Community Forum's List Of Reasons, As to why, they desert games

I don’t leave the game unless I have a serious reason (family/work).
And so I stay in the game even if I am the only player on the team and there are 10 players against me.


BR3 vs BR5
Retarded Team
Boring match
Unbearable bomber planes
Conquest mode matches A, B, C, D, E
Train escort


Join a losing game
Hvar spam Just After the begening (Japan)
Plane spam (just hvar/m8 and crash)


Fucked up economy
Low gain
Bad matchmaking
No good pve mode
no chat in lobby
map design


All of those, plus:

  • I want a specific war theater (Tunisia, Moscow, etc.) but after 5 match it’s always Normandy or Berlin. I’m tired of the same thing, I switch.
  • Want to play vs a specific faction, but after 5 match it’s always the same (example, I want to fight Germany, but 5 match in a row it’s Japan. Switch)
  • THERE’S A KNOWN STACK OF PLAYERS IN ONE TEAM, BUT NO STACK IN THE OTHER example, when there’s 4 ppl with the same clan tag in the other team (or mine), but none in the other, I switch.

I generaly desert BEFORE the match starts, SO MY DESERTION DOES NOT CAUSE IMBALANCE, because I’m immediately replaced by another player.

The only reasons other than hardware failure that make me desert near the start of a game are:

  • one cap gets taken in the first 30 seconds (= one sided match, most likely)
  • I realize the entirety of my team… camp and i,m the only one pushing. Then I hop into a plane the remainder of the match, or I desert.

like @Shiivex said somewhere, I’m too old to just endure unpleasant time, for NO reason. My time is invaluable, I barely have enough time to play to have the right to post on the forums!!!


Parasites that waste time on planes but cannot kill people or ground vehicles
A battle in which the gap between the two sides is too large
Game connectivity

Various monkeys (including but not limited to)
Camping monkey holding a sniper rifle and lever rifle
Monkeys that do not enter capture points
Monkeys that won’t stay away from danger
Monkey without smoke support
Monkey blocking the window I’m using
A monkey with no eyesight who drives a car
The monkey that suddenly ran ahead caused me to die due to the rebound of the explosion
The monkey who can’t cover the meeting point
Monkeys who stack transport trucks at the end causing the truck to be unable to be dispatched
A monkey that parasitizes on airplanes and destroys several flying coffins when he’s lucky. He claims to be an expert but has extremely poor ground handling abilities.

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My abandonments are when my teammates are an obstacle to victory, when they decide to be too much of a burden that exceeds my ability as a player to win.

Yesterday , I entered a game, no one put a rally, build 1 rally and drive the rally truck too.
We were losing the point,
I was fighting alone and when, I wanted to deploy again, my team…my own team saturated the rallies with 10 seconds of waiting.
The two rallies that I built
They didn’t let me deploy in the two rallies I did.

We lost the point.
I decided that my team didn’t deserve me to lead them to victory.
I have a Noah’s Ark complex.

I can lead players to victory, but at least show a little interest in victory.

There are many bad players, they are perverse and you think they are bots that are on your team, I have seen the replays, in reality they are really questionable players in decision making and supporting the team

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There are times that my team is an obstacle to winning.

They don’t build rallies, even if I have two active rallies, they saturate it so I can’t go out and clear enemies.

They use the vehicles in such an unintelligent way, and the worst thing is when I know I can use the vehicle to clear the objective, I can’t use it because my own team has them busy.

In this game you have to use certain cards at a precise time and my team doesn’t let me use them, when they allow it we win.

They don’t mark anything at all as it is such a simple mechanic.

They die without stopping…they disconnect …their brain is off…they are there …they see what is happening but their brain is off.

  1. people want to pick maps they like, not being forced

  2. horrible map rotation. airfield is 50% in normandy and gavuto over 50% in pacific atm, which is absolutely retarded (no other word possible)

  3. people love some, hate other game modes

  4. imbalanced teams lead to bad matches

  5. if team mates are extra retarded and do stupid things like blocking plane/tank slots and not doing tanker/pilot work and you lose the game due to that, its a waste of time to stay

  6. team mates who dont put in the proper work of making rallies/bringing APCs constantly and instead tard around dont deserve the time/effort of responsible player, they deserve to lose and either learn from that, or just stay among themselves

  7. its in general a sign of people with nothing important in life/no achievements in life, if they whine about people leaving matches in a childish games. if someone thinks its “honorable” to waste ones time on boring/stupid matches, thats cringy as fuck.

