All Clothing list ( Updated )

greetings modders,

as promised, i managed to remake a more updated clothing list.
this time around though, i made them through google documents and not on the forum. as there, i will not lose the ability to edit the documents unlike the forum after 3 weeks from it’s creation.

anyway, i compiled and organized several documents better than the ones i made ( more like, complete. unfurtunately, having documents despite my trying to be more organized as possible, it somewhat made it a bit more messier )

there shouldn’t be any issue, but if you find them, please, report them. and i’ll personally try to update it whenever i’ll have time.

:warning: Considerations: :warning:

what do i need clothings for?

  • it’s a way for us modders to dress up players or bots profiles.
    a fancy way for us to make things how we like them.
    if you are not a modder, you most likely don’t need this thread. but you can see out of curiosity all clothings available within enlisted.

why are there clones of clothings? / there are doubles/triplets etc, why?

  • :woman_shrugging: idk. i didn’t made the clothings and what not. hence, you will find doubles, clones and what not
    but, i reccomend you checking the category of where those clothings

why are there 2 categories of headgears?

  • no clue either. but for some reason, there’s head category, and skined_helmet. you can theorically combine them if you’d like. but i wouldn’t reccomend it. beside, those are both categories for headgears ( to not confuse with face. where… it’s self explanatory )

There are some misspelling

  • i am well aware. but those have been misspelled in the game by devs. which i do not recommend to fix. just copy and paste as they are. otherwise they will not work.
    ( although, keep in mind that at some point, those will might get fixed, or not. hence, we’ll only be able to fix it once we’ll know it will become an issue )

There are a few missing!

  • if you think i missed any, feel free to post it downbelow and i’ll try to include it / fix it whenever i’ll have time.

Main List

without further ado, here’s the list:







( perhaps i will make them a bit more visually appealing in the coming days. i already “wasted” so much time on this i want to rest… )


It’s for different clothes (tunic). Like some summer belts will looks bad on winter clothes.

some, yes.

like the americans one with supposed patches.

others, i have no clue.

for example, majority of the soviet and germans clothings are cloned for no reason what so ever.

either with a different clothing name.

usually each equipment goes under the same name

but again, there are clones and what not.

best to just leave them.

it was more to exaplain others that you might find clones.

speaking of, clothes i didn’t included unistorical appearances such as the paratroopers with HEER tabs, and others clones that appeared already.


Thanks for the lists!

(They should let us use the M1 clip on the helmet as extra ammo)


Sooo…there is soo much good customisations we dont have in game…why…whyyyyy

Because we need some stuff for premiums.

At this point id rather buy the cosmetics to use on any squad, than get a squad with locked weapons and cosmetic.


About japanese faces and other hidden equipment - you can turn on updatable property for show up it.

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ah cheers!

i didn’t know about that.

gonna finally add missing heads and what not :slight_smile:

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list has been updated and the new italian and UK paras are now included as well.

fixed the martial clothings.

( note. some of the side belt has been changed, i’ll update it whenever i’ll can )

i’ll be uploading modern equipment too at the bottom of each faction ( primarily USA & USSR )


lists have been updated and now includes all newest clothings for all factions present in the test server & added a few that i missed previously

( Test server pieces will be marked in Yellow/Orange )

inevitably, i might have missed some.

if i did, let me know and i’ll add them whenever i’ll be able to.

( 14/11/2023 )



Favorite forum moment.