Fix your Approach to the 'New' BP (Big Time)

The BP which has been announced today is quite underwhelming to say the least. I have no problem that you are adding BR 2 guns. They are quite unique to say the least. Though that is debatable as well. But all that seems to have been increased is apperance change orders! You must be kidding me. In the last post you guys said that you are changing your approach to the new BP. I ‘hope’ the silver gain has been increased a bit. But other than that this BP seems quite stale and boring to be honest. Instead try to incorporate these things as you go ahead.

  1. Add free and premium vehicle decal, camo and customization pieces.
  2. Add a couple of unique soldier customization pieces, unique division patches which you can put on your soldiers, face or camo body paints while maintaing historical accuracy.
  3. Since you are doing it based on a specific theme try to link it up with a map pack release. Like some unique Italian and British customization pieces to go alongside the addition of the Invasion of Sicily.
    These are just a few things which happened to cross my mind. I thought we would really get something different this time around. But this ain’t it chief! Please do understand that these little things will matter a lot when the game releases on Steam. I hope you really give us something ‘different’ in the next BP.

The BP releases tomorrow, do you think they will change anything within a day?



i’m gonna stop you right here.

what they said is:

which… could mean anything really.

so… technically, this:

that could be the case.

( or pretty much not ).

it goes without saying, expect the least so you won’t be disappointed.

but, it should imply that appearance orders shouldn’t be just the main reward.

i’m… also slighlty confused as what themed bp could really be.

guess we’ll see tomorrow.

but as it goes:

as long the price doesn’t increase like it did with wt, sure…

but having it will inevitably increase the price. ( i think )

i rather instead if they slightly change things:

but maybe that’s just. imo.


I wrote ‘future BP’ at the end of my post.

To start with I was not referring to the post announcing the new BP but the post made a few days back. Therein they said they are changing their approach with the new BP. That got me excited thinking about the possibilities that might offer. I didn’t have this ‘theme’ in mind. This has been the case for literally every BP. In one BP they give us semi-autos, in others they give us BAR rip-offs. I think I expected too much from the devs. The price could be a concern though but I would not mind a little increase if we get these valuable rewards. Like say from 990 to 1,250 or something. Plus, there is always the option to get all your gold back once you complete the BP.


which one?

i most certainly got things confused then

some context would be great :+1:

that does sound DF doings.

after all, remember:

they were the same by saying:

to then

yet. even if you buy the head, it will not be used on other campaigns.

so the soldier goes everything a surgical plastic face plant each time he goes back and forth across campaigns.

( amusing, but sad )

all to say… everytime they overproportionally inflateate titles and each claims to then underdeliver or literally make less than it sounded initially.

yep… first mistake we all make until we learn better after three or four time…

well… no.

currently it’s 900.

you do get 1000 back.

if you add it’s price, ( up to 1200 ) most likely they will not give you more back than 1000.

which, right now, the only way to get gold for free to players, are through gold events ( which literally only once in 4 years was hosted during christmas. and only around 360 / 400. not even enough for a single faction slot. let alone an entire bp ) and the second method is, through BP to get the " free " 100 coints. which would round an ammount to additional 300 / 400 coins per year.

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You mean like the War Thunder BP?

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‘Commanders, we are preparing to launch the new season of the Battle Pass with notable changes to the rewards and overall approach.’

I actually had this post in mind. The word ‘notable’ changes to rewards got me really excited.
I get your point regarding the pricing though. But I am sure they could work around that some way or the other.

I don’t play War Thunder so I am not aware as to how it’s BP works.

Was hoping to hear more Upgrade Squad/Vehicle orders, or increase to amount of Silver.

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Yeah. I think we will have to wait and and see if they have changed anything in that regard.

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