Preliminary patchnotes for the “Rzhev” update

Weapons and soldiers

  • Added new weapons: T20 rifle (USA BR V, Research Tree), Ke7 (Japan BR III, Research Tree), Walther A115 (Germany BR III, Premium), SVD-30 (USSR BR II, Premium).
  • Unique soldiers received a 20% experience bonus that also applies to the entire squad they are assigned to. If there is more than one such soldier in the squad, the bonus does not stack.
  • Added a new “Rocket artillery” command for the new premium radio operator squads added with this update. In future events, there will be opportunities to obtain squads with this mechanic for every country.
  • Added a new “Drop a supply crate” command for all radio operators class soldiers - after unlocking the upgrade, you will be able to call an airdropped supply crate with ammunition.
  • Added new Personnel upgrade for radio operator squads - this upgrade will allow radio operator soldiers in any squads to request a supply crate or smoke barrage.
  • Improved the animation when using bipods.
  • Corrected the bipod mounting positions for the ZB-26 (Germany) and Maxim-Tokarev (USSR) machine guns.
  • Corrected the bipod mounting positions for the GrB-39 AT grenade launcher.
  • Fixed a bug when shots from the T20E1 rifle (USA, Gold Order) were inaudible from the side.
  • Adjusted the soldier’s position behind the ampulomet.
  • Fixed a bug that caused soldiers to lose their default uniform.
  • Restored the weapon upgrades for the Breda Mod. 30 (USSR, Germany) and the Thompson M21/28 (box magazine) (USSR, USA).
  • Added more suitable customization options for the 227th Jäger Regiment for all campaigns (Germany, Premium).


  • Added new vehicles: KV-2 (1940) (USSR BR IV, Premium), T-34-57 (1943) (USSR BR III, Research Tree), I-185 (M82) (USSR BR V, Research Tree), 8,8 cm Flak 37 Sfl. (Germany BR IV, Premium), Pz.IV G (Germany BR III, Research Tree), M4A3E2 (76) W (USA BR V, Research Tree), Chi-To (Japan BR IV, Research Tree).
  • Adjusted and improved the vehicle customization: added the ability to apply camouflage to premium and event tanks.
  • Changed the model, ammo loadout and the name of the Pz.IV G from the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.
  • Tracks left by vehicle wheels and tracks are now clearly distinguishable.
  • Added HEAT shells for the Ho-I (Japan).
  • Reworked the models of the GAZ AAA (USSR), Studebaker 6 U1 (USA) and Type-94 Isuzu (Japan).
  • Updated the cockpit models of the Ju-87 family aircraft.
  • Fixed the low fire rate of smoke grenades on certain German tanks.


  • The kill log now displays icons for different types of melee weapons (axes, shovels, etc.).
  • Added new user statuses to the friends list: In Battle, In Squad.


  • Updated the game’s global illumination. The propagation of light has become even more realistic, and the game is visually richer: specular lighting has been added, the display range has increased, and detailed reflections have been added too.
  • Added local tone mapping. Now soldiers can better see the details of dark areas, even if there is a bright light source present.
  • Adjusted and reduced the intensity of the bloom effect. Now looking at bright light sources from dark rooms does not cause excessive glare.
  • The color of smoke and dust from firing automatic weapons now changes depending on the surrounding gamma.
  • Updated XeSS to 1.3, added its new presets to the settings: Ultra-Performance, Ultra-Quality Plus, Native Antialiasing.
  • Improved performance when rendering water surfaces.
  • Fixed reflections in the water while the “High Quality Volumetric Clouds” option is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cloud reflections to appear blurry.
  • Improved the quality of terrain reflections.

Locations and missions

  • Added a new location: Rzhev. Experience the atmosphere of one of the most famous “meat grinder” of the war.
  • Added new missions: “Rzhev: Left Bank (Conquest)”; “Rzhev: Left Bank (Invasion)”; “Rzhev: Left Bank (Confrontation)”.
  • Added a new mission: " Ver-sur-Mer North (Invasion)".
  • Added a new mission: “Alligator Creek (Assault)”.
  • Improved the placement of ground vehicle spawn points in missions: “D-Day (Invasion)”; “Power plant (Invasion)”; “The Kroll Opera House (Invasion)”; “The Kroll Opera House (Assault)”; “Communist street (Confrontation)”.
  • Improved the geometry of capture points in missions: “Ministry Garden North (Invasion)”; Ministry Garden South (Invasion)".
  • Improved the placement of infantry spawn points and battle areas in missions: “Moat West (Invasion)”, “Moat East (Invasion)”; “Königsplatz East (Invasion)”; “Königsplatz West (Invasion)”; “Ministry Garden (Invasion)”; “Beloe Lake (Invasion)”; “Birch Grove (Conquest)”; " Birch Grove East (Invasion)".


  • Fixed the graphics preset settings for new players on PlayStation®5.
  • Fixed the incorrect color of some lamps on PlayStation® consoles.

Other improvements

  • Added the ability to purchase additional squad slots without an active premium account.
  • Removed the rewards for repairing vehicles and structures damaged by allies.
  • Fixed the slowdown that occurred during sprinting while leaning.
  • Fixed an issue with the stage involving setting up a rally point in the “Engineer Tutorial”.
  • Extensive optimization of the game’s GPU usage.
  • Improved the debugging options when using DX12 for more efficient troubleshooting.