Customization - The developer steals my clothes

And why?
Might it be worth redesigning the system completely?



I know it’s off topic, but why names aren’t in Cyrrilic?

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Because the designer was thrown for money


it’s honestly baffling.

i have never seen such a bad customization.

it’s barely functional.

legit, items missing, you equip certain soldiers with some equipments, or you visually see them in your menu with specific items, but when you got in a game or even just the practice field, all of a sudden they change!.

customization from stalingrad somehow does not carry over to normandy or berlin, but somehow the ardennes does.

overhal the selection is even lacklaster and not even out across campaigns.

oh, and good luck buying a certain equipment that is shared across campaigns.
you can only wear it once in one campaign on the same soldier but not on both campaigns.

so you are forced to buy it twice just for one soldier. across 200 soldiers.

and the ice on the cake,

if you buy a face, the face it self will not carry over campaigns either. so youre soldiers will always somehow have some sort of plastic surgery everytime they switch campaign :skull:


Why would you want Stalingrad camo to be accessible in Normandy/Berlin?

I would not love to see some clowns running in Normandy with full german winter outfit. I think that’s good thing it’s seperated

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because stalingrad is the only campaign that has basic torso pieces with the most amount of pouches available. ( the only that is, having basic german and russian uniforms for almost all summer weather compared to other campaigns )

you even have more clothing with different variations.

opposed to berlin and normandy with literally only 10 choices which do not have all variations nor being able to be used on other fronts.

the winter options should be tied to winter maps.

not entire campaigns

matter of fact, uniforms should be for seasons. not campaigns.

Not really, as far as I know the battle of bulge has exactly the same “customization pool”. That’s why the customization are shared in those 2 campaigns.

don’t second guess me:


ayo that man has sum drip :100:

That’s something that needs to fixed instead of allowing it in bigger numbers.

ah yes,

reminds me of the german bikers ( both premium and non ) that can wear desert uniforms in all campaigns.

or how medics can wear balaclavas with gloves in any theater.

the whole customization should be rewarmed.*

and as you said, in another thread, i too share the same though that it needs an entire update of it’s own lol


But I doubt it ever will be. Since this topic is heavily ignored by basically any helper or devs. Or at least I dont remember seeing any responses to our feedback related to customization.

But whatever, I guess they just do not want money for selling skins.

they did acknowledged it surprisingly.

and stated that:

they are aware.

but… it could be just like bipods for all we know.

so… yeah. just like a bad mailsmen, slow in the deliveries part…


They not only steal your clothes but they straight up delete some cosmetics as well. Just for the sake of fixing a bug to create more bugs. What a mess.

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Exactly why I refuse to spend these coveted Appearance Change orders. Without a guarantee that the items I purchase won’t just disappear one day, I’ll just roll with default

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Customization is such a big money machine and Deves simply give a Shi1 about it. That search its own opponent.
I never seen anything like this in any game…

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I even reported this on their support website. But no response as of now.