[Guide] how to add planes, rotating objects, and add soldiers with animations to your map!

Then you already know more that me :slight_smile:


hahaha i wouldn’t hold by breath on that.

well, i for once used my brained, spawned a few vehicles with already present decorations, studied them, and saw that they use template ( which it’s basically the name plus postfixes if any ), paste the id onto the decorations property, then select the decoration it self, attach it to the vehicle and you can position it wherever you want it. then, once it’s saved, you can restart, remove the decoration and each time once will be generated there.

this editor is very cool and mindblowing.

we can even attach auto_mg42s on the decoration, use the postfix on the templates, and i can have a weaponized halftruck :exploding_head:

( in case above, i wanted to remove the normal M13 turret which i still have to understand how to do, and use the m19 machinegun on the roof as primary )
anyway, thanks for the small talk :smiley:


A small question: Is the rotated entity unavailable in multiplayer mode?

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You need use game_rendinst and add animated_something_rendinst as postfix to game_rendinst.

something is scene or scripted.
Any of them can be used.



:confetti_ball: I’ve already seen this in the editor :wink:

this prop is in the game_rendinst_decor

The attached rendinst now does not affect vehicle movement


All hail our favorite editor developer :smiley:


did you attached the tend through entities?

or… others way?

i have tried it with the decor template through blk file, but it seems it doesn’t update their object nor physic parameters anymore like it used to:

( wanted to use the box to make more appealing the ammo halftrack, problem is, it does not update the thingies.



Maybe he did it by attach_decorators, but…
Added new object in entities.blk.

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why does everything has to be so complicated :frowning:

it used to work before though:

( gray halftrack below the turret. that’s a reindinst )

although collisions started to kick in by the same method above

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if you restart, will it save?

because i did so in the past. but upon restarting, it used to not work


Yes. All screenshots are after restart.

Maybe you used another objects? or write it wrongly?
Only customizable... can be edited.
But common... can’t.


great finding then :+1:

will works just nicely with bots that you found as well


Yes, pushed this mini improvement with the update.


GREAT! finally in my tunisian map i can have PzII with proper camo.

Just - I found out, that you can have ITA camo scheme on GER armored vehicles, probably you can have any camo scheme on any vehicle. just did not try all on all, maybe just those “simple” works (one color “desert” scheme)

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at the time that i made the guide, some camouflage weren’t applicable on others nation vehicles.

probably things changed for the better :slight_smile:

for example here - ita and ger vehicle in same camo scheme


great to know that battlepass vehicles are now able to fully save and store their decals with a new paintjob.

something that wasn’t doable in the past :+1:

and for all - there is still some (small) steps in improvement of the MOD tool :wink:

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