Some Italian weapons

Here is all the things I could find for italy

Cie riggotti

this is from the British museum with 20 rounds also British army was testing this weapon for adoption

The Cei-Rigotti also known as the Cei gas rifle is an early selective-fire rifle created in the final years of the 19th century by Amerigo Cei-Rigotti, an officer in the Royal Italian Army. Although the rifle was never officially adopted by any military, it was tested extensively by the Italian Army during the lead-up to the First World War.
Also, this weapon had magazine sizes of 6, 10,20,25, and 30 with supposedly a 50 drum also the fact is magazine is fixed which means you have to load it with strip clips.

M28 rifle with granade luncher

This weapon was supposedly given to special Italian units

Scotti Om42


A prototype machine gun made by Scotti in the middle of the Second World War. Sublime execution and power to spare, thanks to the caliber chosen, but inspiring concepts dating back ten years earlier. Above all, it is unrealistic to offer a gun made entirely from solid material in the era of pressed sheet metal

Armaguerra OG 44


with stuck and without which one the devs choose The OG guns fed from standard Beretta magazines, usually containing 25, 30, or 40 rounds. For all variations of the OG design, the entire body was constructed from stamped sheet metal components to cut down the production costs, and the barrel housing was perforated with cooling holes. The OG-42 was fitted with an over-folding stock, similar to that of the German MP 40, and also made use of a hinged wooden fore-grip attachment near the muzzle. This feature was dropped in the OG-44.

Variara submachine gun


The Variara was produced covertly in Biella for use by left-wing Italian partisans, who were engaged in a guerrilla war against both Mussolini’s government and the German occupying forces. Production began in 1943 and lasted until the end of the war in 1945. It is not known exactly how many of these weapons were made during that time, and few still exist today.

Ortolani submachine gun

The Ortolani is a submachine gun feeding from 40-round detachable box magazines. It is notable for being the first submachine gun to use a roller-delayed blowback action

Isotta Fraschini Mod. Albertini


The Modello Albertini was an Italian submachine gun produced during World War II by Isotta Fraschini

The weapon accepts 25- or 32-round MP 38 and 40 magazines and has an underfolding wireframe shoulder stock. A selector switch is located at the right side of the weapon, allowing the weapon to switch between semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire

60mm Lanciabombe

The Italian 60mm Lanciabombe was an experimental design for an infantry portable, shoulder-fired anti-tank gun. The weapon was based on a bolt-action rifle. When fired, a blank cartridge in the breach would propel the shaped-charge bomblet out of the barrel. It was able to penetrate up to 70mm of armor.

The project was worked on between 1943 and 1945, but only one prototype was ever built.

Terni M91 Carcano Semiauto

Pavesi Prototype SVT Copy

Beretta Model 1931 & 1937 Experimental Semiauto Rifles



A mab 38 with bayonet different composer and different recoil pattern

Armaguerra Mod. 35


The Armaguerra Mod. 35 was a blowback-operated submachine gun. It had no select-fire capability and fired exclusively in full-auto. The weapon feeds from detachable box magazines feeding from a magazine well located on the right of the weapon.

MBT 1925


Despite appearing like some sort of self-loading rifle, the MBT 1925 is actually a straight-pull bolt action rifle. The rifle’s bolt is notably quite complex, with an added safety feature that rotates the locking lugs when the firing pin is extended to prevent the rifle from firing out of battery

Terni Model 1921

The Moschetto Automatico Per Fanteria Tipo Terni Modello 1921 (lit. “Automatic Musket for Infantry, Type Terni, Model 1921” ), also known as the Terni Model 1921 or the MAF 1921 , was an Italian prototype automatic rifle that was produced by Fabbrica d’Armi Terni.

The Terni Mod.21 was a recoil-operated automatic rifle built around the Carcano M.91. It featured a selective-fire function and fed from horizontally staggered clips in a feed mechanism derived from the FIAT-Revelli M1914 machine gun. Prototypes were also made that fed from a detachable box magazine.

Scotti Naval rifle


The Scotti Naval Model was developed in the early 1930s. It was proposed to the Italian Navy as a potential anti-aircraft weapon for sailors, specifically for targeting low-flying planes that posed a threat to patrol boats. After undergoing brief evaluation, the Scotti Naval rifle was not adopted and development of the weapon ceased. Only a few prototypes were made.


Italians need to be more useful not dead weight so we need to give them more effective weapons.


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It is time for an Italian sub-faction. These weapons are too wonderful not to ignore.

And with all these folding stocks, it is time to implement the ability to fold and unfold foldable stocks.

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The svt 40 copycat is in the mod editor

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Scotti anti tank rifle as an another suggestion


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