An outcry for custom matches improvements ( you better upvote this suggestion )

Small paragraph for the community

i’ll start by saying that customs have been quite abandonded by some time, and even if you are one of those players who simply do not care nor plays customs, please, do us a favor to those who actually tries to play them and just upvote this suggestion.

you can go about your day.
( begging for likes ehy? yes. at this point… )

which, yes, no one plays customs anymore. but that’s beside the point. i don’t blain people for not playing it. because customs have remained untouched since the xp cap.

Suggestion it self ( aka repost )

greetings community and developers, today i try once again to draw attention to custom games, and the so much needed improvements in order to bring more attention to custom games, and aid better mods in certain aspects.

so, without wasting further anyone else time, i’ll go with a list of features, changes and improvements needed in order to make custom games better and more accessible / customizable for everyone:


  • Reintroduce the ability to modify on the fly custom matches settings ( such as maps )
    otherwise people have to leave and rejoin each time. ( although, if i have to speculate why that’s not the case anymore, it’s because it caused that famous issue of restarting the timer each time, isn’t it ? )

  • Reintroduce 20 bots back in the bots selector like it used to in the first days of customs for squad

  • ability to view your inventory and squad interface while waiting in the lobby.
    as i cannot change weapons nor redeem my bp tasks :confused:

  • let the players inside groups decide which faction to play inside custom matches
    this one, a bit annoys me. currently, the members of a group cannot decide the faction to play with if the are in group. they are currently " forced " to play with the Leader’s Group faction.
    ( example, i want to play soviets, while my squad leader is an american, i can’t. the game forces me to play as american and does not allow me to select faction indipendenly ).

  • ability to give a Name to Matches
    this, is useful for the players to give a name to their matches more faster. he can set a name or description that roughly describe his playlist or type of game. ( above all, this would work with the changes that i will list below )

  • search bar filter
    ( self explanatory. useful to use keywords to make the research more easier if for example, you are looking for a specific server by name or nickname of the user ).
    the second Function of this, would be to create historical matches " just for fun ". example, 4 players on the german side against 8 russian AIs on berlin, or make custom matches with friends ( a few newbies against on vet player and stuff like that ) or even community games.
    ( P.S. no, the berlin 8v4 it’s not meant for farming. but we’ll get to exp cap that quadro suggested later to counter bot farming)

  • De/Selectable options to make squad balanced.
    the reason of the option above, is because i cannot play with friends against bots or make those " historical accurate " matches. i cannot start the match if there are 2 members or more in one side.
    so, if the leader wants, he should be able to select or deselect the option.

  • Ability to Select how many players, and bots are present in the match per squad. ( LOCK SLOTS )
    this one, it’s fundamental for people that are content creator, guide creators ( such as my self ) anbd works best with the previous point. to be able to make the match empty, and be able to catch footage without any interruption from players nor bots. this is not possible to do in the current state. which footage might not be that important ( although it is for me ) still helps the guide creators and help the community with knowledge.
    so essentially, the leader will be able to select how many players can join one team, and lock for example team 2 from anyone joining. or, only close some slots.
    this would allow for historical games ( for example, berlin german forces against a greater number of russians ) and what not. and once again, as someone who creates PVES with mods, i have no way to close team 2 from people joining.

  • Ability to make map rotation, and select more than one modded map
    ( suggested by @Devenddar )

  • ability to select number of players per match
    for eample, make 5v5s, 8v8s both for customs and lone fighter. to create smaller matches.
    ( by @Hiske )

  • public lobby chat
    this one is minor in my opinion, but it would be nice to have one if you are playing with randoms that does not have mics. plus if they have a request and the admin of the lobby is willing to change, it would please anyone, i guess it could work. after all, communication doesn’t hurt.
    ( not all chat when playing. just in the lobby for again… communication )

  • Reduce the votes needed to kick someone to at least 6/7/8 players
    we had planty of occasions when someone tk on purpose before being able to kick that said person, we had to wait for the game to kick the person in question because not even 13 votes were enough to kick a player.

  • Reduce Level Needed for newer players to entry to custom matches
    as it would benefit them to enter the game against bots and get the feeling of the game for a bit.

and last but not least;

  • introduce like crossout, an xp value cap per day.
    so for example,
    you cannot gain more than 30k per day if you play alone against bots
    ( would help newer players )
    cannot gain up to 35k daily if you play with at least 1 human opponents
    and so on. just to struk a balance between the base gamemode and custom games.
    yet, to also allow newer players to gain some experience and equipment while playing the game ( without all the possible seal clubbers that the merge will bring, or as right now, facing players with latter gears.

