❓ Your questions about the mission editor and launching user missions in the game

This is because some configurations in blk are broken

You may need a version control tool like git to archive and manage changes to blk files

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How to get the AI to bypass certain terrain? such as not swimming through a lake but walking on land.


What is Postfix/Add template?

Seems… It’s can be any object in editor.
Many of them are just tags or options.
By default… They’re already added to object.

How to add postfix to already created objects?

For that you need click “+” in bottom line object’s proprerties.
Template name should be without “+”.

(Sadly, but changes that did for weapons will not saved, because all properties will be overwrite).

How to create doors/windows that possible open/close?

For that you need add postfix game_rendinst, choose object and then set proreties.

How to make Rendinst with loop action?
Similar to spining or moving?

For that you need use postfix animated_scene_rendinst or animated_scripted_rendinst and then choose game_rendinst.
After this just change properties to that what you need.

Well… You can almost free add postfixs or templates.
By this way making game a bit more crazier/interesting or just trying fix something…

Vehicle with object, bunker moving with car:

Adding single reload for Gewehr 41:
(Works only in editor, after pickup it overwrite).

(It don’t have animation and uses default: soldier move forward weapon and hands).

Vehicle that allows refill ammo:
(A bit weird, but works :slight_smile:).

(Don’t forgot to change Rendinst to undestroyable object).

It even possible make invisible collision things:

(No, chair isn’t that object).

And other funny things:

I’m sorry for my bad english.

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How to make that some objects/weapons open fire in map?
Like in Day D where ship open fire to beach?

For that you need create turret_105_skc_32 or ship_gun_105mm.
If you want they target to you then change properties.

auto_gun_controller__targetTeam = enemy team, target for turret.
team - turret’s team.
turret_105_skc_32 have first property = 3, second = 4.
ship_gun_105mm have first 4 and second 3.
So… You just can place in 1 area turret_105_skc_32 and in another ship_gun_105mm they will firefight.

Additional info about properties:
hitpoints__hp и hitpoints__maxHp - turret’s hp.
(With that you can make that firefight will ends sometime).
auto_gun_controller__targetDist- AI range for open fire.
auto_gun_controller__enabled - turret will be controlled by AI.
animchar_render__enabled - show object model.
interactable- player can interaction with this turret.
Yes, we can control they like if they were stationary MG-42.

How to make that firefight were from other weapons?
Not only from ship cannon/turret?

For that you need add postfix almost any gun.
(Probably it will not works if you write vehicle weapon/cannon/launchers).

Don’t forgot to edit ammo amount (ammo and totalammo properites).

I’m sorry for my bad english.


It is even possible to modify the shell type shooting

smoke shell


152mm shell


and shoot frequency

gun__shotFreq:r=0.2 // smaller slower

Hmmm… It didn’t works for me, but i’ll try again later.
Thx for info!

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In the upcoming Replays and a Cinematic Mode Fatures.

Can we also record the battles of custom games with mod?


Does anyone know how to alter the parameters of weapons? I’d like to do some testing, but it seems that it doesn’t work. The parameter for fire rate (that’s what I’m looking for) seems to be gun__shotFreq, but even after I change it in the property panel, the weapon shoots exactly like it did before. (sorry for no screenshots, but I wasn’t able to add it here for some reason)

how to alter the parameters of weapons?

You can’t. You can edit the ammo count for the ammo clips though

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You can’t change it because after pickup it will replaced to old ones.
But it’s possible to edit some properties in equiped weapon.

Maybe it’s bug that you can’t change it.
(Because don’t blocked property… Like some in tanks/vehicles with gray symbols).

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Please support patch and modify and override the value in the default templates.

I want to change this friendly_fire__kickOnPenaltyScorePerSpawn friendly_fire__minimumPenaltyToKick in the enlisted_player



i found tutorial_player_override, maybe somthing like this, but i seems it can’t change the specific values


How to spawn bots?

Well… For that you need add postfixs +human_melee_charge+ger_soldier.
And then spawn base_soldier.

