(Soviet) Soldier voice "Artyom" release! [Sound Mod]

Hello comrades!

This is my first sound mod, which replaces the soviet player voice with many new voice lines.
Many new voices with different personalities will follow.

Link for the mod:



Artyom, a fearless commander forged in the fires of war, witnessed the merciless advance of the fascist war machine, which increased his contempt for his enemies. Despite his age, he does not hesitate to fight at the frontline along his comrades. With physical strength and unwavering determination to protect his country, he became an inspiration for the younger generation of soldiers.

This sound mod replaces voice and sounds of the player.

Installation tutorial:

(Soldier_Voice contains the .bank file for the soldier speech)
(Soldier_Assets) contains the .bank file for the soldier sounds (universal))

I got a huge list with dozens of voice line mods already planned, which i prepared already years before the sound mod feature was implemented. (Yes i really waited that long for soundmods, which some of you might remember from all my regular suggestion posts. :wink: )

Feel free to tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Have fun!


it… wouldn’t hurt to have a preview.

just sayin

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I just dont know how to do that…

play a game, go over the replay, record bits ( or use nvidia geforge to begin with ) and then upload them to then leave a link :slight_smile:

otherwise it would just end up like some mods over the portal with non related picture of enlisted.
those hardly gets clicked or downloaded.

adding more context, or in this case, sound bits like the other colleagues did would do you good.

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Did it work? I tried putting a little preview into it?

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yes :+1:

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Thank you for helping me! :wink:

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@Adamnpee @YuriPetrov @SexyTent @tommyZZM @Aurora_Pioneer_I @Crivat_

My friends, are there any recommendations or wishes for voice mods? :wink:


Wow! This is fantastic! Great mod that gives seriousness to the gameplay in the Soviet!
I will install it now! :heart_eyes:
Soviet is the faction I enjoy the most and this mod will definitely enrich my Soviet time.
Thanks Sergei for a great mod! :+1: :+1: :+1:

But I have to learn a bit more about sound mods.
Is it possible to use multiple sound mods together?
For example, can I use bigote’s great gunshot mod while also using Sergei’s great voicemod?
anyway, since the sound mod was released in sandbox I am very interested in it.

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You can combine as many mods together as you want, but you can just have one voice file each faction, so basically one for germans, one for soviets, etc. and also all bigotes gunshot mod too.

But, in my mod, the “Soldier_Assets” replaces the deathsounds and hurt sounds, which are used universally. That means, if you use “Soldier_Assets” too, all factions will speak russian when hit. So basically, only use “Soldier_Assets” if you only play soviet.

If you regularly play all factions, Simply only use the file in the “Soldier_Voice” folder, then only the russian guy will speak russian :wink: feel free to ask more questions!


He began to speak in a rather powerful voice!
It worked fine with the other SOUND mods!
Thanks for a great mod! It will make playing in the Soviet super immersive!

Edit: American soldiers now speak Russian when they die.
Deleting ww2_walker_soldier_voice.assets.bank fixed the problem. :smiley:


just curious

some: za stalina ?

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Thats what i meant by “Soldier_Assets” :sweat_smile: all the future voice mods of me will be like this by the way, one voice and one assets folder.

so basically you now understand how it works for the next voice mods which i upload :wink:

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Three other different upcoming soldier voice mods include it, i prepared :wink:

Quite optimistic to use PPS at this distance.
But it seems to work so I won’t argue. (Also I tend to derail Sergei’s posts and I don’t want to do this again.)

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Commissar has come for you because you tried to derail the thread!

Btw, this is my first time installing soundmod and it is quite fun.
I like the original sound, but modifying the gunfire and voiceline gives it a different feel and is fun. :smiley:


google OBS studio, free recording software, no watermarks, easy to use

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As a Russian speaker, I can say that in his voiceover there are more swear words than normal words, which makes it very authentic :upside_down_face:

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