made in this update were excellent, nice work devs!