( up to developer discretion. doesn’t have to be what has been suggested above. but not what it currently is either… )

In Conclusion

so yeah, that’s all from me, if you, or any member of the community feels like i missed something, let me know.
and i’ll might include it.

but the reason why i made this suggestion, i won’t lie it’s for both wanting to improve custom matches to everyone, but for my own reasons about PVE mods.

because i’m so frustrated that i have 3 mods ready, but i cannot let players play because of team balancer limitation. and i have no ability to lock teams from players joining.

because currently, players, in order to join my PVES need to have an equal number off players on both teams.
but this is far from being ideal. because lone fighters are 25vs25.

and i’d need 50 players just for being able to let the first 25 play.
let alone the fact that in order to prevent people from interfering with the first team, i had to put bots on team 3. so that players on team 2 wouldn’t interefere with team 1 that will actually play the map.

needless to say, that if i do that, team 2 would effectively do nothing and stare at the screen without doing anything because they do not have the spawn setted.

so… if i could lock team 2, i’d be let players able to join team 1 and be able to actually play the pve.


i think i have an additional point, but it’s more for mods:

  • Allow leaders to apply gamemode type onto teams
    for example, team A will be made of Lone fighter players, and team B will be made of squad players.
    i think it would be really cool. although, i can’t really see this working outside for PVEs ( which it’s why i’m mentioning it ) where for example, players in team one of lone fighter, will face greater forces of bots on team 2 that will use squads. to have more soldiers for players to kill. after all, customs are about having fun, and expericing new stuff… but right now, there isn’t alot of opportunity for that. ( inspired on @2455477 comment on another thread )

  • Ability to reintroduce old mechanics as modifiers parameters
    for example, Bolt action jam animation, Concussion from explosion for both enemies and allies from stalingrad, heavy weapons drain stamina mechanic from stalingrad, and all those type of realistic features that got taken away.


Also, add possibility, to create smaller matches -I like to play lone fighters 6x6, but it quickly becomes no brain chaos 25X25.


but you can do that already by selecting the number of players.

actually, you can’t.
( i mean, you can, but only through mods )

good catch.

i’ll add it

EDIT. it has been added.

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All good stuff but also would be nice is some custom maps or custom game modes were put out in the public rotation instead of just being locked in custom games.

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could you elaborate a bit on that

If I remember correctly some custom maps were put out into public rotation in Halo when the community upvoted it enough.

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devs claimed that during events, the best mods will be used as event.

not sure about rotation though…

Yes that’s true but I’m talking about putting it into the public rotation for all game modes instead of just playing conquest back-to-back or invasion or destruction or confrontation.

Excellent suggestions.
All this would greatly improve the quality of life of players and also make playing custom games far more enjoyable.

If I may add my voice here, I would like to see settings for weapons and squads for maximum historical accuracy, so for example FG42 can only be used by FallschirmJäger squads, no time travel weapons (like Federov, Mkb42, M2 Carbine) no experimental guns such as AS-44.
Possibility to balance squads asymmetrically for example in Normandy US soldier can all equip Garand while Germans have less SA rifles but have access to FG42 for FallschirmJäger squads.


Let’s not forget that in July KEO @1942786 had said it would be in deep communication with editor authors to fully solicit and explore suggestions. Now it’s Septembe

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mh… i’m not sure.

not to discredit my fellow modders, but i haven’t really seen many balanced maps.

eh… unfortunately you are asking too much in the sense that devs will not go their way to check if a squad is a made of paratroopers and what not just to limit them.

but, on the bright side,

they hinted to:

but… it’s a long shot in the dark.

as much i’d like it,

the only way for people to play HA, will be through modders as well. that they go their way and create profiles for players and bots.

too bad profile for players still to this day do not work.

maybe we could suggest HA historical loadouts, or a loadouts section based on previous event to be activated through custom matches.


come on now…

you don’t have to put salt on the wounds :confounded:

Is this even allowed to be posted?


Update it got taken down.

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I’m not even sure what to say about this picture.

I think this is animal abuse.

Expanded options for consoles would be nice too. You can’t even start a match with a custom map on console

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And Allows players to gain experience and complete daily tasks while playing all recommended mods!

Give some love to players who don’t want to spam the arcade mode.


i just noticed, this part ( the second function of this […] ) was meant to be under:

i somehow managed to fuck that up.

and i don’t have any way to correct it. but, probably self explanatory as in first inpact would be weird?

i hope…