Signs you are respected, feared or hated

if you use engineers to build support structures you are respected by teammates
if you use corner and doors to attack you are feared by enemies
if you spend more time on your stomach then your feet you are cockroach

feel free to add your own to the list


Not always!

Sometimes overzealous builders will wire up… HIS OWN TEAM SIDE of a cap zone, thus blocking his own reinforcements. “But I wanted to surround the whole cap!” Not cool when that happens.

Depends… if he can aim correctly :thinking:

Or a good lmg user that will clean the entire field…

My addition:
If you suicide bomb with planes voluntarily and often, then you’re a



If you occupy a vehicle for an extended period of time and have difficulty killing enemies, you are a parasite

If you know that the enemy in front of you is invincible but continue to die, then you are a brainless monkey.

If you drop shelling and bombs on top of buildings then you’re blind

If you use lever rifles and sniper rifles in the rear with a passive attitude, then you are a deserter and a poisonous insect.

If you drive your car deliberately into other our vehicles then you are an orphan

If you are unwilling to use or think of other ways to fight your enemies and instead choose to protest on forums against the methods your enemies use to kill you then you are a crybaby

If you use a variety of equipment and weapons to kill your enemies, you are an expert

If you dedicate yourself to supporting friendly forces and attacking important points throughout the game, then you are a conscientious teammate.

If you think that all fighting styles that don’t suit your ideas are heretics yet you always want to pursue projects that clearly have major shortcomings
Then you are a pathetic and selfish extreme ideological discriminator
Maybe you should spend your energy on Western environmental protection or women’s rights groups
Splash paint on famous paintings like they did, or use private donations to buy a house or something.

  • Support players exists, they aren’t skilled in combat, but their skill in offensive and defensive ways for build or attack points are valubable

  • Bikers can be useful squad, it depends of the map and playerstyle

  • Some tactics are real toxic but if they work to win an objetive, do it, you will be heretic, but if it help your team…you are their monster



They build 2 AA guns :frowning: (and thats usually when I am in a fighter…)

very easy to piss off 3-4 players when you keep bopping their attacker planes or tanks



I mean that kinda vice versa isn’t it? I have case where my team don’t use aircraft and enemy keep using plane so I built 2 aa and destroy all of them


Can be :slight_smile: i was more specifically meaning reactionary AA to not being able to fly/tank in peace

Seen you a couple of rounds last night :+1:


Where did you get these ideas? :rofl: To be honest, I don’t look at the statistics, or even know who built what or layed on their stomachs. Just as I don’t fear or respect anyone in the game. I am simply to shallow to even consider how anyone else played other then my self. My thoughts are always this. How can the dev’s make such a cool game, but have no idea how to make it competitive. :wink:

experience finding entire teams just crawling around on their stomach or spending the entire round in the corner of a single room. i am not asking anyone to go Rambow but come on is that fun.

If you burrow in a house behind the enemy lines and pick off their reinforcements you are a rat(honorific)
If you burrow in a house behind my team’s lines and pick off our reinforcements you are a rat(derogatory)


If you spam rifle nades and suicide cycle OP CAS planes throughout the entire game, because you s*c, then you are probably a….chin

Ok i will stop because I will get the ban hammer.

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