Making Enlisted a Better Place №12

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a particular aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, where we fix bugs or add interesting features.

The realized improvements mostly or even completely are based on the feedback you leave in the special topics and discussions on the online communities.


Our updates are usually concerned with how the battles are fought. But this time the focus is on what happens right before the fighting: the respawn window. We’ve given it a few upgrades you’ll surely appreciate.


How many brilliant victories have you won just because of a handy rally point built by an Engineer? A simple building — that had a specific flaw. We’re talking about your teammates “fighting” for the right to respawn on the rally point. At times such a “war of clicks” was as hot as an open shootout with the enemy. You’ve been telling us about this issue, and we’re happy to announce that it is now in the past!

Now when several teammates choose to respawn at the rally point simultaneously, they will be put in a queue, showing them how many others wish to respawn in the same place. As soon as it’s your turn — move out, to victory!

The timer will stop if a battle breaks out near the rally point, but you will still keep your position in the queue, so your squad will be ready to join the fight as soon as the bullets stop flying.


Another helpful, nifty and logical way to make the respawn window better is adding the ability to view the mini-map and a list of players, as well as giving out quick commands with the help of the pie-menu (Alt button). Which you can use, for example, to request enemy co-ordinates before flying out on a bomber.

All of this has been added to the respawn menu. Use it all well!


  • Fixed an error that prevented respawn for players who died outside of zone boundaries while operating engineer buildings such as stationary guns.
  • Respawn window has been updated with a mini-map, player list and the ability to use quick commands.
  • Added a queue for players waiting to respawn at a rally point.


Our team regularly checks the most important forum topic for your feedback, and reports back to devteam when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you’ll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!


Finally that queue timer on respawn points.

Finally ffs


Would you replace dispersion with damage and recoil rework? And what about noob launchers? Everyone is spamming it in Normandy and Berlin


Making the person who placed the rally have prioriy in the spawn queue would have been even better!


A little arrow to indicate if the rally point is above or (rarely) below the battlefield would be also helpfull, good to see new instances of this series, keep them coming!!


We will think about it, but the engineers are the assistants to the team and they place a respawn for everyone.

However, play with the new queue. Maybe she’ll get a lot better.


When will You share the Number of Players from Last Event?
Got Friends which should clearly reach 50% and only get Participation Medal.
I was Place 300-500 and didnt reach 10%? Thanks God i made some Screenshots

Read in Forum from other Guys they dont get Medals too.
Whats the Mistake?

Making Enlisted a Better Place, but no one said to who.


It seems that after the rating calculation (due to dishonest players) we lost the ability to display the table in the game.

I will clarify.


Anyway, thanks, it’s about time, but I still have 3 questions 1. When they change the lighting in the game, I’m seriously going to go blind from straining my eyes so much 2. When will the stance change animations change, do the soldiers really look alike? worms with epilepsy. 3. Will the tank crewman, the radio operator, be able to use his machine gun? Currently, that crew member is more than “stuffed”.

  1. Uh-oh. In fact, this is a mechanism that we are very proud of. This is a simulation of the realistic adaptation of the eye to lighting. When you are in a dark room, and the sun is shining outside, it is difficult for you to see what is happening there at once. The eye needs time to shrink the pupil and get used to the picture.
    Not all AAA games can boast such technology. But if it seems too pronounced to you, then we can tell the developers about it.

  1. It’s a huge job to create a lot of animations. …and we’re running it.

  2. With time. This is not a development priority.


Any comment on the XP stealth-nerf almost into half? Like having a match with 21 minutes of defense, 2nd in the team and only 10k exp WITH premium is just a joke. All exp gain apart from Stalingrand is just way too low after the patch


I don’t have information. that we were changing the economy. And this is very unlikely.

Are there any facts?

Where is the explosive change vote you promised two weeks ago?

well i didnt take any screenshots, but the exp on all my matches are way to low. And i am almost all games top 3. Talked with some other people and the said they noticed this as well :thinking:

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Keo, the most important question of them all.

Is there any improvements to AI soldiers at all… or…?


Can we expect bipods improvements in the nearest future?
If not, at least revert the bipod “improvement” that was introduced with the Stalingrad release. Previous system was flawed but it was better than the current one.

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Tell them to also add colorblind options for people because this effect is always unbearable more so for them.

Because this is a simulation of how I see that picture you posted. Now imagine there were enemies there. I would only see them if they began firing first and I shot to their muzzle flashes.


I can only answer like this:

Hidden changes are a huge loss of reputation. For us, this is a disaster. We don’t do that.

If this happened (the probability of which is 0.00001%) - we need facts and examples to figure out where the error could be.

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Yes, the lighting is incredibly realistic, it’s admirable, but I think they should lower it a bit, and I forgot to mention this, also change the background colors of the environment a little bit with that of the soldiers, it’s that they camouflage perfectly