Testing the "Rzhev" update

The test server is available from June 6th 14:50 (UTC) to June 10th 07:00 (UTC)!

Download the test server client | Preliminary patch notes | Report a bug!

What is a Test Server

This is a separate game server to which your account is copied. The next update is already available on this server, and every Enlisted player on PC can participate in testing it before the official release. To get on the server, you need to download a special client and install it separately from the main game client.

The actions performed on the test server and the earned progression will not be transferred to the main game server.

Your feedback is important

This is the main purpose of testing — to find and fix bugs in the upcoming update before its release, and to discuss with you ideas on how to make the update even better.

Feel free to leave your feedback on the update in the preliminary patch notes’ topic, and any bugs you find can be submitted via the link in the header of this announcement.

Thank you for helping us make Enlisted better!


What a great news to find out about, especially on the way home.


Ooooh me me me I wanna try :stuck_out_tongue:

Are premiums such as KV2 and such available for testing?

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yep, in editor



There are no more devs left to be released, right?

Only in test drive с:


You see, KV2… been asking so long for it, I don’t really have a choice, eheh :stuck_out_tongue:

For today, no.

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Question about the Ho-I :
Is HEAT added as a third ammo choice or is it replacing AP or HE?

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Almost certain that there will be no more news about the update until its release. Everything that was to be announced has been, there’s certainly nothing new (besides what has already been announced) for this update. If I had to wager a bet on the release date it’d be somewhere around tuesday-wednsday next week and maybe tomorrow or monday we’ll get a new event news.


okay :slight_smile:

Nothing for Consoles but oooookay…

Meanwhile James you are very busy today in Forum so maybe you can answer this…
Can you try the Hurricane MK IV? the 40mm seems to be very lagg in Damage… Does simply nothing…

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Wow! @James_Grove this Soon tm was so soon

All i can suggest is to make a proper video with examples on our site with bug reports.

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Now that’s what I was waiting for! Test server! Cannot wait to test camos for event/premium/GO tanks.


And time to rip the whole game apart for things to add to my zombie mdos! Whoo hoo

Added as main shell, some usual APHE is still there.



  • Added new Personnel upgrade for radio operator squads - this upgrade will allow radio operator soldiers in any squads to request a supply crate or smoke barrage.




Ok thx.
Can’t wait to slap some overconfident shermans with this.