Making Enlisted a Better Place №15

Shush! It actually helps the axis side a lil bit vs superior tank spam. Moscow axis needs all the help it can get, honestly.

Plus two weeks as a tradition.

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Nice buff to bayonet, but it is nowhere near adressing an actual problem with these weapons.
The problem is, that they have pretty much a range of a knife. I understand that axe have this range, but bayonets and swords should have their range extended (slightly for swords, more for bayonets).
That would open path for more new mechanics and features around them.

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this is a step in the right direction
but we still havent heard any thing about sf riffles u said a while ago you would be looking at them so why no counter to fg42 yet i mean its been over a year now with no counter to it why can germans spam op shit but we cant spam a bar how come you keep adding more op tanks without adding a proper counter to them panther/tiger Normandy hell you wont even give the Americans there full set of bombs and rockets 12 hvars and 2500 lbs of bombs for p47 but the Germans get the super op tiger/panther that completely breaks the balance but we cant use what we actually used

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I have no idea what he is suggesting so I doubt they do either.

Well, that’s really outrageous. And then the jagdpanther didn’t even get in, to easily penetrate the front of the jumbo.

Well, if something didn’t count as rare in the summer of 44, it’s mg34, 42, tiger or panther. The stg is already maybe. Fg42 clearly. But what would you do with it if you had a BAR with 2 magazines in your hand? Max 80 rounds. I don’t think Fg42 is in the right place either. It should be among the lmg, like BAR. And it should be replaced with a weapon that resembles m2 carbine. Let’s say stg. Would that be fairer?

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yea a bit but you should be able to choose an smg stylish weapon or full riffle round like bar or fg42 and Johnson lmg vs fg42 2

Well, then you have the solution. The next level should be Johnson LMG and FG 42-2. And everyone is happy.

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Understandable, though. No one likes losing their advantage. Soviet main players would also cry if the ppsh hit a nerf or would be included in kp-31 moscow. Yet it would be needed instead of mkb.

well im on the fence about captured weapons if you start that then you have to give the other team a captured weapon and it creates resentment if one team gets a better gun than the other

I’m against the captured weapon. I think everyone uses what they or their ally made. I would take the mp-717 from the Germans as well as the Panzerfaust from the Soviets (and even with the Germans I would reduce it to a maximum of 1 per soldier).


same but to bad the devs dont see it this way

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They may see it, but decision-making here is very slow. It was 3 or 4 weeks before something started with the grenade launcher. And the solution was just to set values. There was no need new animation or new weapon. Or you just had to restore the old version and rethink what it should be.
But I’ve said, I no longer see the logic or concept in campaign progression many times. For someone who thinks it’s a good idea to put 20 and then 40 cartridge beretta and 71 cartridge ppsh on the same level, I don’t understand the way I think. Of course, it’s always possible that I’m the only one stupid.

“Fixed an error that caused the P-38G-1 to be considered as an Attacker. Now it uses fighter spawn points.”

A bug that seriously affects the player’s experience. It could be fixed by just modifying a few lines of code, but it took nearly a year. Your work efficiency is really high, hooray!!!


its the same with bar and mg 34
bar has 20 rounds mg34 has 50 but they think this is fair and i dont know why considering how hard the germans cried about avs getting an extra mag to compensate for the fg42 20 round clips when the avs had a 15 round clips which only left 5 rounds more for fg42 but they cried to the point they nerf it cause there biased

lol I never knew it existed despite playing since the start (admittedly, not caring much about Normandy)

It did happen on multiple maps, they had this types of fixes multiple times in the past updates.

It’s something we will probably see again

This is all fantastic

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