Community Forum's List Of Reasons, As to why, they desert games

For me, it’s anytime when I get:

Rain and snow that lowers framerate too much. (TBF my system specs are on the weak side)

Destruction mode, which for some reason seems to end in a 10 minute steamroll much more often than other modes.

In two years, I have only bailed twice and deserted. The reason was games that were so non competitive, they were jokes. One game I had my APC blown up on the way to the front, then the next 6 squads killed off literally as soon as they spawned, So, I was either going to quit, or destroy my computer :expressionless:. The second time I deserted the game was another ass kicking joke, and I was frustrated to the point I thought deserting was better then wasting my time. But I have had to grit my teeth to continue far to many times, and instead of quitting games, I either just get so frustrated that I literally spawn and just start shooting in the general direction of the battle without even trying to go there, or I will just set the mouse down, walk away until the game is over. That in a nutshell is the only reason I would quit. New maps would be nice, however I think getting it competitive and fun again should be the makers priority.

1- getting the buggy, not fun, always stalemating train mode, i swear, i die there more from getting stuck in the walls when trying to get on than enemy fire (mb a bit of hyperbole)

2- getting ant map with a hangar. Because the terrain is not fun - its either an open airfield with no cover, where little timmy keeps sniping from the greyzone and gets 3 kills the whole game that just so happen to be you, or you enter a pitch black hangar where little jimmy is sitting in a corner invisible because of bad lighting and instantly kills you while you squint at your monitor, max your brightness and contrast, and still cant see him. Airfield map in the pacific is always a 20 minute suicide mission on offence, where as derence is always a boring slog, where you sit in a corner and get 15 kills and 0 deaths the whole match, unless you try to leave, in which case, you instantly die. I honestly prefer stalingrad, at least there you have cover.

3- Dad is asking for help with work or smthing

Nah… I like destruction. Offence is tolerable, sometimes feels like its just pressing x simulator so your ai does it. Then defense gets an option to counter attack. Also, being in usually tight spcaes (unless its the f*cking hangar map) means that gameplay is very similar to conquest.
Defense is basically the same, except you have to get closer to defend the point, so that could maybe be what causes the steamroll.
When it comes to rain, i think it looks gorgeous and adds immersion, but i guess it is not very optimised

The facr you didnt mention train (and airfield in pacific) as bad maps says a lot about society

I just used some examples but not everything. Both of them are also very crappy maps

Translation issues
occupying the aircraft for a long time
But the killing ability is very low
You can always only rely on luck to hit the enemy and cannot pose a threat.

For example, after driving for 10 minutes, you only killed 15 infantrymen and 3 aircraft that happened to pass by and did not want to fight in the air.
The enemy’s tanks and infantry continue to wreak havoc on the ground.

What’s even more ridiculous is that some people take this useless and toxic combat efficiency for granted and treat themselves as experts and parasitize the entire game.
Friendly forces will not be able to effectively attack key enemy units.
They are just poisonous insects that poison their teammates.

Retarded teams.
Bad connections. (Duh, I’ll probably get disconnected.)
Idiots hogging up slots. My plane slots especially.
IRL concerns.
Garbage map or matchmaking.

Little reasons to leave. Except for how this game is right now, I say it encourages it.

sometimes I leave after having a few rough match ups,

and your team looks like this 5 mins in, 2 caps down


Gr9105 and flippy113 are the same bot in different squads.

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well i never desert matches because the map is bad or the match is just a stomp for the other team, because i have had some of the best games from comebacks that me and my team made in bad maps with a stacked team.

however i often have to desert matches because of actual work. My job requires me to be reachable basically all the time, and because of this i tend to get calls at random times in the day asking me to do something. I hate it that i know that i have to desert battles because the game will Kick me out at just 2 minutes for “inactivity”. Like i come to my desk just 4 minutes after the call started to find out that i got kicked for “inactivity”. so i think that the kicking players thing should either be abolished entirely, or the timer should be drastically increased. i think.

You mean those who spam planes the entire game to only suicide bomb like loosers, or… ?



The primary reason I desert is because I am allowed to do so without any real penalty whatsoever.

Then it just depends on my current mood. Sometimes I stay in the most toxic matches, while sometimes I leave matches for the most pathethic reasons possible.


For me the principal reason I will leave the game are :

  1. The distorsion effect give nausea and motion sickness so tanker and at cannon are out
  2. The new update screw up a setting that make moving my camera up and down put a distortion at the level of my starting high of the camera
  3. With the merge they remove the feeling of progression that was very enjoying by a to-do list effect with the new system.
  4. The br system make a good portion of the gun and vehicule useless compare before you could use all the time your best weapon unlock
  5. I don’t feel now the passion the dev give to the game compare to when I start playing 14 month ago when I start the game.

I understand your situation but if there would be no timer then every lobby could be full of afks that wont get replaced by other players/bots

Insta desertion for me:

  • Assault mode
  • Conquest mode
  • Full veteran team vs. half a noob team, quit those 50% of the time if I don’t feel like carrying the whole team

Why I’ll leave a game

  1. My team is losing fast
  2. A sweaty bomber whos not missing a single drop and getting 20 kills each time
  3. Tankers abusing the grey zone
  4. Confrontation match (waste of exp booster, also stupidly long game time)
  5. Conquest map (waste of exp booster)
  6. My team cant capture a zone while at 700 tickets resulting in just the game stagnating
  7. Noticing no one bullds rally points but me
  8. Normnany hangar map
  9. Gavutu pacific map
  10. Beach of Normandy map axis and allied side
  11. Stalingard maps
    12 battle for berlin maps (some are good)
  12. Noticing that russian biasm ( seriously though how do low tier russian tanks eat 75mm kwk cannon shot)

But isnt that good thing? The longer the match is the more xp you get so boosters are really good in confrontation

Deserter Mode: Activated; when…

  1. Teammate runs you over with apc or tank (Mostly or always happens, during the very start of the match).

  2. 100% EXP active and you just joined an confrontation or conquest match and your team is already losing and the match is nearly complete.

why i lave face clans face aimbotuser who can kill tnaks you cant even see where they are
firing grey zone suing tanks all clans are super good or cheat like mad
the game dynamite a tank dont get a recorded kill cant post screen shots doesnt work ive no idea why not
players with mg never reload
spawn into a artillery barrage
Chinese gall play in grey zone with Armour and ant tank guns don’t say u don’t u do every game
veterans v BR1 players -
defense 5 games in a row as Germans -Japanese
player s pc v console player auto aim makes pc at disadvantage as console faster