Making Enlisted a Better Place №12

Now all we are missing is Engineer Spawn priority for the engi’s who built the one they wish to spawn on.


Please make 1. dispersion of guns and 2. pen value of tank canno 3. pen vaule of AT launchers like Panzerfaust or PIAT, visible. Btw, there are tons of changes that are not written in your diary, like you buff the accuracy of Brea Mod 30 and buff many 20mm plane guns.

Normal players also don’t know in Stalingrad BA rifles does 50% more damage and semiauto does 10% more damage, please tell them.


This is the Hour i like the most, 1h after Release of MEaBP Keo answers…

I love it.

Please @1942786 Keofox, fix Mortars, such a thing is so immersion breaking, it is firing out of the side of the barrel again, this was fixed before.

Keep up the good work, not sure about this QoL, but you have me tail gunners (no callouts though), so I am trying to resist bombarding the team :wink:

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Speaking of rally points, this happens way too often:
I place a spawn point, friendly sniper squad spawns there and immediately starts engaging the enemy, which results in “active battle nearby” and no one is able to use this spawn point, stuck waiting for it to re-activate.

Haven’t thought of a way to fix it, but really annoying.


yea but id rather have the lighting be tone down more. player visibilty is important, it makes the game more enjoyable for player with poor eye sights like myself

also bloom slider please, can we have that. the ability to turn off bloom is a great addition to the game

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We don’t get a way to use chat before spawning? The only moment you have a rest to type and you can’t?

The problem is there isn’t a feature where you get increasingly used to the light, reducing contrast/light blindness.
It would be hard to implement from what I understand, but it would be OK if contrast/light blindness slowly reduced after 3 seconds aiming down sights at the same illumination.

Definitely worth for the developers to tamper/try a bit with how to make illumination variable.

Your bots will never be as good as you. Park them in a corner with K and cross fingers, irmão


any plans to create a Chinese official website?

Thx for report, it will be looked.


No way) In life and in war there are smart soldiers and stupid soldiers.


Hi, if it helps here is my video:

Happens in Tunisia and Berlin so far, not sure about Normandy as not fought there in a while, can all campaigns be checked?

Also RMN50 firing double, also a handheld mortar.

Mortar Bug back in Tunisia Mortar Bug back in Tunisia - Album on Imgur

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Thx for video, it will surely helps!

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Absolutely love the game and work you have done! This definitely helps the respawning in game! Would like to see future events allow mixing of campaign maps and units. I play 90% of the time on Normandy campaign but if you do that like I do, the map quantity seems a little low. Some more maps for existing/popular campaigns would greatly help. For example you may not even have to make many more maps but you could just move the positions of spawns and capture points to new locations (I do notice this does happen a little sometimes and even sides flip on the 3 point capture map) but the curent maps are big and some of the maps are not even in use. Sometimes I look over at unused parts of the maps and say to myself “geez I sure would like to do some battling over there for that area”. But also some new maps to change it up and bring more life into the game. Such as Omaha beach for example or Paris! Would like to see some battles in Paris or even battles near the imprisonment camps! So many good ideas here, reach out to me for more via pm. ty!

I also got nothing from the event. Xbox player here.

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The idea is good but not the implementation in the game. The human eye have a higher dynamic range and adapts quicker and better than a camera that seems the effect that we can find in the game.
At night, by example, we are capable to see the stars in the sky and the lights of a city at the same time. A camera needs special adjustments (high ISO, long exposure, HDR, etc) to get something near at what we can see with our eyes.

Another thing that needs to be fixed is the fire (flamethrowers, molotovs, etc). In real world, fire produces LIGHT but not in this game. You can burn an entire dark room with a flamethrower and still the room remains dark.
I recently suggested to use the plane crash light effect in this situations to make the fire more realistic.


Maybe check your monitor settings, I’m using a Gigabyte M27Q and I have no issues seeing enemies in any light conditions in game.

So you’re keeping GL as they are. Impressive.

Good to see you are looking at the respawn window but can I suggest (again) what I mentioned before. The person who built the respawn should have top of the queue pass.

It’s so frustrating to build a respawn point and then have to respawn back at the default spawns because everyone is now using what I built to not cause a long run back…