Making Enlisted a Better Place №15

Each update of “Making Enlisted a Better Place” focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic in which we’ve fixed bugs or have added interesting features.

The improvements are mostly or even completely based on the feedback you have left in the special topics and discussions on our forums and social media platforms.


We’re not gonna keep going on about it, but we would like to remind you just how useful it is to mark enemy positions and vehicles for your allies. Those who do it are being invaluable to their team. Those who yet don’t — make it a rule to use markers!

So - let’s go into detail on some improvements we’ve made.


Now marking an enemy tank from the cockpit of a plane won’t require perfect precision: the mark will still be set accurately even if the area you designate isn’t precisely on the target.

We’ve also improved the placement mechanism, so the mark won’t stick to the cockpit’s interior.


One of the most useful marks will become even easier to use: now when you place the mark on an enemy tank for the second time it will prolong the duration of the mark instead of removing it.


Who needs a mark on a destroyed tank? No one! That’s why, when your team destroys an enemy vehicle or building, any active marker attached to it will now be automatically removed.


There are lots of rifles with bayonets in Enlisted, but until now their melee damage could vary significantly. Some bayonets would merely wound an enemy, while others were sure to kill them.

Now, bayonets mean death. The damage of all bayonets in the game is now equal — and high enough to kill any enemy soldier.


  • Marking an enemy tank from a plane now requires less precision.
  • Placing a second marker on an enemy tank doesn’t remove the previous one, but instead prolongs its duration.
  • Marks instantly disappear from destroyed enemy vehicles and engineer buildings.
  • Damage of all bayonets is set at a fixed value of 25 points. Full list:
    • Carcano Mod.38 Bayonet — 15 > 25;
    • Carcano M1891 Bayonet — 15 > 25;
    • M1907/13 SMLE Bayonet — 15 > 25;
    • AVS-36 Bayonet — 21 > 25;
    • Lebel Bayonet — 21 > 25;
    • No.4 Mk.2 Bayonet — 21 > 25;
    • SG 84/98 III Bayonet — 15 > 25;
    • SVT-40 Bayonet — 21 > 25;
    • Type 30 Bayonet — 21 > 25.
  • Fixed an error that caused the P-38G-1 to be considered as an Attacker. Now it uses fighter spawn points.
  • Corrected spawn points for tanks in the Omer mission (Invasion and Destruction), where vehicles could spawn inside buildings.
  • Fixed an error that caused soldiers to appear on vehicles’ spawn points in Quarry North (Invasion).

We appreciate your feedback!

Our team regularly checks the most important forum topic for your feedback and reports back to the dev team when we notice issues with gameplay mechanics and ideas for improving the game. We watch our communities and other Enlisted sites so that one day you’ll see your idea in the update notes or in this weekly series.

So share, suggest, and report!


Does anyone else think tank marks were better before when they were static?
Obviously it’s easier to shoot at a target which is always spotted, and I myself have killed countless tanks by just shooting at the red icon through wooden houses and forests without even seeing the tank itself.

But isn’t it too easy, too cheesy and arcadey?

Like once you’re spotted, it doesn’t matter if you maneuver or go behind a house - you are spotted! And your flanking doesn’t matter because everyone knows where you are.

Personally I think “last seen” static marking was better, since it gave the general direction but didn’t allow for ‘blind shooting’ if the tank has moved.

Alternatively I would at least suggest going the BFV way - giving a prompt “You Are Spotted” and possibly an ability to throw smoke grenades which would remove the red marker.


Nice change lol. Finally I can get on my P-47 anytime I want :rofl: No chance for any Axis tank

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Anything that goes around tanks in this game its a plus in my eyes.

Please have a look at the ability for players to mark a tank 100 meters away. Right now we can’t.
It will place a infantry spot marker instead a few meters away from the tank.

Thank you.

This one is huge.

Now increase their range plz. 1,5m long rifle should have more reach than a 30cm knife.



not to be the joy breaker…

but the real improvements that markers need, are the opacity changer when looking at them.

skulls kill, objectives, marks…

things that i shouldn’t see when aiming in that specific direction.

i made like, a post 1/2 year ago ( which i’m not the only one so to speak ):

but… i hope it’s just matter of time.

either way, not sure buffing bayonets is really needed, but i think i’ll like it :slight_smile:

a bit disappointed about the overlook sight of markers. but as long someone will like it. that’s fine for me


This has been a constant annoyance as a Normandy Allies main. So many time I was wanting to use either the P-47D-28 or A-20G-25 and been denied by a P-38G-1 that is typically flown by someone who is entirely new to flying in this game and is unaware of how aircraft in Enlisted work.

I am thankful this has finally been addressed but I only wish it would have been done sooner.


P38 change and plane spotting buff is welcomed Thank You :+1:

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one of the Moscow maps (beloe lake) have the attacker/defender planes spawns swapped, so attacker planes spawn behind the defender and the defenders plane spawns ahind the attakers

Too many dev news recently and this means one thing… The new update is closer than we thought

Additionally, speaking of bayonets, @1942786 Keo are there any plans to implement actual melee interactions?


When will the top Axis fighter be fixed? It has a terrible flight model, it’s twitchy. The cannons do almost no damage.
It’s ridiculous that a p38 on a level 4 is better than a plane that is at level 27 (maybe 26, can’t remember exactly)
The m8 missiles have no dispersion and destroy tanks with a single hit, which makes them completely unbalanced. Killing tanks from them does not require skill

One can say it’s 27 days away…
Since BP will end in a month one can say major update will come around there


I just played two matches and found that there seems to be much more P-47s, combined with P-38 that means german tanks now have a much less average suvival time.

20 seconds instead of 40? Great! It makes so much sense that planes can kill everything without almost anything killing them.


Finally, just why it took literally a year for such an easy bug to be fixed also reported countless times throughout this time often in the comments under news.

Anyway, @1942786 there is similar but less popular bug (reported fewer times than P-38 G-1) with wrong class for aircraft in Moscow campaign.

Bf 110 C-7 in Moscow is considered as an Fighter during battle despite being an Attacker and using Attacker Pilot.

I don’t remember it being fixed so I believe this bug is still there.

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Maybe they could not find what was wrong, or that it was never relagate

They are doing motion capture for this game, but I doubt whether they will go this far in terms of melee, like will there be takedowns at all? This depends on the engine capabilties

Smart and efficient players will not use aircraft for reconnaissance or bombing in the game.

These players will only play the role of artificially guided bombs rushing straight to the target and the enemy will perish.

Only an idiot gamer like ME would insist on reloading bombs over and over again.


Wow. Some of these changes were flying in this forum since a long long long time. But finally it is done. Cool.

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