Some more weapons for Axis

So I did post some days ago suggesting weapons for Axis now I have found more stuff if you didn’t check my last post here is the link

Bulgarian Mannlicher 1888/90 self-loading conversion


According to a Bulgarian report from 1918,there were 1200 M88 rifles converted to semi-autos.
After WWI all of the existing semi-auto rifles were supposed to be destroyed following the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine.(20 round mag)


Designed by Karl Heinemann in the mid-1920s for Rheinmetall, the Rh.28 and Rh.29 Selbstlade Gewehre (self-loading rifles) were manufactured in Solothurn, Switzerland. This was due to restrictions placed on German arms manufacture following World War One.
Heinemann’s rifle utilised the Bang system, a gas system which uses muzzle gases captured by a muzzle device to actuate the weapon’s action, developed by Søren Hansen Bang .The rifle fed from the left via side-loading box magazines holding 5 or 10 rounds. Examples chambered in both US .276 Pedersen (for the 1929 trials) and German 7.92x57mm survive. The rifle was extremely complex and had 144 individual parts

Mannlicher 1901/04 Carbine

One of Ferdinand von Mannlicher’s very last firearms was an experimental 1901/04 carbine, scaled up from its original pistol cartridge to a new 7.63x32mm intermediate-sized cartridge.(Semi-auto)

Mauser 1902 Prototype Long Recoil Rifle


Paul Mauser was very persistent – if ultimately unsuccessful – in his long-tim goal to create a practical semiautomatic rifle using a full-power cartridge. In total he tried some 17 different designs, including one in 1901 which suffered a burst casing during test firing and cost him an eye.

This particular rifle came just shortly thereafter, and uses a quite strong and safe long recoil action coupled with a 2-lug rotating bolt. Long recoil designs are fairly unusual in firearms, and this one has an interesting feature of a bolt handle which disconnects the barrel recoil spring when used (rather like Mauser’s Gewehr 41(M) rifle, in fact).

Holek Automat

The Holek Automat was a semiautomatic sporting rifle designed by Emmanuel Holek. Emmanuel was also the designer of the ZH-29 rifle.

Mauser Selbstlader M1916

An early German semi-automatic rifle, based on the mechanisms of the experimental Mauser Model 1906/08 pistol. A rare weapon, it was adopted in limited numbers by the Imperial German Army during the First World War. It was officially designated Selbstlader-Karabiner Mauser M 1916 by the Ballon-und-Zeppelin-Truppe, and Fliegerkarabiner 15 by the German Air Force.

Steyr Model 1911 Semiautomatic


In 1909, the Austro-Hungarian Empire announced a desire to find a new semiautomatic military rifle, and requested proposals from arms manufacturers. Six rifles were submitted to the resulting trials in 1911, including this model from Steyr chambered for the 7x57mm Mauser cartridge. It uses a two-lug rotating bolt and a short stroke annular gas piston system very similar to the German Gewehr 41 of three decades later. It also featured an unusual rotating dust cover, which was automatically opens and closed by the cycling bolt.

The trials resulted in no rifle being deemed suitable, and further development was interrupted by the First World War. In the after math of the testing, Steyr did release a civilian pattern version of the rifle in 6.5mm Mannlicher but did not garner significant sales. Total production is not known, but was very small.



The MP44 was designed in late World War II by SIG.
The MP44 was essentially a cheaper version of the MKMO, omitting features deemed inessential. Initially the gun could not be sold for export in accordance with Switzerland’s wartime neutrality wars, but even after the war ended in 1945, the MP44 struggled to attract international sales



When World War II broke out, Switzerland, while officially neutral in the conflict, was faced with the threat of potential invasion by Germany. The Kriegs Technisch Amt, the Swiss government body for war preparations, sent out an ordnance survey in May 1940; upon reviewing the results, they found that the Swiss Army had less than 500 submachine guns at their disposal. The KTA therefore commissioned the two largest small arms manufacturers in the country, SIG and W+F Bern, to produce new submachine gun prototypes for the Army.

SIG developed the MP41 in response to this commission.


The VSK (Volkssturmkarabiner ) was a German prototype self-loading carbine produced by Hessische Industrie Werke. It was intended as a Volkssturm weapon and used blow forward operation.


The Volkspistole is a series of last-ditch German pistol designs.

Mauser HSc

MKb-42(G) or Gustloff model 206 and 208


German arms development during World War II was quite the chaotic mess, in many ways. This Gustloff rifle program was initialed after a June 1942 meeting at which Hitler authorized continued development of the Maschinen Karabiner concept on the condition that it was done with the 8x57mm cartridge. Of course, this was doomed to failure, because the concept required easily controllable fully automatic fire from the shoulder, which was simply not possible with 8x57mm. However, the program to develop a stamped, select-fire MKb was contracted to the Gustloff firm anyway.

Two versions of the weapon were made by Gustloff, refered to by the company as the model 206 (semiauto only) and 208 (selective fire). they were largely sheet metal rifles with a gas piston operating systems and an unusual vertically traveling locking block,

Stendebach Model 1936

Sturmgewehr 45 (H)

The St.G. 45 (H) is based on the St.G. 44 with many changes to simplify the weapon for mass production. The entire chassis is sheet metal, with a simplified pistol grip and stock. The handguard was redesigned, but information regarding its design has not been found.

The gas-operated system was similar to that of the St.G. 44 although inverted and with the gas piston and bolt carrying system located beneath the barrel. The direct-release firing system from the M.Kb. 42 (H) was used, along with its fire selector.

Maschinenkarabiner Gerät 06


The Maschinenkarabiner Gerät 06 , abbreviated as M.Kb. Gerät 06 , is a German prototype assault rifle developed in 1944. The weapon would be further developed into the M.Kb. Gerät 06H - the Sturmgewehr 45 (M)

Steyr M1912


The Steyr Model 1912 is an Austro-Hungarian semi-automatic pistol.

Bergmann Simplex

Theodore Bergmann developed his 1896 model into the Bergmann simplex, using the ideas from the mars pistol. Chambered for a specially developed 8x18mm (.314in) round, the Bergmann simplex was manufactured under licence in Belgium.

Let me know if you liked it and also if you guys want I can do one for allies as well


Some interesting guns I haven’t heard of; :+1:
it would be cool if you could do the same for the USA/Western allies; they could use a bigger selection of guns.

Two guns I would like to be added to Germany are the Gewehr 98 without scope and the Karabiner 98 az, which is a cavalry version of the Gewehr 98.


Sure I can do one for western allies in fact I have around 30 or so weapons to suggest right now if everything goes well expect that to be on furom tomorrow

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I think the recoil, if added, for the MKB 42 G should be similar to the AVT, as they are both select fire full size cartridge firearms


The Axis already had enough variety of weapons that the Allies desperately needed to include something that could compete with the fg422 as well as the stg. The Thompson and the iron sights of the m2 are arguably the hardest to use in the game.

Made a post what each nation needs you can check it I give allies some STG counters also M2 carbine is more than enough for FG42-2 anyways Im gonna make a new post about weapons for allies in the evening and Imma include all the stuff in that post so if you want you can wait for that post

Great work

Allies fo have M2 Carbine and AVT-40, both great guns. As someone who owns them all, I must say that AVT-40 is best at range while M2 Carbine is basically an AR, FG42 is in between as jack of all trades, master of none.
Its mostly up to your preferences and skills, but IMO AVT-40 is the best especially since USSR has many weapons for CQC role.

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I do like the semis and pistols

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Same here i like semis and some of the pistols