Making Enlisted a Better Place №55

Each issue of our weekly series focuses on a certain aspect of the game or a particular mechanic, in which we correct smaller, but noticeable bugs and add new interesting features.


With the new BR system, Paratrooper squads were noticeably too effective because of their unique mechanic — a supply crate with specialized weapons to choose from.

The squad’s BR is based on their personal weapons, but from the crate the player could take much more powerful weapons. Or he could not take anything. How to determine the BR in such situations?

We have found the solution. The contents of the crate will now have a set of weapons that matches the BR of the match. So not only will your Paratroopers be more balanced, but they’ll also fit a wider range of BRs!

Here are the following squads that will be using this mechanic:

  • (USSR) Squad with Fedorov Avtomat.
  • (USSR) Squad with AS-44 Model 5.
  • (USA) Squad with BSA Welgun.
  • (USA) Squad with M1A1 Carbine.
  • (Japan) Squad with Type 100 rifle.

And the following squads kept the contents of their crates the same, since the BR of their personal weapons is already high, and they can’t get into low BR battles.

  • (USA) Squad with M1928A1 Thompson 100.
  • (USA) Squad with Vickers MK.I No 2.
  • (Germany) Squad with Krieghoff FG.
  • (Germany) Squad with FG-42 With grenade launcher.
  • (Germany) Squad with OG 43 and Lanciafiamme Mod.41 d’assalto.


This is our first (out of many) steps to improve the customization mechanics for the new Enlisted. It’s simple — customizing soldiers’ heads just got cheaper. From 5 to 2 soldier appearance orders . And in Gold — from 150 to 60.


  • Added a feature to purchase and apply appearance items to all soldiers in a squad at once, as we promised in a recent plan.
  • For the low BR map rotation of Germany and the USA, Normandy and Ardennes maps have been added.
  • Added winter customization options for the torso slot of American soldiers in the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Increased the BR of all versions of the M8 Scott to II.
  • Fixed the lack of the "squad size increase " upgrade for the “10th Armored Regiment” japanese squad. Therefore, it is now possible to have 6 crew members in the Na-To tank (previously a maximum of 5 crew members could be used).


Lots of exciting game mechanics have been realized or improved thanks to your ideas. We are watching our communities, other Enlisted sites and regularly check the forum for your feedback and reports.

So share, suggest, and report!


interesting now i gotta see what the BSA squad get in their crate

also surprise that it only me here rn i thought i was late (i didnt look before reply)

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In this picture, the soviet event paratrooper uses the officer pilotka with the red lines, which he does not have ingame…


Might want to fix the fact that japan paras get BR 5 crate before BR 5 is even out XD
It should be just BR 4 in the UI

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Really, you couldn’t just adjust the BR of this squad; the Germans don’t have a single low-BR paratrooper squad. Just take the flamethrowers for low BR from the crate, and boom, low BR paratroopers.


Glad to see the change come quickly but…

This should have been one of the squads altered…

Still using br 2 and 3 weapons in primary and from crate

It should be easy to alter the crate to not have flamers in crate for br 2 and 3, but only in 4 and 5


I echo the disappointment of other posters at the decision to keep the Italian paratroopers locked in a high br that precludes their use in the campaign maps they were originally designed for.


Except the OG is BR II material that arbitrarily gets BR IV ONLY because of the flamethrowers in the box.

Really, why can’t you do just that?

OG-43 - BR II

Flamethrowers available only from BR III / IV upwards.

It’s that simple.

EDIT: also, flamethrowers aside, the rest of the weapons in that squad’s box are hardly even worth picking up.


All Flamethrower are above BR3, so I thing the only thing that can be adjusted is that the flamethrower
can be changed to only two at BR3.

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Oh god, thank you DEV make old Event Para playable.


I would like to say THANKS to all of you who continue to improve the game until the moment the year 2023 comes to an end.
Enjoy the Holidays and have a Happy New Year.


this game have 2 kinds of properties from beginig. Some are great but some are shamefull, i trusted that one could apologise it by early state fo game, but after YEARS there are no apologise for stuff slowly killing the game. I dont know why u do it but acoording to ammount of players at servers it happen

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Even Br 1 and 2 has access to the BR 3 option on the paras I checked it seams so only the BR 5 option could access the flamer then

Arent flamer 1s br 3? Besides the flamer, most of the crate weapons are below br 3


Actually, are OG43 para squad still getting GrB39, ZB 26 and that dogshite Carcano sniper at BR4?



It said they were un altered lol…doomed to br 4 with br 2 weapons and AT ;:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In terms of customization:

Why not give players the opportunity to grind for camouflage on vehicles and soldiers as another option? Having to buy customization for so many teams and individual soldiers feels way too much.
The reduced price is really appreciated, buuuut… more ways to earn those, please!


Wait a moment, so the FG42 squad still use PzF60 and MG34s and 50mm mortar?

Instead of PzF100 and MG34 Patrone and 81mm mortar?

Truly minimum effort here


BuT oP fLaMeThRoWeRs!!1!