Faction Subtree Mechanic Proposal

I do love me some subfactions! Now do Romania and Hungary :smiley:


To my knowledge the Free French forces and the Japanese did not face each other in battle in the pacific during WW2, unlike the dutch for example. If there was I retract my statement, but my point being, there should be a hard-lock on the uniforms when fighting with the wrong sub-faction on a map where they did not fight.


They had a brief battle in Vietnam. Nothing substantial though.

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Vichy is not free France, is it? Vichy would be subfaction to Germany.


True, vichy and free france were different. I’m not sure if they should be separated because from what I understand their equipment would be identical. Neither subtree would have to rely on copy-pasted stuff due to them supplementing the main tree.

Luckily I don’t think the selection of future premium and event weapons would be degraded at all by subtrees. For example:

There are still a ton of US trial weaponry that could be explored:

1919-31 experimental rifles
Us light rifles/carbins
Rare American SMGs of WW2
America’s Prototype - and more (Make shotguns a viable weapon)

The French had a lot of trial weaponry that was produced right before the war. They also had plenty of tanks:

New Weapon Suggestions - France
Some French weapons

Finland had some interesting rare weapons of their own, but that could easily be supplemented by unique weapons from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden that may have been donated or used by volunteers during the winter war:

New Weapon Suggestions - Finland/Romania
New Weapon Suggestions - Denmark/Norway

The British commonwealth can still draw from the various field modifications and unique weaponry of their colonies, on top of all the other stuff they developed. If need be the British and Australians could share the same tree. Not to mention all the British tanks that could still be added:

New Weapon Suggestions - Commonwealth

Australia and New Zealand, due to their distance from the UK main islands had to develop a lot of their own weaponry, which is slowly being added as premiums and event stuff anyway:

Some weapons for western allies
Commonwealth of Australia (WW2) - Tank Encyclopedia

Germany still has plenty of unique modifications of captured vehicles and last-ditch weapons that have not been added:

Some more Axis weapon (Part#2)
Some more weapons for Axis

Italy has plenty of tanks and trial weaponry to look at:

Some Italian weapons
Kingdom of Italy (WW2) - Tank Encyclopedia

I think Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria could be combined into the same subtree due to the massive lack of equipment from both Romania and Bulgaria. But that doesn't mean they don't have anything that could be a premium:

New Weapon Suggestions - Hungary
Interesting Bulgarian Weapons
New Weapon Suggestions - Finland/Romania


It’d make more sense if Free France was added rather than Vichy France as the latter played a rather insignificant role, and was later assimilated by Germany, in WW2.

As for GO weapons there’s plenty to go around and should not be an argument against this proposal nor should premium squads, which is an even easier issue to solve. They can use the same equipment but have a unique customization (which I’m not a fan of) and an added research bonus, as they already have, or go with the parkerization route.


I fully support faction subtrees. How would buying soldiers work? I presume you would be able to choose their nationality to any of the added nations.

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Yes, being able to choose soldier nationality when buy soldiers would be important.


So are these sub factions kept separate or does this only apply when playing exclusively a sub faction?

The nation trees would need to remain simplified - Germany & Axis troops, US & potentially all US equipped minor nation factions like the French in late '44 and then Britain & Commonwealth troops.
Soviets and Japanese remain unchanged, unless you wanted to split these into politically aligned national factions that fought on the side main countries as well, but those would be better off as just premium squads, like the Bedouins ??? Why do these even exist ?

EDIT: They should have added a French Foreign Legion or Vichy French squad, as well to fight them…

The best thing I can suggest is playing: US during the night, EU/RU during the day (If you’re in Europe.) Switch it around if your in the US.

It may be possible to do a Thailand/Siam subtree for Japan, they had a little bit of unique equipment. I don’t think Japan would get a subtree for their puppet governments in China for the same reason that it is unlikely to get a Chinese faction.

I don’t think anything would need to change for the soviets, it is possible that they would get polish and czechslovakian subtrees. As there were considerable polish and czechslovak forces fighting for the soviet army after the falls of each country, but this is also true for the western allies.

In terms of dividing the Soviet tech tree into different internal factions within the soviet armed forces, I am not suggesting that.

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I agree, I think you can just add Polish, Czech and arguably Yugoslavian premium squads of both infantry and armour to the Soviet tree.

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I watched a doco yesterday, Merrill’s marauders,
China thread was closed so i couldn’t add, that i would like to see a Burma map, then we could of had China, and US V’s Japan in Burma, in the CBI theater.

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I highly suggest just checking online the times in the US/EU

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Question: How would this be researched? like would it be 1 weapon per faction or would it be all factions researching their respective weapons all at once?

What would make more sense is keeping the same system that you can only research one thing at a time but you can now choose between faction/subfactions. Example: You can be fighting with one preset with italian, hungarian and german squads while researching the KP-31 on the finnish tree.

What would be shared among the factions on a main tree would be the accumulated research points, meaning that the excess of points that you accumulate after completing the research of an item, as it happens already, would be at your disposal to use on whichever item of whichever faction (within the same main tree) that you wish. Example: If you only had 4 RP left on the research of the Pz III J and you made 2000 RP at the end of the match, you could use the remaining 1996 RP on the Kiraly of the hungarian faction.

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