Making Enlisted a Better Place №55

OG-43 can’t go lower?

Man, they clearly don’t play their game if they think 6 paratroopers 20rd smgs with 18m range flamethrowers can’t get any lower than br4.


Still using the same crate content for BR4, GrB39 at BR4 lmao


“Customization has been made cheaper”
“Only the heads though. Lmao.”

How can you be this self-aware yet ignorant of the problem at the same time?


Thank God they didn’t give to the OG-43 a 40rds mag, or else they should have specifically created BR VIII.


Lol, that’s funny. Do you really think this squad is well balanced?


oh yea i can use free browning and tokyo arsenal now with those squad i like that

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The Soviet army needs more clothing. The blue hat NKVD uniform should not be exclusive to the Moscow region, we also need them to appear on the maps of Stalingrad and Berlin!



i was about to say precisely:


I just tried out some face customization now for the first time, since I never bothered with it before.
Imagine my surprise when I see that faces do not always transfer over to other campaigns.
I mean wtf, isn’t this supposed to be the same soldier? Did he get some facial reconstruction after serving in Tunisia?

I guess I just got unlucky and bought a face that is not available in the other campaigns for some reason…
But still, they are just faces how can this be such a problem?


Beeing forced to take the type 4 launcher as japan in BR 4 is a bit bad as it has less pen than the type 5 that is low BR…
Would be nice if you still could chose like on the training range if you want high or low BR.

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i was about to say.

it’s funny because you somehow don’t even get the face for the soldier it self across campaigns.

after all… it’s known that back in the days, they changed face depending on where they go :clown_face:


“When in Rome, undergo facial surgery”


The Italian paratroopers should have a lower ranking. The OG43 is a BR 2 weapon. Just remove the flamethrowers from the crate otherwise we can’t use any low tier axis paratrooper squad. In higher BRs, the OG43 should also be equipped with the 40-round magazine.
Additionally, the FG42 paratrooper squad should receive at least 20 more rounds to be effective at higher tiers.


Agreed, it would have been nice to have a early tier germany para squad. and the og-43 fits performance-wise. just remove the flamethrower in early BRs.


Man how come customization prices drop with a single small update but when comes to economy there is nothing ?
Still economy sucks either lower the prices or increase silver gain
and can we have perfect soldiers why RNG in guns are gone but for soldiers is still there man


I am going to report the issue now, but the cosmetic items that came back in the last update have disappeared again. This is the second time.


So, I reported this to the issue and incidentally created a thread in the mess room.
If anyone has experienced the same bug, please let me know.
The fix can be done next year, but I hope the Devs will do a better job of managing the paid items that you pay gold, etc. to get.
A purchased cosmetic item has disappeared - Mess Room - Enlisted


All right, I (and other players) reported that some tank shells and some bullets don’t deal damage, which was confirmed with recorded replays that clearly show how a soldier survives 2 consecutive headshots from a rifle in close quarters combat, or a whole burst from an MG (sometimes you can fire an MG till it overheats, the enemy is standing and shaking from impacts of a few dozen rounds but gets no damage),
explosions on wood not dealing damage at all (image below - I shot a 50mm HE and the whole squad survived)

or a whole squad surviving a close explosion of 75mm HE round (one of the soldiers takes the HE directly to the torso - image below)

This is a war game. Fixing a bug that makes targets invulnerable to any damage should have been done a few updates ago. Could you please focus on this a bit more than on cosmetics?


please stop making customization just a source of disappointment.

give your coder a little more time and make the face be unlocked in every campaign.


There really needs to be an axis para team which can be BR3, if not lower. Changing flamers or removing for lower tier is a quick fix, unless you devs have another axis paratrooper squad planned…

What about flickering LOD graphics, has than been fixed?