Making Enlisted a Better Place №12

The intersection parameters of the T-28E [DT machine gun on the main turret] are incorrect, which will cause its aiming point to always be left or right in the horizontal direction, so that it cannot hit the enemy. Two sub turrets of T-28E and three machine guns of ordinary T-28 can meet normally.

Please pay attention to this! As long as you drive the T-28E in the training ground, you can easily find this:one of the machine gun will be severely to the left when aiming at close range, and it will be severely to the right when aiming at the sky (or other distant places).

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  • The machine gun of T-28E main turret has the wrong horizontal firing angle, and it loses the extra vertical firing range (unable to pitch independently) compared with the main turret machine gun of T-28.
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Dysphorid is colorblind, and if I who isn’t colorblind often have trouble spotting enemies I can imagine he suffers worse

I think MANY ppl have complained about it and some of them have even used things like Nvidia Freestyle, since ppl don’t like the feeling of not being able to see clearly.

@1942786 The fact that you’re active here, answering questions regularly, is very cool. DICE could learn some things from you.

I have one question: Will there be any chance of time of day changes? That would really spice things up a bit. And weather? A bit of rain sometimes would be really atmospheric :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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