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well coldestwinter_ asked me to do a Russian Guns so here we are but before that

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So let’s start BTW researching Russian guns made my head hurt so I found a gun cool now what next oh wait text mentions an other gun ok let’s check it out oh this gun description also mentions another gun and this cycle continues and so far I have to find a wall


If this gun looks similar it’s because it is. Its grandfather of SKS.
At the end of 1940-beginning of 1941 in the USSR, four samples of self-loading carbines were simultaneously ready for testing:

  • Tokarev TKB-65 designs;
  • designs of plant No. 74;
  • designs of EPB plant No. 314;
  • SVS-53 of Simonov
    The SVS-53 carbine passed field tests in October 1940. Based on their results, the test site came to the conclusion that in various operating conditions, the carbine showed unsatisfactory results, had several breakdowns of minor parts, and needed improvement. However, its design was recognized as the most promising, and the test site recommended developing a new model based on the SVS-53 to finally resolve the issues of the design. The improved designs were SKS-31 & 30
    (SVS-53 is chambered for 7.62 mm carriage)
About SKS-30

SKS-30 was just a ten-round version of SKS-31 and was reloaded from under the gun while SKS-31 was reloaded from the top of the gun also SKS-30 had to use a special stripper clip(?)

Also, Simonov had 2 experimental rifle that I couldn’t find more info about it but gonna leave a picture
AKS-36-P41 ( АКС-36-П41) and AKS-M3-44 chambered for 7.62x54R

BTW the gun on top of the AKS-M3-44 is named SKS-41(it is SKS-31 apparently soviets used the year of manufacturing for designation while Simonov used 31 I could be wrong TBH )

Experimental rifle model 1933(Simonov)

The first project of an automatic rifle was created by Simonov at the beginning of 1926. Its mechanism worked on the principle of removing powder gases. The rifle turned out to be quite simple in design, but, despite the reliable interaction of the mechanisms, it had a number of significant drawbacks, such as poor layout, poor balance of the weapon, low accuracy, sensitivity to dust and dirt, poor performance, a very wide forend (due to the placement gas system on the right side of the rifle

Simonov’s attempts in 1928, 1930 and 1931 were also unsuccessful. present improved models of automatic rifles. Each time there were design flaws that caused delays during firing and breakdowns of the automation. The disadvantages were also due to the low survivability of some parts, a short sighting line, low shooting accuracy, significant weight and insufficient reliability.

And only a rifle mod. 1933 successfully passed field tests and was recommended for transfer to the army for military trials.

Let’s go to a simple gun next

Paratrooper version of AVS-36

Well, this is one of the two maybe 3 simple guns that I have today. A paratrooper version of AVS-36 with DT stock (foldable ) a pistol grip and a shortened barrel

Carbine AKPS-34-41

In 1941 Carbines chambered for a pistol cartridge (pistol carbines) from leading Soviet designers and design teams were tested. Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov developed two automatic carbines as part of the competition. Carbine AKPS-34-41g. used the automatic operation of electric power rollback, with a mainspring compartment. The weapon’s detachable magazine held 10 rounds. The mass of the carbine weighs 2.94 kg, length - 900 mm. ( 7.62x25 TT)

Man I have a lot of Simonov weapons but gonna end the Simonov streak here but lets stay on pistol carbines all of them are chambered for 7.62x25 TT ammo



Nothing special here just Bulkin’s entry for the Pistole carbine competition 10 rounds and the small one is 8 rounds BTW all of these are semi-auto at least no mention of automatic fire in none of them

Side note KB-P-135 was part of this competition for pistol carbine

Mayn Experimental Carbine


Three self-loading carbines of Main’s design with a semi-blowback action were presented for field testing. In the first, the braking of the shutter was carried out according to the Reising scheme, in the other two - by rotating the front part of the shutter relative to the rear part, which was unable to rotate. The carbine magazines were detachable, but could also be loaded from clips. The length of the carbines was 905 mm, weight - from 2.95 to 3.15 kg.
It was fed by 20- and 30-round box magazines.

