More questions ( how to extract a blk file from a johnson/Bin file, Medic AI Artificial bot, how do dynamic obective works?, it is possible to customize (faction)_crew and how can i rotate reindinst on vehicles ? )

hello people of the forum. i have yet again failed to figure out things on my own ( mostly because i’m probably looking in wrong places ) and couldn’t figure out a few things.

  1. so, first and foremost, i kinda lost my map. but i managed to download it. problem is, i don’t know how to extract the blk from the files that i got ( mainly the .johnson/.Bin ).

  2. second thing that i wanted to achieve, but failed regarding bots ( the artificial one )

it’s that i was wondering if it’s possible to change their class, and/or make for example a medical bot.
reason being, i want a bot that remains in a certain area without following the objective and die but remains in a certain area and heals other bots of similar type. while " defending " the area where it originally was located.

  1. how do dynamic objectives works?
    what i mean by that, is making an invasion with more points ( for example, from 2 to 3/4 objectives ) that changes everytime and makes the map different each time it’s played ( instead of the same bland and boring objectives. ).

( i miss the process )

  1. is it possible to customize the (faction)_crew in appearance?

reason being, thanks to @79498559 , we can give empty vehicles a crew and be able to even make them move around.

but i was wondering if it’s possible to customize them as well.

and last but not least;

  1. is it possible to rotate or move precisely the rendinst on vehicles?
    so, my struggle is, i want to make certain vehicles with roofs ( such as the various truck within the game ) but in some occasions the object it self ( the tent rendinst ) is not properly placed where it normally should. and i have no idea of which node to use in order to adjust the correct position.

i tried with the relative, pos and the others, but it seems it does not work.

the only way that i found, is through decoration template. problem is, decorations do not work on vehicles that aren’t tanks.

cheers for stopping by, and sorry for wasting your fine time.


It’s good to ask questions, but I feel powerless. I think we have basically come to an end until the development team releases new updates and Q&A. Before we can make templates (Tommy’s research), we can do very limited things

I also want to know. The program used to unpack the game file does not work on it

It seems that can be adjusted

They are still very imperfect. I have tried to make a zombie map by using melee bots, but there are too few parameters for them, they can hunt but cannot even find their ways when in a building. We can only wait until we get more functions, or the modders of this game are all disappointed and leave

what do you mean by that

for me, they work very fine. for what i’m using them.

mostly useful for me PVE where those bots stand in one position around an objective of flanks, and " defend " the area while the AIs that acts like players move inside the objective ( and works as reinforcements ).

above all, can different their skills making some bots more stronger and others more weker for balacing out the experience.

but i kinda need medic bots to keep somewhat those units alive and provide a little challenge.

( even better, those bots are much easier to give weapons and fully customize in term of appearance instead of having to go in the profile, make a new one, and lose your self trying to make a custom profile )

although, yeah, not efficent for attacking or moving in general.


You can adjust the probability of activating different groups with groupactivator. I think this is an old knowledge. I think it is difficult to implement the points after the first group, because it is impossible to call groupactivator in the middle of the game, but this may be a future function

They can be basically used, but I hope that there can be a system that allows us to make a single campaign: let them walk along a specific path at a specific time (or according to the player’s behavior), drive vehicles/planes and fight/even speak (play the recording).

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but they ( devs ) does it in normal matches.

i’m sure it can be done on the editor. right?

( passed the first point )

a distant future.

but sure


I know how they do it. I will explain to you. Of course, it’s still the way I mentioned

The developer sets each random case as a group. 1,2a,2b,3a,3b,4a,4b,4c,5……
They use groupactivator:
1a - 2a - 3a - 4a - 5, 0.5 probability
1b-2b-3b-4b-5, 0.5 probability
Among them, 1a and 1b (2a and 2b are the same principle) are the same point, while 3a, 3b and 4a and 4b are different points.
In this way, we can create a deceptive effect of “random” at the third group of points. But in fact, randomness starts from the first set of points

I may not be very clear. You can check the map of the Berlin campaign. I referred to it when making the expanded Berlin

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so, i have to make for example, more than one group activator? or only one can be used

because i have like, also 3/4 objectives in one sector, and i would like that the group activator in some occasions activates at least 3 objectives, and in others 2 despite being more located in the blk.

though… i’m not sure if it can handle the objectives of different types between each other…

but… that means… more than one can be used right?



oh well, first and foremost, now that i have somewhat of an idea that i’m thinking on,

how does… this actually works. like, how do i compile the profile in question.

and second of all, how can i add more than one objective to one.

i’m missing the syntax logic.

( sorry, was meant to be redirected to @125577060 )

Hmmm… I didnt fully understand it.
You want to know how to open vromfs? Or covert blk to blkx (that we can edit by txt editor; game needs blk so after covert just change it to blk)? .johnson files? Or you mean .json?)

For that you need download kotiq wt tools in github… Or you can use Dungeon/Vault datamine sources in github.

I don’t know, but if i remember correctly syringes are in soldier code. Try search it and set some of them? Or… Check different in properties. You can spawn with medic class in Stalingrad/Pacific campaigns.

About bot behavior…
I dont know much so cant tell anything.

Currently not in home. So cant check right now.

Hmmm… You mean random group after capture? If i remember correctly when you set activation next group after cap point then you can add more lines by clicking to +.

You can found Sample in sandbox and check scene.blk.

Probably it’s level of modding = Entities.blk.
And probably will not works in multiplayer.

Because these templates arent soldiers. They’re… Ummm… Like a spawners. But yeah. I need to check it better.

Cant tell much, because not near pc.
If their position code like transform… Then yes, its possible. Transform code like it: [1,0,0][0,1,0][0,0,1][1,1,1]. In first three areas you write object scale. In four you write position. So… In first three you can change 0 to 1 and check result. But Idk and not sure that im right.
I think that TommyZZM better knows it.

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Use capture points and NavMesh? Or you mean bots that created by mapper/modder?

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so, i want to basically recover the blk file from one of those two files.

i … don’t… know much about it.

so i was seeking help from those who knows.

like, in my system, as i have played my own map, it downloaded some files. and my question is, how can i get the scene.blk from it.

i did so, but the problem is, the differences are within the heal " abilities ".
i don’t know how to add them.

the medics kinda spawns with them. buit the user created AI inside editor do not have those options/abilities.

yeah, i wanted to do some tests as well.

they do appear moving of a few inch, so if we can integrate somehow the medic priority of healing, maybe the will do something about it.

but yeah, not sure they actually recognize buildings and stuff even with the navmesh.

that’s fine, take your time :+1: no hurry after all.

unfortunately those do not work anymore as they reworked the editor, and the first time the editor was around, capzone had a last bunch of words that i forgot, but when it got updated, each points were missing etc. if you remember.

so when i download that, and put it into a scene, the points are missing.

plus, it’s made with the general idea of having only two point per sector and get to chose only one.

still doesn’t answer or give me a good idea of what i should do when i have 4 points per sector, and only wants to make 2 active per time. and in the other play, the other 2 gets activated instead.

like, i’m not sure about the process of doing so.

as i want to give some repleability to my maps.

that’s unfortunate.

i did so with the transform, but they kept remaining in place even when i used for example an exagerate number of 30 to see which axe i was tweaking.

but it kept remaing sideway…

i was about to ask him, but he made it through the entities. ( where he used engies to build trucks and stuff )


Try it. I mean find capzone__activateChoice property and click to plus and write sector name and select real. It should work.


i need to understand the basic though.

so, let’s make an example.

i have 8 objectives divided in two sectors.

which i’m gonna call A B C D E F G H

which i want that within A B C D that i’m gonna put in the first sector, i wants that each time, only 2 of these 4 objectives are gonna appear. for example, one time it’s going to be A and C, another time will be D and B, or even other times are going to be A D / B C.

am i … getting clear on it? xd.

and the same goes for E F G H in the second sector.
( so, in one play through, F and H are gonna play, in others the E F, and in others others i want that G H etc. you know, having more than one active point that it’s. " randomic ". as long are 2 out of 4, and not 1 out of 4. )

i just don’t understand how i should name those objectives, nor what’s the logic behind of using those said names in the activate choice selector.

can it even be done with 2 active points per time instead of 1 ?

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Ah… So its different. Not random.
Well… I think you can set 2 capzones in same sector group and just give em different sector? Did you tried it?
Or you mean capture point will make progress in 1 area, but another point in 2 area? Then just add another groupactivator when game starts?

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I dont remember, but one group activator should be able activate random point. So yeah. You can set chance for 1 sector (1a) that contains A and B.
And set chance for 2 sector (1b) that will contains A and C points.
And e.t.c.

But maybe will be some problems. Idk.

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well, there is a working way, but… not an appealing one.

so, i tried to literally clone a medic by spawining with the medic squad.

just select one, and hold alt to clone it. which it kinda worked.

so, they have those abilities, but they come with several issues. first, they do not shoot.

second, they… kinda spaz out aiming down and up repetitely and in ultra speed.

third, customization does not get saved. so they are kinda invisible to human eyes although bots from different team will kill them after 5 bullets making them also demo gods
and last problem, they take a few shots to go down.

which it’s not pleasing to watch or play against.


Yes I mean that. Thanks DEA
First,divide them into different groups, like A and D in group"a+d"
Then add capzone settings to the preceding zones (zones before the zones you are going to activate)

 groupName:t="preceding zones"
//↑the groupname of zones which is going to be activated next

Or (only for the first group)


//↑the groupname of zones which is going to be activated(only when being the first groups)

I have made AI soldiers that can be airborne and landed on the ground, but I can’t control their behavior after they land, they just walk around or stop, but they will attack the enemies they see

Maybe you’ll need to wait for them to release an official PvE mode before you get something.

And before that you need the ability to customize templates in multiplayer to put it all together.


Probably we need found how to make bots be leaders. In game you can note that bot squads like player squads and bots follow to one bot. Maybe in code something and we can try make each bots be a Squad leader. I saw some templates about it, but dont remember name.

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