A very small western allies weapon suggestion

Its just a small suggestion dont expect a lot of stuff Im not feeling like doing a long list maybe only 5 or 7 guns we’ll see also gonna keep history short

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I’ve noticed over 2 suggestions for soviet weapons that simple modifications catch the player base eyes so lets start with a simple modification of a gun

De Lisle Commando carbine with foldable stock and pistol grip


Sten MK 1


The first STEN, STEN Mk.I (full official name was 9mm STEN Machine Carbine, Mark 1 ), was developed in mid-1941. It was blowback operated, automatic weapon that fired from the open bolt. Trigger unit permitted for sigle shots and full automatic fire, controlled by the cross-bolt type button, located in front and above trigger. The tubular receiver and the barrel shroud were made from rolled steel. The gun was fed from left side mounted box magazines. The stock was of skeleton type, made from steel. Sights were fixed, pre-adjusted for 100 yards distance, peep hole rear and blade front. The Mk.1 featured spoon-like muzzle compensator. Some guns featured small folding forward grip. Total production of Mark 1 and slightly modified Mark 1* STEN machine guns was about 100 000.
(The front grip can be folded as shown)

2 Modification for Sten MK 2

An early model of sten MK 2 with wooden stock instead of wire stock(It’s a SMLE pattern stock)

And a sten MK2 which has a pistol grip but no stock

Martini-Henry Mk II Artillery Carbine

Artillery carbine version of Martini Henry infantry rifle of 1871. MkII artillery carbines were simply infantry rifles cut down to the shorter barrel length

Lewis MG converted to fire using Bren mag


This was a modified Lewis gun developed by the now-forgotten British manufacturer Soley Armaments. These Lewis gun prototypes, feeding from Bren magazines, were tested by the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1940. The BEF was desperately looking for an emergency stand-in for a submachine gun, of which they had none. The other guns tested were the Thompson, Hyde, Suomi, S1-100, and the RSC, Johnson, and ZH-29 rifles converted to full-auto. The Thompson was ultimately selected.

Austen MK 1 with a suppressor

The SOE suppressor was fitted to a small number of Austen submachine guns,Presumably this was intended for use special operations use in the Pacific. However, it seems there was never a great demand or requirement for it - the Austen was already an unpopular gun and Australian troops much preferred the Owen.(Also if you look close you can see that sling goes through the suppressor)

Johnston D-1918

(Air cooled version)
The Johnston Model D1918 was a light machine gun It is a rare and little-known weapon with scant information available on it. It is best known for its resemblance to the Lewis Gun, having a similar gas-operated action and a barrel surrounded by a cooling shroud.

The weapon was chambered for the 30-06 round, fed from double drum magazines.

Supressed M1 carbine

Based on standard receivers built by General Motors’ Inland Division, the carbines had a shortened 10- or 11-inch barrel rather than the normal 18-inch barrel.

The weapon included a 13- or 17-inch-long suppressor that screwed onto the receiver. The carbine weighed approximately 1.75 pounds more than the standard, unsuppressed M1.
The design had a ported barrel with seven, .125-inch-diameter holes enclosed by the suppressor, which itself contained 10 metal back-baffles that surrounded the barrel.

The suppressor had a small expansion chamber in front of the muzzle, followed by 11 cone-baffles at the front of the suppressor housing.

In order to further mitigate the carbine’s report, the weapon boasted a specialized, subsonic 30-caliber cartridge As a result, the shooter had to manually cycle the suppressed M1 after each shot, unlike with the standard carbine.

2 more guns and Im done one pistol and one rifle

Grebey automatic pistol


The pistol was designed by George F. Grebey, an engineer who worked for Winchester, and before working on this, he worked on the engineering and manufacture of the M1 Carbine. The pistol was made to hopefully secure a contract from the Government for paratroopers to use this pistol. This pistol ultimately went nowhere as it was never adopted; one known sample is known to exist today.

The pistol used a system similar to the M1 Carbine, and even takes the M1’s magazines. The charging handle is located on the left hand side of the weapon.(Semi-auto / 15 round M1 carbine mag)

Bommarito rifle

The Bommarito was one of the prototype self-loading rifles presented to the US Ordnance Department during the early 1900s. It was chambered for the standard .30-06 cartridge, fed from 20-round detachable box magazines, and was invented by a man named Giuseppe Bommarito. On April 5th, 1918 the War Department allocated $2500 for its development, followed by an additional $2000 on September 28th, 1918. The investment didn’t produce a useful result, as the results of extensive testing were “unfavorable”.

The design used a short-recoil toggle lock similar to the Luger, with a recoil distance of 1.25 inches. This is a bit unusual – much longer than most short recoil designs, but not long enough to be a long-recoil system (which requires the locked recoil distance to be equal to or greater than the length of the cartridge). Because of this long recoil distance of the barrel and the size of the toggle lock arms, it was found to be a very awkward weapon to use, and liable to injure shooters’ fingers during handling.

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