  8. some people may want to try out something special and needs specific maps/situations for that. people wanting to grind mortar squads need specific maps, people wanting to grind weak fighter planes need very vehicle heavy maps, no closed city fighting. i personally need to record specific footage often times and need to play a very specific map to show that. unlike most people i dont use custom game/staged footage, only real stuff.

  1. When you can’t get any joy from fighting (I don’t care about winning or losing, silver coins and experience, I have enough)
  2. When teammates are incompetent enough that even if they are insulted, they still insist on greatly increasing game experience for their opponents.
  3. DF has released the latest trailer or new development test.
  4. Keofox once again said that the game is great and they have solved many bugs.
  5. When each developer, manager, moderator, and helper member conducts centralized QA activities

Train and technical issues.
I usually do not deliberaty leave games beyond trains, but I can fully get behind reasons why people leave.

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That what you wanted to write, mate?


iggy 2 sec healer hit heals kill the entire squad — end the clans from fk the game no clans please
they dominate every game

well i only leave if ass kills yu thru tanks concrete wall heals in 2 secs plays in the grey has br4 v br 2 and clans who deliberately play in low tier for 000s of points 220 kills these guy got iii clan iii tell me how 3 players get in a game on the same side ???
play em custom game they dont kill any where nears Thet amount 20 -44 maybe kills the Chinese - biggest frauds in the game 190 a game 100 kills 0 losses they should be banned if they in a game i leave if i see iggy the prick il l eave if i see iii ----iii clan players i leave aimbot users - this game be a lot more fun if the pay to slay cant play in low tier games - any clan players i out -

incompetent you mean new players /??? or u race off to get bases don’t build any rally points and get 140 kills

Getting the same map multiple times

Getting bad gamemode like conquest when you want to grind points for events

Getting defense constantly even if i want to attack

Match gets boring

Internet problems

Accidentally join a game

Bad maps like kahif and tractor plant

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  1. I get sent to ridiculous time travelling high BR Stalingrad = insta quit

  2. Enemy team has an obvious sweat stack with identical name tags = most likely quit

  3. The game starts the match with something like 1 v 5 real players = very likely quit


For me, it’s anytime when I get:

Rain and snow that lowers framerate too much. (TBF my system specs are on the weak side)

Destruction mode, which for some reason seems to end in a 10 minute steamroll much more often than other modes.

In two years, I have only bailed twice and deserted. The reason was games that were so non competitive, they were jokes. One game I had my APC blown up on the way to the front, then the next 6 squads killed off literally as soon as they spawned, So, I was either going to quit, or destroy my computer :expressionless:. The second time I deserted the game was another ass kicking joke, and I was frustrated to the point I thought deserting was better then wasting my time. But I have had to grit my teeth to continue far to many times, and instead of quitting games, I either just get so frustrated that I literally spawn and just start shooting in the general direction of the battle without even trying to go there, or I will just set the mouse down, walk away until the game is over. That in a nutshell is the only reason I would quit. New maps would be nice, however I think getting it competitive and fun again should be the makers priority.

1- getting the buggy, not fun, always stalemating train mode, i swear, i die there more from getting stuck in the walls when trying to get on than enemy fire (mb a bit of hyperbole)

2- getting ant map with a hangar. Because the terrain is not fun - its either an open airfield with no cover, where little timmy keeps sniping from the greyzone and gets 3 kills the whole game that just so happen to be you, or you enter a pitch black hangar where little jimmy is sitting in a corner invisible because of bad lighting and instantly kills you while you squint at your monitor, max your brightness and contrast, and still cant see him. Airfield map in the pacific is always a 20 minute suicide mission on offence, where as derence is always a boring slog, where you sit in a corner and get 15 kills and 0 deaths the whole match, unless you try to leave, in which case, you instantly die. I honestly prefer stalingrad, at least there you have cover.

3- Dad is asking for help with work or smthing