❓ Your questions about the mission editor and launching user missions in the game

I‘m trying to made a Berlin air defense mission or bombing mission in the editor ,but I cannot let the bombers move. How can I CREATE Bomber support (like the type in Stalingrad)in the editor? Or, can we create AI controlled bombers and make them drop bombs automatically?Thanks

How to create an armored train?The created trains are stacked together and have puzzling hints.

The spotlight beam (projector entity) can rotate, but their body (I mean the visible model of the spotlight) cannot be manipulated or rotated. Can I bind them together in the future? Synchronize the spotlight model with the beam? Now it looks strange

Another one, when will we have the playback function? (like war thunder)

It is foolish to divide Berlin into two maps. This makes it impossible for me to create big battles. The small map is also inconvenient to adjust (many coordinates are displayed in the settings, but I can’t quickly determine the coordinates of a point in the editor)

It is feasible to change the manpower consumed by the defensive forces. However, I haven’t tested setting up a defensive point at the same time

In the experiment of the message time of the rocket launcher flight, I found in the editor that the rocket launcher with the default setting will indeed disappear out of thin air in the air.

And I found that all this is controlled by the field values related to maxLifeTime and lifeTime. When I set maxLifeTime to 99, the rocket can successfully fall to the ground, and I get the real Katyusha!

So here comes the Question, these rocket artillery entities are dynamically generated and there is currently no way to change their default values in the mod editor.

Will there be some kind of functionality in future editors that will allow players to modify and overwrite the default values of default entities? This is most likely a feature related to defining import templates


Any solution about how to make internationalization (i18n) for texts description in the mod?



Made a map of Moscow with grid markers. But i don’t know how to use it in the mod?


Is it possible to make Respawn the char destroy that you add with editor

We can’t create the mod room today. There must be a big problem with the server! This gave us a bad experience and disrupted our plans to make movies

what do you have to write in research to find the chargers for the gewer 1888

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Anyone could please help me. How do I set the kill name for an automatic weapon?


Is there any way to change LOD settings?

Do you happen to have a map of Stalingrad like that?


Are sniper weapons broken? How can we enable the scopes on weapons with removable scopes? It seems like it is already preconfigured, but doesn’t show up in the game:


Rifles with unremovable scope don’t have this problem (Just turn on slot_attach__visible).
I think that you must somehow add scope item to sniper weapon with removable scope.



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I can’t open editor. When I press F12 nothing happens:

I tried to press F1 and it is working:

What is wrong?

Lol. For some reason, the key did not work until I closed the Razer Synapse application. It would be great to have ability rebind the key.