Engineer III + M1A1

I know that already since it was my go too in Stalingrad but it would be nice to have it in other campaigns

Would be a good fit, especially since if someone really wanted another rifle they could find one on the ground somewhere and build a ammo box to refill it (if it’s a allied weapon of course)

Don’t own them since I only get limited amount of gold orders

Im a chad vg2 enjoier


Men of such quality are hard to find now-a-days, It’s great to see others partake in the act of “fun loadouts”

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Devs just need add single relaod anim for gewehr41.
It’s possible (in editor) turn on reload with single bullets, but it just don’t have animations.



I’m in admiration of this “troll” loadout, I think I’ll do the same :laughing:

Got 2 of them with this beautiful loadout, Bless the snail for granting me a second Berdan II!

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What??? How!

Were you blessed by a fortunate bug?

I’d buy 9 if I could, and I’m not even joking!

There was a D-day event last year during the first season, so they allowed us to buy a second Gold weapon since there were only 4 choices at the time.

Unfortunately they didn’t keep the ability to buy a second one of the first gen gold’s once the event ended, wish they could’ve kept it or at least brought it back since the first gens are being removed from purchase soon

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I’d buy so many Schmeissers if I could. Everytime I remember how lucky @98547181 is for owning 3.

Sure, mp43 is better… But I love that lil, surprisingly accurate smg…

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lmao i was login in on the game just to show them. see how lucky i m xD

also _

love them. i would like to have another one pl0z



i dont know what i m going to get. any ideas ? :X

probably the t34 in stalingrad since black camo looks dope x)

Truly a blessed day from the snail, a reward for admiring their kindness :pray:

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never forget.

pay to win!


It’s a very sound choice tbh.

Or a “black” tiger in Normandy :thinking:

Indeed, A $60 donation will grant you forgiveness for once being impure


They nerfed the poor rocket truck…

It’s nig rockets can’t lol explode tiny stuart reliably anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

oh but the tigaruuu is cosmetic :confused: not BP .

and i already have a goofy tigaruuu there lol as a bullseye for enemy rockets lol

still not sure how retard i m sometimes to make shit like this

i got the stalingrad STZ t34. looks dope. and i enjoy stalingrad alot so why not :slight_smile: sadly goes on the KV refrigerator slot :frowning: