Sound mods!

Friends, we’ve added official support for sound modifications to Enlisted! Soldiers’ shouts, gunshots and explosions, notifications - all of this can now be changed with a few steps. Of course, if our original cool sounds are not enough to please you!

On the Enlisted sandbox portal, there is a new “Sounds” section, where authors can place their works.


We’ve prepared instructions for you on how to use and even create sound mods.

  • How to install and uninstall
  • How to create

We would like to warn you separately: sound mods are created by players and can not only work incorrectly, but under certain circumstances they may even harm your health. Be careful.


This is good news, assuming that you took measures to prevent abuses (louder enemy noises etc.)


without doubt, good news


If the sound of this game can only be heard within a certain distance, then there is no need to worry. It seems like this now, even if you increase the effect volume, you still cannot hear the sound of the rebirth point from afar.

Or sound mods replacing soldier speech with anime sounds.


When can the official add the voice of tank members, such as WT’s “Yes, a hit”

it’s great.

but it would be great if we could integrate them with mods.

so, for example,

i would like my mod to aggregrate with a specific sound mods for a specific mission/mod, and then turn them off for people when they return to the base game without forcing them to mount them in and off each time with the ones they perfer opposed to the reccomended ones for the mod it self.

but for the rest, that’s a great start. and sort of surprised to get a documentation on how to do stuff.

love those ,and there should be more of those for the base editor too. like, for cameras, cinematic soldiers, AI tweaking, levels, and many others darker areas that gets unexplored or are mostly hard to get if it wasn’t for devenddar, tommy, or Bazsi37 covering them in the first place.


I uninstalled the game to discipline myself as I will be busy at work for a while, but now I am about to lose control of myself.



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WT is OK because you can’t see inside the tank.
But what happens with Enlisted?
Do they speak in an animated voice?

Yes. And I don’t see anything weird there. Classic genderfluid US citizens.


Funnily enough, WoT made that official.

WT yet again lost against WoT


Lovely! Now can you guys please fix the sandbox portal, It’s not working properly.


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So great!!! Thanks for this option, nice job devs!

Now I could give all my golden orders to the hero who makes the sound mod for tanks with sounds from War Thunder. The sounds in WT have been perfected over the years and now they are the best I could imagine - I wished for so long for them to be transferred into Enlisted and now it might be possible

It is very awesome, but how about a button to quickly disable and enable sound mod that applies after game restart?
It is very annoying to go to the blk every time.