Keep in mind that you still can’t normally change soldier equipment.
You can do it by changing animchar_res property.

ger_soldier can be replaced by sov_soldier.

animchar__res can be:

  • ger_summer_x_char (x can be from 1 to 7).
  • ger_winter_x_char (x from 1 to 4).
  • ger_tropic_x_char (x from 1 to 3).
  • ger_br_char
  • ussr_summer_x_char (x from 1 to 8).
  • ussr_winter_x_char (x from 1 to 12).
  • uk_tropical_1_char
  • usa_summer_x_char (x from 1 to 5).
  • usa_winter_x_char (x from 1 to 5).
  • us_br_char

If you want change soldier voice then for that you maybe must add another one postfix.

  • russian_human_voice
  • german_human_voice
  • jap_human_voice
  • it_human_voice
  • ussr_human_voice
  • ussr_female_human_voice
  • usa_human_voice
  • uk_human_voice
  • moroc_human_voice

How to change bot weapons?

For that just edit human_weap__weapTemplates and human_weap__weapInfo!


Or maybe not!
It’s possible to do by this way:

Yeah! Just write equipment name and where it will be.

If you want change bot equipment then just add base after ger_.

In screenshot used ussr_base_soldier. It too works.

If you want add animated decoration soldier then use customizable_menu_animchar.

customizable_benchmark_animchar can be too used, but seems it’s a bit buggy.

But yeah customizable_benchmark_animchar saves animchar_res feature.

Keep in mind that and after restart initialEquip looks empty…
But it’s not! And when you copy object it will have all changes.


Thank you!
Then, how to create an ai that will automatically use melee weapons to attack? G1R0SCOPE once produced a 25v225Ai (melee) battle

I think he just used custom profile for gun game event and then just use gun game mechanic that give sword to everyone.


But if you want create static bot that will stay in same position then just write sword item name in properties.
After restart it should be with sword.

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thank you so much, i can finally make pre custom scenary soldiers:
(that get saved upon restarts)
thank you so much:

although, i have a question.

can you go a bit deeper regarding:

like, step by step.

it’s not entirely clear to me.

reason being, i want to preplace soldiers in a few of my maps to kinda give some resistance for players.

but i don’t really know how.

previously, i used to spawn with soldiers, and straight up clone them. which with your finding, ( of putting them clothes ) it’s… not ideal. mainly because they kinda… spaz alittle with their aim.

like, they are glitchy in their movement. so i was abit more interested in your way.

but when you have time of course.


But how did he made over 200 Ai :rofl:

Well… We have two ways/two version of bots.

Easy way, but with weak bots:

  1. Write +human_melee_charge+ger_soldier in postfix template area.
    (Without human_melee_charge template bot will be in “T” pose).
  2. And then find base_soldier entity and create it.
  3. Edit animchar_res to change equipment/clothes.
  4. Done.

Why weak bots? Because they can’t normally kill you if you’re crouch/lying on the ground.
I mean you can almost infinite lying like that:

And poor bot still will try kill you…

A bit harder way, but bots are better.

  1. Write +ger_base_soldier in postfix template area.
    (Different in “base” and don’t need write human_melee_charge).
  2. And then find base_soldier entity and create it.
  3. Equip him by editing human_equipment__initialEquip.
  4. Save file and open scene.blk. And then find entity and remove this code:
    Why we need do it?
    Because ger_soldier or ger_base_soldier and others soldiers are unaviable in editor entities list.
    Why we can’t use base_soldier+ger_base_soldier? Because it will prints error after death.
  5. Done.


They’re almost full customize. I think all info in properties will be saved.

Maybe you also can edit aim and other things. Like voice sounds:


If you see this… Or trying rotate these soldiers…

Then it’s useless. Nothing will be changed. Info about it will not saved.
Also bots anyways sometimes automatically rotates.

Here is file:
scene.txt (33.2 КБ)
Rename it to Scene.blk or create new map in editor and then copy paste code to new map scene.blk.