Why are lower tier germans so scared to play against even odds?

I just think that manual and semi-automatic can hardly play a positive role in most battles.
Then you can change the topic to suicide attacks or argue about skills.
Is this how you argue?

Thank you all for your arguments.
Now I know what kind of people the 70% of losers in every game are like.
Compared with using technology and equipment
They are better at quibbling, changing the subject, and discriminating against other players.
No wonder there are so many stinky monkeys and parasites in this game

Considering that asking you to prove the correctness of your arguments is almost impossible
Have any of you ever thought about poisoning other games?
CS or Dou Zhen Agent should be suitable for some of you.

ladies and Gentlemen, the modern day gamer

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Really, just stop these baseless accusations. I main low tier Germany, and my win rate is also around 40%.

japan actually it’s meh, but I don’t give a censored I fight till our end, because I love that faction and I don’t care if I am winning or not

My lower rated German squads win about 80% of the time, it’s my allies that have been taking it up the butt big time for the past 6 months in the lower rated levels, and really in all levels. The only level that I play that is not successful with the Germans is level 5, but I don’t play a lot with them at that level, I almost always play allies at level 5.

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Didnt age well…
Palpatine - Ironic

You cant use bolt actions to the point you cant even spell them correctly. Case closed. Further evidences? Suicide bombing and AP mine spam aka skillless. Everyone can do that but not everyone can use a bolt-action rifle.


you forgot GL spam and flamethrower spam which he also uses.

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I actually love the bolt action rifle - I mean, I don’t love to depend on it, but getting a series of 10 or more kills off in a row with one at medium range has a sweetness nothing can match.

Seriously? We must be in very different matches or time zones then. It’s not a baseless accusation, first off, since I’m not the only one experiencing this - you see it on Reddit and you see people agreeing even on this thread.

Plus, I have screen shots from both Russian and American sides vs. German lower tier. And it’s not like I screencap every win/loss, but just the most ridiculous ones. You know, where you might see 7 out of 10 German players in ONE match that are colonel and above and only 3 or less on the other side.

It’s almost NEVER the other way around, where there’s an even a similar amount of colonel or above or even crazier, where it’s more colonels or above on the allied side. I do occasionally see a Russian win where they had more of the skilled players. But it’s a lot more rare.

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I also keep saying this because my personal experience is the exact opposite.

Maybe so. But as they say, SOIDH.

I actually have the screenshots. Here’s just a couple - and this is from the more recent battlepass (in some ways, it’s kind of shocking just how fast some players have made it up the ranking charts).

Because some people actually like more the meta/equipment of BR II and III, this is also a thing in WT these 2 games are not like “World of X” where the only playable stuff is at high tier.

The problem is with the “good” player population that likes to flock every season to the faction with more WR%

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I’ll try and get some screenshots later today.

I play alot of BR2 matches because German tanks are glasscanony enough for them to deal with BR3 vehicles well.

Also MP40 and boltactions simply have a different type of gameplay to them.

Also I like Moscow and Tunisia maps.

BR2 matches are the most fun to me, which is why I play them.

I would play more BR1, BR3, and BR4 if it wasn’t for BR4 always fighting BR5 anyways, BR3 being dogshite because of BR±2 and BR1 getting raped by KV1.

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It’s cowboy shootin’ time!

Soviets got the T-34- :100: and a surge of players, so the babyrage germany mains all fled BR5. Currently getting repeatedly automatched into BR5 germany and having nice, hard fought matches

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Yes, my own experience (pre-T34-100 for the most part) was as a BR5 Germany, we won 60% of the time. Nothing like the 80% or so that they win in BRI-II of course. But, it’s still an edge. I only play it b/c some of the people I play with favor it.

Here’s a good one. EIGHT colonels or above for the Germans.

When this game finally dies, it’ll be matches like this that did it in.

Looks like team just kept feeding the tank without trying to remove him. unlucky


Unlucky? I guess that’s what you can call it. Obviously, no one tried to suicide onto him (which, if you think about it, should not even be a tactic. I mean, seriously - if that’s part of the “game design” that’s some seriously crappy game design).

All I know, is I didn’t feel like having any more of the same, and if others felt like I did, then the American side sucked all night. Normally, I’d stick it out, but I had a 50% bonus on 6 more games from the battlepass and I didn’t feel like wasting it on losses.

I’m not a dev, so I can’t explain why the Russians end up with different ratios - maybe the maps are more favorable and the Germans avoid them. Ended up going 2-2 with the Russians vs. the Germans, and the matches were a lot closer (obviously).