Testing the "Rzhev" update

My guess is its a case of solid shot rounds doing absolutely nothing upon penetration is all
Which should be fixed across the board

So are the breda for the german fix now because of the russian breda fix? (im downloading the thing rn so i cant tell)

ohh new map is about to drop with cool Stalingrad customization on top of that, time to play dress up barbie with my soldiers. (and waste my remaining green cards)


Great, now let’s wait for a good Samaritan to upload a video showing the main features of the update for all of us who play on a console, gg


At least you can imagine them while reading preliminary patch note.

The Ho I has 23 HEAT 10 AP 23 HE 7 smoke on the test server to be exact


lmfao trying to pen the KT H with APCR is still an utter joke because Dagor doesn’t have fine mouse movement
And rounds just gravitate towards the peepee sock around the barrel

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Im glad that i can buy squad slot without needing premium that a huge relieve for next time (still downloading so im just reading the patch note)

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Continuing the discussion from Preliminary patchnotes for the “Rzhev” update:

Wow, I definitely didn’t expect this.


it nice tbh now i dont have to calculate premium cost when buying slot

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Suggestion: Prioritize fixing bugs with major updates in addition to content. The below have been addressed in multiple posts across all spheres of engagement.

• ⁠very grindy and terrible silver economy. Still not addressed
• ⁠Greyzone tanking and suicidecycling planes currently has no counter (they just spawn a new tank/plane infinitely and for new players, they don’t have the tools to deal with it. For veterans, not everyone wants to spend every game in a vehicle hunting cyclers)
• ⁠Bot AI is still pretty bad. There is a lack of reactivity still. There should be a command to have a bot engineer build a rally at a point.
• ⁠AT Launchers still detonate on open windows
• ⁠bots won’t follow through windows or swim across water, but will path around which usually leads to them dying
• ⁠AT Launchers damage to APCs is still inconsistent
• ⁠map variety is hamstrung by the failure of DF to consistently release maps. Swapping attack angles does not count as adding more maps.
• ⁠customization still bugs out, and is prohibitively expensive. Customization orders should be able to be spent on vehicles.
• ⁠custom servers have severe lag/crash in full 10v10 games.

  • still no social system, clan system, or menu lobby chat
    • ⁠almost zero transparency from DF besides randomly timed blog posts and updates. Drip marketing only works when there’s a large engaged playerbase.

Should be)
If no, please send us report - that’s why this test server even exists)))


Then you should check our official telegram sometimes, we post some features there с:


It’s what I’d call, if I can borrow @Shiivex line, baby steps :stuck_out_tongue:

One day if smoke barrage has a separate timer from He/rockets, it will be golden, and EVERYONE will be happy!

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This needs to be adressed. Some vehicles still do not have default neutral camo option.

some examples

As you can see, you can only pick winter/desert camo


The map is ok but wish the new map is rural warfare lmao

Please create a proper bug report on known website

for anyone interested

Sights of SVD-30 without scope


This is why it has a scope XD