Your missions in events

As you may have noticed, Enlisted special events have become much more varied. We’ve worked on tasks and terms of their performance, as well as more valuable rewards. But it has been a long time since attentive Enlisted commanders have seen another entertaining format: in-game events.

Do you remember the Even Fight and Fully armed events? We think it’s time to bring them back again with a completely new look!


We’d like to discuss with you an idea: our players are authors of numerous interesting missions, many of which are created from scratch, based on the locations they created. We could use them as a basis for bringing back fun modes, and we want to ask you: What do you think of this idea?

Well, it’s important to understand that we can’t guarantee perfectly planned balance in such missions (but we’ll do our best to make it so) and no bugs (although we’ll try to fix most of them). On the other hand, the flight of fancy of players, just like you, will give you a completely unique experience that goes beyond a game’s setting.

Share your opinion and suggest missions from the portal, maybe you have seen good ones - we’ll take them into account!



  1. Even Fight was the best Enlisted experience – random sides, no faction stacking, pre-determined squads (could use some balancing).

  2. Absolutely, make WW1 an Event!
    WW1 Mod for Enlisted is Here... | Enlisted - YouTube
    (but also add WW1 Eastern Front content there and remove WW2-specific assets).

  3. There were 25v25 and 50v50 lone fighter mods – make them into official Events.

  4. Most importantly – count the XP (or at least portion thereof) from those events towards progression.


custom blk sync loading for multiplayer mod games, please.


:heart: Liked this


We’re more like understanding: new currencies, mergers, and soonTM。
For quoting the authors’ model, I don’t think the developers will do it more balanced and perfect.
Developers only need to provide enough technical support work for the authors.
or to increases the rewards of authors and the income of players playing in their works.
If the developer has any new ideas, please do so after completing every detail of the major mechanic update.


YES, WW1 event please.


Pfff maybe the next week they will say something…

Skip the Even Fight that is the most boring and dumb event ideea ever in the history of this game.

If you really want events to shine focus instead on unique stuff and scenarios such as past Moon Event, Modern Warfare Event, even the clanky Mech Event and add on that or use what the playerbase is already suggesting/making themselves as of now like WW1, Wild West, Nuclear Desolation, Vietnam and all of those.


Anything that brings more light for player created mods is a plus.

Will incentivize more people to make them


Yes yes yes yes. But i think we need to focus and bring the next major update firts. New ui and campain merge


honestly it was relatively bad. everyone had premium setup which caused HE spam hell and stacks werent helping team balance. also we had MM bug so there were lots of 10vs13 matches (ffs still not fixed). not to mention shit rewards and you didnt get xp towards progression. having no bots was positive and negative at same time. it sucked when few players from your team deserted and you got no new players (or bots) in your team.

would like event like this.

agreed. playing event for shit rewards when you get no xp is rather bad. you need either good rewards for event or xp progression, or both.


Please allow players gaining level XP for custom mod missions. maybe at least some limited.

but I m not meaning XP farm.

Officially add squad mode to 20v20


why not add some in the official map pool instead? Would be way cooler.


Well that’s what I mean by “could use some balancing” – less FG-42 vs Garand, more skill based loadouts, better MM.

Ideally we should force stacks forcing stacks, but at least with random faction there was a chance to even try out something like Allies Pacific (impossible now in squads due to pubstomp).

I really enjoyed some campaigns I barely plyed before with 10v10 ‘equal’ fights.

This is a nice move.

The mod makers will appreciate this for sure.


@46642960 @123758377 We know about it :wink:

We need vromfs enable for multiplayer custom matches, thus enabling custom squad preset.
Also, really, bring a working respawn ticket to defenders. We still do not have any ways (in custom match) to limit invasion/destruction/assault mode defender’s respawns.

(Also some role or squad limit, like how plane/tank limit per side on match, for recreating less weird situation like filled with LMG gunner, but no rifleman on match.)

All of this is for, get rid of already boring official game modes. And have something special for custom matches. Really, we have been playing invasion/conquest/assault from the begin of this game. And later introduced confrontation and armor train arent really stand out or give a fresh experience of game mode either.


i would like some type of persistent server event. that way you can join and leave as you please and games would always be full of human players. idk if this would be possible to make with mission editor (something like putting number of tickets to 1000000)

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Will the custom mission be modified by the development team before making it an event map? (Balance issues, exploits, spawncamping, cramped level design are all a problem)

If someone’s mission gets selected will the author get additional reward(s)? (Golden Orders? maybe, just maybe some gold?)

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Yeah they keep putting things in our face to distract legit all we care about and want to know rn is what’s what in the coming system.

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yes, and we want mod maps as official maps in official rotation