Guide:Installing and creating sound mods

Sound mods allow you to replace the default game sounds with custom ones created by players. These modifications are not prohibited and will not lead to account bans, but may affect the proper functioning of the game.

How to install sound mods

  1. Open the sound folder in the directory where you installed Enlisted and create a new folder called mod in it.
  2. Download your chosen sound mod and extract the zip archive into the previously created mod folder. Sound mod files have a bank extension.

Enable the game to use sound modifications. To do this, in the main directory of the Enlisted client, find the enlisted.config file and open it with any text editor. Add the line enableMod:b=yes inside the sound block.

Save the changes. You can do this by selecting the “File” menu and then “Save”.

Now the game will use the sounds added or changed by the author of the modification. It is possible to combine several modifications of different authors, if the sounds replaced by them do not overlap.

Removing mods

If the game became unstable because of the modification or you do not like the changes caused by the modification, you can restore everything as it was in two ways:

  1. Delete the enableMod:b=yes line in the enlisted.config file or change the parameter from yes to no in the line.
  2. Delete all bank files of the sound mod from the mod subfolder in the sound folder. This way you can, for example, replace one mod with another and keep the best one. Be sure to close the Enlisted client beforehand.

Support the authors of your favorite mods with likes and comments!

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How to create your own sound mod

You can create custom sound modifications with the help of FMOD Bank Tools v0.0.1.4, which allows you to unpack certain bank files. These contain wav sound files that can be altered or replaced.

At the moment it is only possible to replace existing sound files, not to add new ones.

  1. Extracting the sound files

All in-game sounds are contained in the sound folder. At the moment use only bank files with assets in their names (except cmn_loc_vo.assets and master_bank.assets) to create sound modifications.

To unpack them, you can use the FMOD Bank Tools program. We are going to use this program in this guide.

1.1 Copy any bank file you like and paste it into the bank subfolder located in the FMOD Bank Tools folder.
1.2 Open the FMOD Bank Tools program and select the Extract option.
1.3 Wait for the unpacking to complete. A new folder containing a text file and several wav files should appear in the wav folder.

2. Editing the wav files

You can simply replace the wav files, but remember: the file name and it’s extension must remain the same!

To modify an existing wav file, you can use an audio editing software.

3. Rebuild sound files

Now you need to update the bank file.

1.1 Make sure that there are no additional files in the folder. It should only contain wav files and a text file.

1.2 In the FMOD Bank Tools program select the Rebuild option.

1.3. Wait until the packing is finished. Move the updated bank files from the bank folder of FMOD Bank Tools to the mod subfolder inside the sound folder of Enlisted.

Test your mod thoroughly before sharing it with players!

Zip the bank files and create a post with your modification in the appropriate section of the sandbox portal, along with an introductory gameplay video of your sound modification.