Rukavishnikov submachine gun(1942)

This gun competed to replace PPSH.41 but all of us know who won (PPS 42 did)

it is stored in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering Troops and Signal Corps of the city of St. Petersburg. It has a rounded receiver with a forward sliding shoulder rest. The magazine is also placed in the control handle. Noteworthy is the absence of a fore-end or holding handle for the second hand. This role was apparently performed by the shoulder rest when folded.
the Rukavishnikov submachine gun did not receive a positive assessment and remained at the level of the experimental version. It was also noted to be sensitive to dirt that got between the bolt and barrel, causing delays.
before I go further Rukavishnikov made a Carbine for 7.62 cartilage couldn’t find more information but I have a picture

Rukavishnikov self-loading rifle mod. 1938


an experimental rifle, developed specifically for the 1938 competition for a new self-loading rifle for the Red Army , where it competed with Simonov and Tokarev rifles .

The design of Rukavishnikov’s system had original technical solutions:

  • the barrel bore is locked by tilting the bolt to the left;
  • striker-type firing mechanism;
  • the hammer spring is placed in a tube entering the butt;
  • detachable magazine for 10 rounds;
  • There is a muzzle brake on the barrel;
  • a bracket for an optical sight is mounted on the left side of the receiver;
  • the reloading handle is made separately from the bolt and remains motionless when firing;
  • the short butt is equipped with a folding shoulder pad and a barrel guard;
  • The barrel is covered by an air shroud.

However, all these features did not allow it to show superiority during the tests, and the Tokarev system rifle won the competition, and the only sample of the Rukavishnikov rifle mod. 1938 is a prototype version and is stored in the KSTA named after. Degtyareva.
Awfully looks like ZH.

Also there is a sniper variant based on this design it has no scope instead has 2 lens

Rukavishnikov anti-tank rifle

It was expected that Rukavishnikov’s PTR would be able to penetrate up to 30 mm of armor (at an angle of 90 degrees) from 100 meters and at a distance of 400 meters - up to 22 mm.

The weapon was self-loading (chambered 14.5x114) and quite bulky - weight 24 kg with a total length of 1775 mm.

One last gun

Kolesnikov submachine gun (1931)

The Kolesnikov system submachine gun is a type of automatic weapon with a fixed barrel and a semi-free bolt (with braking when opening). The bolt that rolls back after firing is slowed down using the rotating bolt cylinder. The rate of fire retarder, using the vertical movement of the inertial body, slows down the firing pin as the bolt rolls up. On the left side of the submachine gun there is a flag-type safety switch. The cartridges are fed from a double-row sector-type box magazine with a capacity of 25 cartridges, . There is no casing to protect the shooter from burns from the heated barrel.

I hope you enjoyed sry if it was small I had a lot of guns that wanted to include but I got lazy


loved it , they should add it in br 4

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ohh, very interesting and curious desing


Also a Gorov paratrooper variant; would work for event VDV in some far future


How did we not get this with our event Soviet paratroopers???



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Simply, customizable VDV is much preferable to AVS36 VDV thats stuck in tier 5

Why didn’t they do that for the other Paratroopers then?

What does this mean?

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Russian airborne force( Vozdushno-desantnye voyska)


Honestly, I think they just wanted to get something out quickly so they could say they did. This would have been a lot nicer, and I hope they reconsider in the future for at least the paid squad.


Ah, I see now.

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While id like to see these rifles, the current flexibility of both premium and F2p is unmached.

Its BR 2,3,5 squads each. Basically a Soviet player who has both has functionally 6 vdv teams for all tiers.
So its a huge boon for RedFor; however having a para AVS or Para Gorov in another future squad would be very welcome; after all USA has 4 para squads, we should deff release these periodically so f2p players can get them (if theyre not going into the research tree).


While I like the soviet paras, the mechanic of being able to choose your weapon should have been saved for tech tree paratroopers. Premium paras should have unique weapons.


I want to see those sweet weapons above like the rest of you, but there also was something increadibly sweet about a dual VDV lineup in BR2 & 5 over this winter; chasing Axis sweats away into the pacific campaign :joy: :man_shrugging:

Cant roll back time, but I would like to see these 4 event paras per year for all the nations just to keep the flavor fresh IF/and theyre not doing a research tree variant.

That gun is my personal favorite from this list. It would be such a unique gun for the soviet faction :slight_smile:


Make this thing a pistol slot PDW :pray: