Weapons and vehicles of the next update

Transport vehicles with mobile rally point mechanic, self-propelled artillery and a lot of weapons and vehicles for your army. We’re talking about what’s coming in the new major update!


Type 99 rifle (early)

A rifle familiar to many, but since it’s from the beginning of the war, it’s quality is much better.

It has good sights, and a long barrel guarantees high damage and excellent accuracy.

Type 99 rifle (early) with grenade discharger

What could be better than a good rifle? A good rifle with a grenade launcher!

It has all the same advantages of the regular version, but in addition it can fire special hollow charge grenades - a threat to both infantry and vehicles!

Tokyo Arsenal SMG

An experimental 50-round monster from Japanese weapons designers. It surprises not only with its appearance, but also with its incredible rate of fire - a whopping 1200 rounds per minute, even higher than that of the PPSh! Thanks to the fast reloads and good sights, it’s the king, no, the emperor of close combat!

Type 94 Isuzu

Initially, the truck was developed for the military industry - cheap, reliable and has a good load capacity. It can transport a fairly large number of soldiers to a given location.

This type of vehicle functions as a mobile rally point while the vehicle is in one piece. A squad with this vehicle does not occupy a vehicle slot.


An experimental self-propelled anti-tank gun. Its 75mm Type 5 gun can be seen from afar, especially by the enemy, whom it can easily penetrate through. Just don’t forget that the crew is vulnerable to enemy infantry because of the open top and rear!


A self-propelled artillery utilizing the Type 97 Chi-Ha chassis, with all its advantages. It has good armor, and an almost equally powerful 75-mm Type 3 gun - it can also penetrate, but not through and through.



Even without looking at the technical name, you can easily recognize one of the most popular US carrier-based fighters. It’s a quite well-rounded machine - four 20 mm cannons with a total ammunition capacity of 900 rounds and eight HVAR rockets - four rockets on each side.

M3 Lee

This is the predecessor of the legendary “Sherman” and one of the most famous vehicles with multiple guns. Speaking of which, the power of the 75 mm gun is held back only by its limited traverse, while the 37 mm gun installed in the turret allows you to fight lightly armored enemy tanks. You can fire both guns from the commander’s seat!

Studebaker 6 U1

A truck from the American manufacturing giant of those years. Often exported under Lend-Lease to other countries and used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Its high sides will increase the survivability of the soldiers in the back, and in general will not allow the enemy to see where to shoot.

This type of vehicle functions as a mobile rally point while the vehicle is in one piece. A squad with this vehicle does not occupy a vehicle slot.

M4A1 Sherman

Modification of the M4 tank with a cast hull and a stabilized 75 mm gun mounted in the turret. A well-balanced tank: it has armor, a fairly powerful gun and decent mobility. For smaller or aerial targets, a Browning M2HB machine gun is mounted on the turret.



One of the most impressive early Soviet machine guns from two famous designers. It has a large drum with a 100-round belt and a comfortable 600 rounds per minute rate of fire. Fans of heavy machine guns - we recommend you to try it!


A truly legendary Soviet all-terrain truck, created on the basis of the American Ford Model AA. Over the years, it became more and more different from its predecessor - it became more powerful, cheaper and less pretentious, and this variant has an additional pair of wheels. This nimble truck can go where others would get stuck.

This type of vehicle functions as a mobile rally point while the vehicle is in one piece. A squad with this vehicle does not occupy a vehicle slot.


Sd.Kfz.7 — One of the most widely used half-trucks in the German army, manufactured by Krauss-Maffei. Thanks to the half-track chassis, the cross-country capability of this eight-tonne transport vehicle is better than that of its wheeled competitors from other countries, allowing it to get to hard-to-reach locations, even over ditches and trenches!

This type of vehicle functions as a mobile rally point while the vehicle is in one piece. A squad with this vehicle does not occupy a vehicle slot.


The merge of campaigns affected the balance and we have already collected a lot of feedback and statistics for planning future additions to countries

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to finish these before the next major update, but we want to show you now how Japan will burst into tier 5 battles and USA’s response to the monstrous Tiger II.


What the hell is that?


Where’s the MG 42 with a 100rd belt?
Where’s the US M1 81mm Mortar?
Where’s the M20 Super Bazooka as a handheld AT to match the Pfaust 100/Ofenruhr?

Why are the US big tanks excluded from the next major update?


oh no it the tokarev

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a very sexy and good looking jap gun that im gonna get


Is there more?


Seems like americans are screwed over for good xD


So mobile rally points go straight into tech tree, any plans about paratroopers?


yep anyway more truck? hell yea i can spam so many rally now i hope that there might be more in the future tbh

Something beautiful !


no way these truck are br3 right? i mean it doesnt even have a gun to defend itself


It definitely is!

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Simple question, are all of these goodies going to be in the tech tree or some are gold order weapons/vehicles (I just realized for gold order vehicle there must be one in the tech tree) ?

i have always want a maxim tokarev in this game but wow i never thought it would become a thing im gonna get that and rd44 (if i can)

anyway more jap rifle tho like i mean i’ll get it but im gonna use the grenade version more than the early one tbh

Premium squads: 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun and MG 34

Tech tree squads:


these are tech tree unlocks


oh yea now i just need 2 more transport to complete my rally spam nice


:eyes: !

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How hard is it to copy and paste pre-existing WT assets in Enlisted?

Why are the Pershings not included with the next update?

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what is that 1st and 3rd picture thing? i know the middle look like the pershing which is nice

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