Gustloff MKb-42 (G), Stalingrad Mkb ALTERNATIVE

The MKb-42, the early Stumgewehr, has been removed from Stalingrad Engineers. This has been very controversial with tons of debating, but I would say it is a good change.

The MKb-42 is an ASSAULT rifle, therefore it should only be available to Assaulters. It is better that weapons keep their distinct classes.

The reason why the Engineers got the MKb was to balance it against the Soviet AVT. However, the AVT is a Battle/Automatic rifle, like the FG-42. A battle rifle is a select fire rifle firing a full powered round, while an assault rifle fires an intermediary round. Now we have been debating what class should have the Battle/auto rifles, but all we can say is for now as of now they are a universal rifle weapon for various classes like Rifleman, Engineer, AT, etc

In the later stages of the war we are all used to the FG-42, but there have been contested arguments about the early Germans not having an equivalent weapon. I personally think there is nothing wrong with asymmetrical balance, however I think a reasonable alternative would be to give the Germans an early Battle/Automatic Rifle so they have an equivalent

So I would propose giving everyone for free the MKb-42 (G) Model 208. The project had two variants, the 206 which was semi-automatic, and the 208 was select fire. It was a prototype Battle Rifle developed in competition with the early Sturmgewehrs MKb-42 (H) and (W). I think it would be a good alternative and would give the people upset over a change a comparable equivalent


If they allow us to choose our own default select fire. It really doesnt matter.

Its a point of consistency i always didnt like, some start on single fire. Some start on auto…